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  1. Today has been too much relaxing and not enough doing. I love days like that🤣
  2. We have owned homes in VA, FL, and SC and earnest money has always been required. Usually 1 percent of selling price (at a minimum, although our competitive NOVA market people generally did more to show interest). In VA your realtor held your check until closing (so it was never cashed until then) but in both FL and SC the check was cashed immediately and held by the closing attorney.
  3. Good morning! DH and I had a lovely day yesterday - went out to a German beer garden, then to a Greek festival, then to a minor league baseball game. I'm sort of looking forward to a quiet day today. DH leaves around noon for a business trip. -coffee -remind DH of the things he has to do before he leaves -vaccuum and mop the downstairs, vaccuum the upstairs -workout (kickboxing once DH leaves) -read and relax -stand over DS18 while he writes a letter to our electrician asking about working for him this summer as an intern -make sure DS18 has clean uniforms for school -make sure DS18 goes to Publix to get things he wants for lunch for the week -dinner (made a roast beef yesterday that people can eat at their leisure today)
  4. Dawn, those are all great questions - especially the furniture. They must be ready to make an offer. Good luck!!
  5. Jen!! What a great picture! Scout!! Happy Anniversary! Not sure what today will bring, maybe something like this: -coffee -DS18 off to summer ball tryouts -go with DH to drop off DS18's truck at shop -pick up DH's dry cleaning (he leaves for business trip tomorrow) -meet up with a homeschool mom whose Spanish II book I am buying for next year -maybe go to the local Greek festival? or Clemson baseball game (doubtful since it starts in 3 hours) -maybe some yardwork (have a million shrubs that need to be removed, I'd settle for removing 3-4 today...) -read and relax a bit -do some laundry for DH -dinner (I half way cooked a roast beef last night and then we left for baseball so I have to figure out how to cook it the rest of the way today...hopefully this can be done)
  6. Good morning! So Carowinds didn't work out today due to some pressing issues at DH's office. DS14 is a little upset but that is life. We will make sure to go before school gets out and he can enjoy the park with less crowds. So glad it is Friday! -coffee -DS18 off to school -go around the yard while sprinkler system is cycling through to see what is getting too much water/what isn't getting enough water -school with DS14 (working on 3 papers due next Friday, I think he is in pretty good shape) -workout (cardio) -laundry (never ends) -mop kitchen floor (has been on my to do list forever, hasn't it?) -go to Publix to order pull apart cupcake cake for baseball banquet -read (am 6 books behind 52/52 challenge, just picked up three promising books yesterday and have 5 more in transit) -dinner (roast beef) -maybe go to a minor leauge ball game tonight? maybe just stay home and relax? maybe go to a Clemson baseball game? who knows...
  7. Good morning! I hope everyone gets to feeling better soon. We are trying to go to Carowinds (amusement park) tomorrow if DH's work schedule allows. So I'm trying to make sure DS14 gets enough school work done today in case we can go tomorrow. -coffee -DS18 off to school -school with DS14 -workout (lower body weights) -laundry -mop kitchen floor -read (just put a ton of books on hold at library, need to get better about reading) -dinner (Whole30 chicken and mushrooms I was too lazy to cook last night) -watch and episode or two of 24 with the family (if DS18 doesn't have too much homework)
  8. Your realtor may have access to a program like this. These were used a lot in FL - lots of empty homes, but they are "virtually staged" online and look pretty real. One realtor at an open house showed us on the computer how easy it was to drop and drag furniture, decor, artwork, etc. into a room.
  9. Good morning, lovely ladies! Selkie, I hope your pup is ok. Reader, I know the feeling about knowing when to shut up with DS(18 in my case). -coffee -DS18 off to half day of school (Mass today) -school with DS14 (who may be coming down with a virus) -workout (upper body weights) -laundry DONE: 1 (i think DH is running out of socks. Last week it was undershirts. I need to do better here) -kitchen dishes (empty dishwasher, probably can fill it half way with what is in the sink) -eye doctor for checkup at 11 -work on baseball party -read -dinner (Whole30 chicken and mushrooms) -maybe watch an episode or two of 24 with the family (it has been almost 2 weeks, I sort of forget what was happening)
  10. My local co-op teaches the following novels: -Beowulf -Sir Gawain and the Green Knight -selected Canterbury Tales -The Faerie Queen -Hamlet -Paradise Lost -Sense and Sensibility -Jane Eyre -A Tale of Two Cities -poetry, essay, and satire unit (no idea what these are, this is what is listed on syllabus) -20th century short stories/essays unit (same) In addition, Honors students have to read 2-4 from this list: A Man For All Seasons, Wuthering Heights, Orthodoxy, David Copperfield, Adam Bede, The Interesting Narrative of Olaudah Equiano, A Passage to India, Far From the Maddening Crowd, Perelandra, Conversion, Frankenstein, Macbeth, Vanity Fair, Absent in the Spring
  11. Good morning! Same old, same old. Down to only 4 classes with DS14, and three involve major papers due next Friday. So glad to be in the homestretch. -coffee -DS18 off to school -school with DS14 -workout -laundry DONE: 0 -work on baseball team party -take parents to airport at 4 -dinner (no idea what at this point)
  12. Good morning! Hope everyone had a nice Mother's Day! My parents are still here and Dad is keeping himself very occupied by working on a bunch of house stuff. -coffee -DS18 off to school -school with DS14 (3 papers due next Friday, have to light a fire under him) -Scooby to vet for urine recheck at 9 am -talk to baseball coach about team party (I volunteered to "help" the senior's mom who was running it, and now she has completely turned it over to me; coach is a real PITA to get in touch with and since we are new to the team I'm not exactly sure how things have been done in the past) -DS14 to dermatologist at 3 pm -move dryer (Dad) and clean out dryer vent (never had it done when we moved in and it is taking forever to dry with a brand new dryer) -laundry (so much) DONE: 3 -workout (Hiit cardio) -do some yard work (did a ton this Saturday) -dinner (shrimp and pasta)
  13. I'm so sorry, Dawn. I know how tough it is to keep a house show ready and how emotionally up and down it is. Hang in there. ETA: I agree with the make waves camp. This is a business transaction, not a social one. Don't let "friend of a friend" hold you back. I have found some realtors just want to do the bare minimum once you sign a contract. I would definitely talk to the broker and even see about getting out of the contract earlier.
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