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Who's going to tackle Friday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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First world problem alert:  today is going to stink because we leave at the crack of dawn for vacation tomorrow. 



-take youngest to doctor because his lyme disease rash from February STILL hasn't gone away and SURPRISE!  new rash showed up this week (and I live in FL, and we have been to the children's hospital in Tampa which "assured" me he doesn't have Lyme because there is no Lyme in Florida, despite the rash and positive tests...........)

-laundry (there are at least 5 loads for me, and untold loads for the children)  DONE:  7

-cancel housekeepers for next week, mail, and newspaper delivery

-make sure both kids do their math

-make sure both slobs I mean kids clean up their rooms

-get dog to kennel

-go to blow out hair appointment to get hair straightened so it lasts for a few days of sea air and humidity

-go through fridge and eat, give away or throw out perishables


-take kids shopping for last minute cruise stuff ("last minute" being, you know, pants)

-get last minute stuff for me (need new sunblock, need at least one more workout outfit because I do not want to gain weight on this cruise but intend on drinking lots of fruity boat drinks)

-see if DH needs my help with little league all stars tournament tonight (he better not)

-go to a cocktail party I don't have time for but can't miss because it is at our BFF's house

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Morning everyone!


It is a beautiful, cool morning after a night of thunderstorms. I spent a couple hours in the middle of the night comforting my 100# lab/german shepherd, who was shaking like a leaf because of the thunder and lightning. 


I'm keeping my list short today because I really need to focus on getting lots of office work done.


•attempt to finish up my June bookwork

•lots of laundry (I am making no headway on the laundry front this week)


•dinner: taquitos and rice

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For Today:

Done Take plastic drawer tower out of pantry

Done Find space for misc. boxes

Done Drink water

Done Clean floor

Done Move bookshelf into pantry space

Done Clear shelf for jam

Done Drink water

Done Bring jam downstairs and arrange on shelf

Done Check library for book selections

Done Put away canning supplies

Done Transfer books from wire shelf to bookshelf

Done Clean out top drawers of plastic unit

Done Arrange math, foreign language, and science texts/materials


Lunch: hot dogs, fruit

Dinner: Italian bread pizza

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  • Sleep like normal people.
  • Search for sandals kids can use for their show tonight.  Pull out all shoes from closet.  Throw some away, put others in hand-me-down pile, organize the rest, and wonder how soon it will get messed up again.  [i'm sure I went through this whole exercise 1 month ago.]  :/  Wonder why the aunties think your kids need 10 pairs of slippers they can't wear anywhere.
  • Pack stuff for kids' dress rehearsal.
  • Kids off to camp.
  • Wash dishes, some other cleaning.
  • Make coffee.
  • Start some work.

To do:

  • Send out some client work.
  • Pay more bills.
  • Call the state about an erroneous tax bill.
  • Pick kids up at camp early.
  • Confirm with kid - does she want to do extra hour of math or horse riding tomorrow?  Then confirm with providers.
  • Might need to shop for sandals ....
  • Quick bite to eat, since dinner is gonna be late.
  • Kids to their evening event for behind-the-scenes prep.
  • Watch kids' show, dinner, dance (I'm not dancing, but they can).
  • Home, kids to bed.
  • Get ready for early morning stuff.
  • Work?
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Hope your ankle heals quickly, Scout!



I slept in late, so not much of anything but coffee and a game I like to play. I haven't even eaten anything. The family all had cereal for breakfast.


To Do:

make a list of anything ds needs purchased before his mission trip next week

tidy house

look at some options for dh and I to do something next week while ds is gone 

do some math and Spanish with ds

do something on my school/co-op list



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Dh is working late again. :(


Trying to stay off my feet, but things just need to get done.


Next up:

grocery with kids - driving one of those electric carts!


Scout, I hope it heals up soon. It's so frustrating to be slowed down by an injury.  :grouphug:

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•got tons of laundry done today - yay, I can see the floor of the laundry room again! 

•finished most of my June bookwork, but will need to spend a few more hours on it early next week

•school is done for the day

•dh and ds18 prepared the site where our new shed will go (it's being delivered next week)

•I'm about to make dinner and then ride my horses  :hurray:

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Went "downtown". 

Got 7 $1 bags of bananas (at least one bunch per bag) to freeze and use for smoothies.  Dd is packaging mashed bananas in one smoothie portions to freeze.

Got a watermelon for $1 (same fruit stand - in their "opportunity corner" which has missized or too ripe fruits and veggies)

Went to grocery store

and pet store

forgot the pharmacy  - note - go a few minutes early and stop at pharmacy on way to pick ds up from work.

chicken is grilling

tomatoes are marinating


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