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  1. Good morning! This week DS18 starts school (tomorrow), and DS14 adds two WTMA classes to his 4 class co-op schedule (Rhetoric I and Medieval History). Today is our "Family Day" - we adopted our kids from Kazakhstan 14 years ago... -coffee -DS14 to co-op leaving around 8:15 (so I have 6 glorious hours of peace and quiet) -workout (cardio) -straighten up five clutter areas -clean five things -laundry (sheets, towels) -make sure DS18 is ready for his first day of school -make a batch of chicken and orzo for DS18 to have for lunches -pick up DS14 from co-op at 2:45 -have DS14 listen to the recording of Rhetoric I -dinner (we are going out I think, as long as DS18 has finished his summer work that is due tomorrow...) ETA: -call to change hair appointment -apply for attorney position locally here in Greenville (toying with notion of going back to work. Haven't worked as an attorney since 2002.) ETA2: -orthopedic surgeon with DS18 at 3:20 - we find out if he needs shoulder surgery, which would jeopardize his senior year of baseball. And baseball (and girls) is pretty much the only reason he gets up and goes to school in the morning.
  2. And that did not take long to remember that DS14, while incredibly gifted, cannot write two Spanish sentences without yelling, screaming and crying....but hey, only 175 more days to go. 😓
  3. Good morning! I have to accomplish more today than yesterday. First I'm not sure it's possible to accomplish less, and second I need to get out of this sluggish do nothing mode I seem to be stuck in. -coffee -school with DS14 -workout (cardio) -laundry DONE: 0 -declutter 5 hotspots DONE: 0 -clean 5 things DONE: 0 -organize last year's homeschool stuff into notebooks (all syllabi, sample work, grade reports, etc) -make sure DS18 turns in his parking form at school between 2 and 3 -some yardwork (no shortage of things to do here but it is soooo hot) -dinner (no idea) -I really want to do something fun tonight - I need to make some friends here in SC because I'm tired of hanging out with only DH 🤣
  4. Good morning! DS14 had his first day of co-op yesterday, which is four of his seven classes this year. So today we start right in with work (precalc, chemistry, Spanish II and Engineering). I also plan my "do not sit down until everything on this list is done" because I've been a bit lazy and uninspired lately. -coffee -school with DS14 (gah!! I am not ready for this!!) -take food to DS18's school for teacher breakfast tomorrow -workout (upper body) -laundry DONE: 0 -pick up some clutter spots (goal is 5) DONE: 0 -go to Homegoods to look for artwork (I have tons of gift cards from there for some reason) -figure out what to do with my spent daylilies out in the yard - not sure if they get cut yet or what -pick up some sticks and other debris that fell in the yard yeterday during thunderstorm -call pest control company and give them my new cc info -cook dinner (chicken and orzo) ETA: UGH. Totally forgot I promised DS14 I'd take him to the co-op event at the waterpark from 5:45 to 7:45 tonight. UGH. SO not looking forward to going there when I know nobody (and am really not in the mood to make friends. Or converation)
  5. Good morning! Scout, I know how that goes. I have been awake since 4ish as well but stayed in bed tossing and turning. Should have just gotten up. Today is DS14's first day of a new co-op here in SC. It is huge, something like 700 kids. I hope he just makes one friend. -coffee -take DS14 to co-op (leave at 8 am) -workout -laundry DONE: 1 -one clutter pile -one more clutter pile -clean something -clean something else -pick up DS14 from co-op (leave around 1:45) -make sure I have a handle on what DS14 is supposed to be doing at home the rest of the week -dinner (pork tenderloin and baked potato)
  6. MysteryJen, congrats to DS3!! What an accomplishment for him!
  7. Good morning! Hope everyone is doing well today! -coffee -DS14 to dermatologist at 9:30 am -full grocery shop after that -workout (butts and guts) -laundry DONE: 0 (seriously need to move on this) -absolutely INSIST that DS18 put on his dress uniform for school because I know his blazer doesn't fit and he needs a new one but he keeps telling me it is fine -school work with DS14 (very light as co-op starts tomorrow but he has a few things that need to be done before then) -talk to DS18 about his summer work again, encourage him to watch the movie version of the book today before he starts reading so he has a better understanding of the story -go through DS14's Honors Chemistry and Honors Spanish II syllabi and note down any due dates in my planner so I have a better understanding of work load on a week by week basis -type of resume of sorts to send to co-op to be included on substitute teacher list -pick one clutter area of the house and do something with the clutter....maybe move on to another ETA: also went to Office Depot for new backpack and some school supplies. Have been gone for 4 hours and only three things crossed off list 😭
  8. Good morning! Glad to be back! I had the pleasure of meeting Jean a few weeks ago while we were on vacation. I had such a nice time chatting with her! So today we start school, albeit on a slow roll. This week is orientation for our two WTMA classes, and our 4 co-op classes start Wednesday. We have one class that starts the day after Labor Day. -coffee -workout -laundry -take DS14 for haircut -make sure DS18 starts his summer work (he starts school next week) -Rhetoric I orientation for DS14 at 1 pm -make sure DS14 does whatever summer work he has to for co-op -call MRI place (DS was injured - again - in baseball) to find out what our co-pay will be -pick up 250 paper plates for co-op orientation tonight (I probably need to do a full grocery shop but I sort of have my head buried in the sand on this one) -go to co-op orientation with DH and DS14 from 5-9 (really???) -make sure DS18 gets to his MRI at 5:15
  9. Good morning! We leave for Alaska next week and I feel like no one (except maybe DH) has enough cold climate clothes. FIguring out who needs what really must be at the top of my list. -coffee -workout -find paperwork needed for DMV and go get license finally -laundry -figure out packing situation -read -find books to take on vacation -dinner (shrimp scampi)
  10. I have so much to do. Plus we leave for Alaska next week and the kids don't even have coats (since we lived in FL). What did I do at midnight last night? Started reading The Art of Racing In The Rain, even though I've read it before and even though it makes me cry my face off. Now I can barely keep my eyes open. Why?!
  11. Good morning! Jen, I hope your son's ankle gets better soon! Got back from 5 days in Nashville with my high school friends yesterday. Had way too much fun. Now back to life. Re-entry is hard. -coffee -workout (cardio) -laundry DONE: 0 -grocery store (if I were to make a list that list would simply say "everything") -some sort of meal plan -homeschool paperwork that is due at the end of the month -I really need to go get an SC drivers license... -do some work around the house -go buy new bed and mattress for guest room -whatever else needs to be done, which I'm sure is a lot -dinner
  12. Hey, all! Had a bunch of stuff to do today in advance of my trip tomorrow. Just now getting home. Done: -eyelash appointment -mall to get shoes -lunch with DH -library To do: -last minute laundry -figure out what I am packing -cook some rice and chicken thighs for DS18 for next few days -clean up kitchen (run dishwasher, do dishes people have been stacking up next to sink....) -fill out homeschool form for 2019-2020 school year and stick in mailbox -dinner (kids are on their own) -pack -binge watch 24 with family (we are on the last season, finally LOL)
  13. Good morning! Need to get off my butt and start moving. -coffee -make breakfast casserole -laundry (oh, the laundry...) DONE: 5 -workout (cardio, to counteract the mound of garlic parmesan fries I shovelled in my face last night) -find homeschool form that needs to be mailed in by end of the month -resubmit DS14's grades to show his AP exam grade -make sure DS14 is doing summer work, weekly reminder to DS18 that he has summer work -figure out what I am taking to Nashville for girls weekend (need to go back through the thousands of text messages to see what we finally agreed on doing) -eyelash appointment at 1 - grrrr...they cancelled my appointment just as i was getting ready to leave -gather up paperwork so I can get my SC drivers license tomorrow (still haven't done it...) -dinner (no idea but need to take something out of freezer)
  14. Good morning! It was almost 90 degrees 2 hours ago and so humid that we said forget about all our outdoor plans today (going to Atlanta Braves game for Clemson Day, and/or yard work). I think I may head to the mall to buy a dress for my girls trip coming up this week (there are 7 of us, high school friends). -coffee -goof around online checking out info about our upcoming Seattle/Alaska trip -brunch (once kids roll out of bed) -laundry -workout (total body weights) -mall -sit around indoors because it is miserable outside -dinner (something easy and light and cool)
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