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  1. Yes, it was a long time ago so I can't remember the cause. It was a minor infection of some sort. He took antibiotics. Your dh may want to see a dr (I know how difficult it can be getting men to go to the dr, :))
  2. I can't believe what kids can sleep through! I hope your day grows quieter.
  3. Cleanliness is not next to godliness. With 4 boys and two big dogs, I have had to relax. Ok, I still turn into a freaked-out cleaning machine if certain people are coming to my house, but I am working on this.:).
  4. Grammar - 4 days Math - 4 days (except for 13 yr old, he does 5 days) Spelling - 4 days Reading - everyday:) Science - tues thurs ( again, the 13 yr old, 5 days) History - MWF band - tues, thurs I am sure I am forgetting a subject but it is the end of our school year and I am tired! I know this isn't a true Friday off schedule but it works for us to make Friday light. When the dc were all in the grammar stage we never had scheduled Fridays. However, now I have 2 in the logic stage which changed that scenario.
  5. My dc use a product that Timberdoodle sells. I can't quite remember the name of it (you can check their website). They also use photoshop. I know this isn't really helpful but it will bump it for you.:)
  6. Our piano teacher told my dc to imagine playing with a tennis ball in the palm of hand. This gave them some idea of proper form.
  7. I am selling at a local group's book sale next month. I was selling online but by the time I paid for packaging and shipping...well, it wasn't pretty.
  8. It took my family time to be supportive. I had to be patient and answer their many questions (just like the one you received). Now they see how great it is and actually brag about us. Hang in there...these things will come up until they "get" it.
  9. We used mystery of history after SOTW and were very pleased.
  10. Mammoth Cave in Kentucky was pretty neat but not in the area of the country you are visiting. There are probably several great parks out west! As a child we did the grand canyon/ yosemite thing - really cool! Good luck!
  11. I still remember my sweet, church-going grandma watching her "shows". I use to watch General Hospital when I was in high school...many years ago.
  12. Federal, yes....state, no. I think the deadline is the 18th this year. Am I right?
  13. My dear hubby-the best algebra teacher in the world....but you can't borrow him.:). When he is not around we use teaching textbooks and Singapore.
  14. I'm impressed. I tried teaching myself to knit...it wasnt pretty. Good job!
  15. It was somewhere around every 18 mos or so. We have 6 in our family. Of course while we were living there, one was in diapers. We had a really old system that had to be updated. It wasn't cheap, but remember, no monthly sewer/water bills. Edited to make clear: after we updated we did not have to clean out again as we move within 2 years. :)
  16. Everyone is out. I am alone!!! Does anyone need help remembering the last time you were in the house alone? This rare quiet moment ends in about 45 min.
  17. When we bought a home with a septic, we hired a septic co.(duh) to come and inspect it. The man answered all of our questions. I suggest you contact such a co in your area and ask away! You can probably get the name of a reputable business from angies list or ask around (like a local hardware store). Honestly, if you get them cleaned out every so often(this depends on the size of your family) they are no problem.
  18. Sadly, no. Between soccer, track, church, basketball, and band (as well as a variety of other obligations) we do not eat many dinners as a family. However, we spend A LOT of time together learning, playing, and just hanging out. Most of the activities we are in begin at 5:00 to accommodate working parents. I think the idea behind the 'eat dinner with your family' week is great - be together more.
  19. We've been to that museum...it is so great! I am disappointed as well.
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