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  1. Congrats to your daughter, Jean! My profoundly gifted son flunked. He will actually spend some time reviewing and take it again tomorrow.
  2. Jean, LOL I'm hoping to take DS15 to do his written test, too! Good luck to both of them! I'm still waiting for my background check for my teaching job to clear so I may have more at home, online training to complete. Until I hear from my boss I'm going to try to get some stuff done. -coffee -DS18 off to school -school with DS15 -DS15 to DMV -Sams Club to pick up dog's prescriptions -workout (legs and abs today) -figure out Thanksgiving menu and shopping list -figure out a batch cooking schedule for this weeked (maybe, LOL) -laundry -make dermatology appoint for me
  3. Good morning! Sorry, I have been MIA lately. I accepted that job and started last week. Mostly been doing training so I haven't been able to get into "my" K4 classroom yet. I was training with the 2 year olds and was coughed on, sneezed on, etc. so much that I got so sick on Friday. So I had to take my grad school entrance exams with a 103 degree fever and all discombobulated. But that is over and done with and a new week begins today. I get to do my training from home today. It is on the computer and my clearances haven't come back yet so I can't be at school. Darn the luck, right? I need to start getting serious about planning Thanksgiving. I am hosting my family plus my parents, and two sets of aunts and uncles. I have a great cooking plan that was in Southern Living magazine about 15 years ago where you start cooking and freezing the Sunday before Thanksgiving so I plan to follow that so I only have to do a little each day. My parents fly in Sunday and will be a HUGE help. They do a lot when they are here. Anyway... -coffee -get DS18 off to school -DS15 off to co-op -workout (kickboxing cardio today) -get the laundry started DONE: 4 -training (probably about 8 hours left, ugh) -talk to school to find out if my clearances have come back/and what I need to do tomorrow if they haven't -start to find substitutes for my remaining three volunteer days at co-op -hair appointment at 4:15 -pick up DS15 from his honor society service project at 6:15 (gonna be tight getting there after my hair appointment) -home and finish any training that is left -football and bed Hope you all have a wonderful day!!
  4. Hugs to you, SKL. School drama is so very hard to deal with.
  5. Awww....thanks, Jean! I fear I'm in the midst of a midlife crisis. Menopause isn't helping any, either....
  6. Good morning! It's Monday. Still trying to decide about this job or not. I'm subbing today and this morning has been a show and I'm wondering how on earth my family is going to transition to me not being available to do all the things for them whenever they need them. Hmmmm. Maybe this work thing isn't so bad after all... -coffee -DS18 off to school -take DS15 to co-op -sub in the co-op nursery (there will be anywhere from 6-9 little babies under one year old) -drop DS15 and the other co-op kid from my neighborhood off at home -go back out in the direction of co-op to the mall to look for pants -study for grad school entrance exams -workout (upper body weights) -hound last person who needs to write a grad school rec for me -dinner (oh yeah, that....) -watch football and/or collapse into bed
  7. Good morning! Have a feeling today will spent on the couch watching college football (with our Clemson Tigers playing tonight). -coffee -workout (chest/triceps and then abs) -laundry DONE: 0 -need to take DS15 pants shopping -call to reschedule 11/18 hair appointment -practice exams for grad school
  8. Good morning! Still no job decision. I am going to shadow two more experienced teachers since my experience with the first one left much to be desired (and sadly, I'd be working with her for a while until a new classroom opens up). -coffee -get DS15 started on school work -shadow at school -workout (kickboxing) -practice exams for grad school entrance exam -clean something -declutter something -find out about tailgating for HS football game tonight -grocery store depending on answer above -research doctors in my area who specialize in female hair loss (sigh, my hair is thinning at my temples and it is no longer ignorable) -high school football game -early bed because I think we have a lot of yard work to do tomorrow since Clemson is away
  9. Good morning! Still torn about this job and not sure what I am going to do about it. DS15 got hurt in the co-op dodgeball tournament yesterday. He fell backwards, put his hand down to brace his fall, and stretched/sprained a tendon in his wrist. While DS18 could have his arm cut off and say his pain is 1 on a scale of 1-10, DS15 is howling and puts his pain level at a 10. Sigh. -coffee -get DS15 focused on school (he keeps coming to me whining every 10 minutes about his arm) -workout (the leg day I didn't do yesterday...) -apply for two corporate law jobs (very rarely are there corporate transactional legal jobs in my area, today there were two new ones...) -practice tests for grad school entrance exam -grocery store -laundry DONE: 1 -clean something -declutter something -don't stress eat -laser hair removal appointment at 4:15 -try to reschedule upcoming hair appointment for evening or weekend hours -dinner (found some awesome meatballs and sauce I made a while ago in the back of the fridge so going to have that)
  10. Good afternoon! Been thinking all day about whether to take this job. Sigh. I really need to get moving on life. Done: -coffee -take DS15 to co-op -pick up dog prescription from Sam's club Seriously that i all I've done? Yes. To Do: -think about job some more, discuss with DH, etc -deal with some angsty personal stuff I've got going on -workout (leg day, yuck) -feed people (DS18 and I just had a late Chinese food lunch so I'm not hungry) -gather paperwork so I can take DS15 to test for his drivers permit tomorrow (been putting this off for a long time because I'm not entirely sure DS15 is ready to drive the way DS18 was at that age)
  11. Well, I got offered a job. No idea what I am going to do at this point. So torn. Is it wrong that the only reason I want to go back to work is because I am bored to death at home and want my own money? It isn't like DH denies me anything but I haven't worked since 2002 and I want my own stash to do as I please (read: coolsculpting and putting my you-know-whats back up where they were 10 years ago :)) But boy were those little kids so cute yesterday....I love littles and think I would like working with them, just not the place or the other people working there.
  12. Good morning! So I had my interview yesterday. I was less than impressed with what I saw in the classroom. I am about 99.9 percent positive they will offer me a job. Not sure what I'm going to do. Anyhow, regular Tuesday today. -coffee -DS18 off to school, daily check in meeting with DS15 -laundry DONE: 0 -workout (steady state cardio, will probably take a 5 mile walk through the neighborhood) -research essay portion of grad school entrance exam -practice tests for grad school exam -clean something -declutter something -pick up dog prescription from Sam's Club -take DS15 for haircut if he gets his work done -make sure DS15 is studying for his drivers test and vow to take him Thursday to do written test at DMV -follow up on substitute teaching application with county (the online system is a big loop of no answers) -dinner -baseball meeting at DS18's school at 7 pm
  13. Haha, Selkie! I hate when I cannot complain about the mess because it is mine! 🤣
  14. Good morning! Monday is co-op day but luckily my neighbor is working there today so she is doing pick up and drop off. Saves me over an hour today. Weekend with our friends was great, but WAY too much drinking. Three late nights in a row does not work for me at this age. -coffee -kids off to school/co-op -second interview for pre-k teaching position (they wanted me to come in and be observed working with the curriculum) -workout (today is biceps, back and shoulders) -research essay portion of grad school entrance exam -spend 1 hour studying for entrance exam -hound one of the people who agreed to do grad school rec for me (the other two did them already) -get resume to temp agency -look online for some free courses on Microsoft office products (back in my day when I last worked I had my own secretary, now I suspect I need to know how to do my own admin stuff) -look over DS15's upcoming few weeks of work - I suspect he has several honors projects due in various classes and I need to make sure I know what is coming down the pike -have a discussion with DS15 about things falling through the cracks (I was letting him manage his own school work - he is not quite ready for complete ownership yet) -dinner (no idea - I think I have some Italian pork chops I can defrost, or a corned beef I can throw in the crockpot) Hope everyone has a great Monday!!!
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