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Apparently I need to bubble wrap my kids.


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This week was supposed to be our first week back at school. The first day went well. We went to the park with my youngest 5 kids to run off some energy after dinner. Everyone went running for the car to go home unfortunately my 5yo tripped and broke her arm. Took her to the ER but our small town only has radiologists working until 5pm so they told us to go to the city hospital. 6 hours later we come home with a cast and an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon. The appointment was yesterday and we found out she needs surgery ASAP. On our way back I get a call from my husband that my 9yo fell off his bike and he was bringing him into the ER because he got a lot of gravel in his scraped legs and hands. Sigh. Hoping the long weekend is injury free here. 

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Yikes! That reminds me of when I was waiting in the waiting room for my  dd to get done some out patient procedure and I got a call that my ds had banged his head on a railing and was in the emergency room of the same hospital getting stitches. Ah, parenting young kids!  I hope your dd’s surgery goes smoothly and that you can catch your breath. Don’t worry about the school delay one minute. 

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