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  1. Good morning! Last day of spring break for DS14, and DS17 has no school today or Monday (he is loving Catholic school - in the 11 weeks so far this semester they have had something like 8 days off for seemingly no reason....). I have really slowed down on getting the house organized. Everything got unpacked so quickly but I have sort of hit a decorating/organizing wall. We have so many huge built-ins in the office, dining room and great room and I don't know where to begin with my existing stuff. First world problems. Selkie, we used to call those "mystery rides" growing up. You have inspired me for this weekend... Hopeistheword, right? Brrrrr. It is 31 degrees here in SC. -coffee -take out trash -argue with DH -workout (kickboxing, and this will be 3 days in a row for workouts - in the new house our glass shower is right across from a huge mirror and seriously - who does this???) -grocery store -read (I am at least 4 books behind - time for a few short stories...) -laundry DONE: 0 (and it dawns on me that i have no idea which of his three baseball uniforms DS17 needs tonight and whether it is washed) -house stuff -yard stuff -basketball tournament (I hate basketball but I feel compelled to watch every moment of this - probably to avoid work) -early dinner (spaghetti) -be at DS17's baseball field at 6:45 - our family has to work the gate and snack bar tonight
  2. Today was pretty much a waste with ADT here from 9:30-4:30. Sky looks dark, doing a rain dance for no baseball game tonight (bad mom).
  3. Good morning! Chilly start to the day. ADT is coming to wire and install a security system and will be here I hate that - I feel like I cannot relax when someone is in my house. -coffee -DS17 off to school -laundry (did at least 6 loads yesterday, more today) DONE: 3 -run dishwasher -clean stove -house stuff -yard stuff -workout (not sure I can with ADT here) -early dinner (chicken and apple sausage with cabbage) -DS17 baseball game at 7 (going to be cold) -soaking/scrubbing/washing of the baseball uniform for game tomorrow
  4. Glad I'm not alone, Jen! 😂 This is our 5th house and I cannot believe we were so enamored with the inside that we completely forgot about the outside. Poor DH thought there would be nothing to do at this house. My lawn guy was just here and informed me we have a major army worm infestation in our grass and if we don't treat it now the entire back lawn could be gone in a weeks. Sigh.
  5. Good morning! Parents are safely back in FL and the work at the new house continues here. Brrrrrr it is cold today. I also *must* resume working out today and get back to Whole30 eating. MUST. -coffee -order a few things from Nordstrom (totally not necessary but i couldn't help myself...) -drycleaner -grocery store -work out -clean up kitchen (how does it get so disorganized when we have ordered takeout for the past two nights??) -laundry (including nasty baseball pants) DONE: 1 -stuff around the house (I have a ton of bookshelves and builtins that I need to organize and have things look nice - everything is unpacked, just needs to be organized) -pull/spray some horrid ground cover the previous homeowners were so fond of (sigh, there is SO MUCH outdoor work to be done here and we really sort of didn't notice it when we were buying the house) -dinner (chicken and orzo)
  6. Just dropped my parents off at the airport. I love them very much and they were SO helpful while they were here, but I am glad to have my house back.
  7. Good morning! Spring break for DS14, half day for DS17, and my parents have a 5 pm flight back home. Not much else happening. It is so cold this morning I don't feel like moving my hands off my coffee cup or my butt off the couch. -coffee -laundry -drop off at drycleaner -work around the house -call an exterminator to set up service -talk to lawn guy when he shows up about what is tunneling through my yard (think it is voles) -figure out a menu plan for the rest of the week (maybe go to costco but I'm not really feeling that today) -dinner (no clue)
  8. Good morning! DS14 is on spring break for all his classes except AP computers so this week will be pretty easy in that regard. My parents are still here helping get some of the outdoor landscaping and last year's fall leaves under control. -coffee -work around the house -laundry -shadow honors pre-calc and honors chem at a local co-op for next year (11:30 am) -more work around the house -dinner -DS17 baseball at 7:30
  9. Happy St. Patrick's Day! We had our celebration yesterday when my aunt and uncle came to visit. My parents are still here from FL. -coffee -lounge around for a bit -work on some house stuff -write email to co-op for shadow day tomorrow for DS14 -edit a paper DS17 has due tomorrow (he is a dreadful writer) -get ready for the upcoming week -dinner (roasted salmon, potato and greenbeans)
  10. Good morning! Forecast here alternates between thunderstorms and heavy thunderstorms all day so only indoor work on the house. -coffee -DS17 off to school -school with DS14 -organize bookshelves in the house -rearrange some furniture -hang pictures in the house -more house stuff -dinner
  11. Good Morning! My parents came into town yesterday and boy does my father have quite the day of work planned for us, LOL. -coffee -DS17 to school -school with DS14 (has two papers due tomorrow, must make sure he is progressing) -laundry DONE: 0 -hang all pictures in the house -do some yard work outside - lots and lots of raking -do some powerwashing of bricks on house and fireplace -call TruGreen about servicing our yard -figure out who to call about the vole tunnels popping up all over the yard -electrician at 1 to install 3 floor outlets, change transformer for landscape lights, and replace back spotlight -organize built in shelves in great room -unpack one more box in office (box was hiding in the garage) -dinner (roast beef, noodles, gravy, roasted asparagas)
  12. Good morning! -coffee -go to a co-op open house from 9:30-noon -pick up my parents from the airport at 12:30 -stop at grocery store and Havertys (to pick up my new end tables) -DS17's baseball game at 7:30 -pizza for dinner afterwards Hope everyone has a great day today!
  13. Good morning! It feels like groundhog day around here: -coffee -school -unpack -baseball -dinner Such excitement! Also have to clean up since my parents come tomorrow for the week to see the new house. Hope everyone is enjoying their day and some spring-like temps!
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