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Who's going to tackle Saturday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Good morning! I hope everyone is having a great weekend!


Last day of the conference, so here goes:


Get ready and pack up

Go to vendor hall and a session


Work in booth

Check out my own purchase

Visit with dh's 101 yr old grandpa

Head home

My daddy will be at my house when I get there

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My day:


--make soda bread

--make soda bread

--drop dd at ballet for 11

--make soda bread

--make soda bread

--make soda bread

--make soda bread

--pick up dd at 4

--slice soda bread

--w dd, deliver soda bread to church hall by 5:30

--fill bread baskets w soda bread

--eat soda bread and salmon, ignore corned beef

--dance w dh :)


I have to make 18-20 loaves :eek:

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Good morning all! Best wishes for a productive and enjoyable day.


Farmers' market

Pick up Dd from my mom's

Grocery shopping

Library (What would I do if my library weren't a mile from my house? We are there several times each week!)


Go with DH to pick up my van from the mechanic. (Oh, how I hate car repairs and maintenance! All that $ just to stay even.)


Relax and read a book and have a quiet evening all by myself. (I have a bad cold so I get out of going to my in-laws fo dinner.)


Somewhere in there a bit of housecleaning and prep for Sunday, church clothes etc. DH will vacuum. :)

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Morning all! My Saturday is going to be filled with fun and family.


- get kids dressed for kung fu graduation banquet

- get self ready for event

- enjoy watching dh perform, kids getting their new belts, yummy food, and good company

- pet sit

- watch prince Caspian as a family since we finished reading it recently

-more pet siting

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Good Morning!


Taking Ella Bella for a spa day at Petco then off to lunch with dh and shopping for the grand-babies.  We leave Monday morning and will arrive late afternoon and go to bed early as we are surprising them Tuesday morning with breakfast.  We will spend the whole day their spoiling the kids and mom...her dh has to work.  Having dinner with the whole family then back to hotel to sleep and hitting the road home the next day.  It's a 7 hour trip to and from.  I'm so excited as dd is 24 weeks with #4 Elijah Gabe.   

Tomorrow I'll clean house, finish grading work make sure everyone has what the need until we return home late Wednesday.  


Be ready for picture overload when I get back.  :D


Have a great weekend everyone!  :D

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Tammy, sounds like so much fun! Lucky, that is a lot of soda bread!

I have little on the calendar today. I am currently alone in the house, even the dog is out, and I am loving the quiet.


To do:

A few chores

A little laundry


Draw and paint

Mass later, probably


Have a wonderful day!

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Good morning everyone!  I'm back!  Well, I never actually went anywhere.  Three of my grandchildren were here for the week, so I did grandchildrenly things all week.  Resting up today and doing very little. 


Start seeds and repot larger ones.  I still can't get into the garden because of mud.

Tidy up the toy basket


Tammy - enjoy your grandbabies!


Luckymama - send some soda bread my way. 

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Morning, all!  For some strange reason, I am suddenly craving soda bread.  Darn low carb plans!


To do:



dd to softball

plant some flowers at my mom's, clean backyard


Costco for milk and eggs

have dc dust and vacuum downstairs, clean bathrooms


play board game w/family, movie?  

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It's been a busy day so far.  Got the kids to horse riding lessons, then went shopping, then came home to work on some home fixit issues, now finally getting to work.

  • Get kids up & out to horse riding & pack shoes & books for time with nanny.  [done]
  • Go to Staples for thumb tacks to make the girls' bunkbed curtain stick better.  [done]
  • Go to Lowe's to buy replacement light switches and trees/shrubs for the girls to plant (for a scout badge). [done]
  • Big grocery stop.  [done]
  • Clean up the yard a bit.  [done]
  • Get mail & FedEx, put away all the stuff I brought home.  [done]
  • Tack up the bunkbed curtain.  [done]
  • Clean kitchen, bathrooms, some clutter.  [done]
  • Try to replace the light switch in my bathroom.  [Done trying.  :P  The wire is too fat and I found out we need a second one done, so I'm hiring someone.  Now the fuse to the bathroom lights / fans is off until that gets done.]
  • Work until we go to Baker's Square for Pi day.  Probably around 5pm or 6pm.  [done]
  • Pi day dinner/pie.  [done]
  • A little reading.  [done]
  • A little exercise.  [done]
  • A little more housework.  [done]
  • Change out the fish water and filter.  [it is really looking dirty now.] [tomorrow]
  • Kids need to do some math and reading. [a little done]
  • Kids' bath.  [done]
  • Lay out Sunday clothes / dance stuff for tomorrow.  [partly done]
  • Kids to bed.  [done]
  • Work from 10-midnight.  [done]

Now I have a LOT of work due tonight and tomorrow (the 15th is a deadline).  I hope it doesn't get too stressful.

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