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  1. Helping dd1 pack up and load the car. I am driving with her halfway to her friend’s house in MI. She is going to stay there for a couple of days and then head home. I will be home late tomorrow.
  2. I am on a beta blocker for high blood pressure and irregular heartbeat. I have not had any problems and I noticed that I am not as anxious as I was before taking them. My cardiologist said more people should take them. We could all use a little “zen in a bottle.”
  3. Talked dd2 down from AP stress ledge. Her teacher basically encouraged her to not take the test. Because I guess the dyslexic girl with processing speed issues might bring down the class average. She is so mad and upset and sick of school and having to work twice as hard as all her friends. And all these tests, AP and SAT are practically designed to make her feel stupid. Sigh. She said she is going to take the test anyway and if she wrecks the class average, she does not care. Ironically, she has the second highest average in the class. Almost done, almost done with this year.
  4. Good morning! Busy day here. coffee/paper get admin things ready to be gone until Monday night-pay summer tennis? write out instructions for the house sitter write school with ds3 lunch/grocery/bank clean out black car- needs to get everyone and luggage to the airport on Thursday clean out and gas up white car- needs to get me to Iowa to pick up ds2 on Wednesday finish packing dinner- leftovers Have a great day!
  5. I am entertained by the commentary from ds3 sitting in an ice bath. Bummer about the injury- but he is funny. dd2 at a friend's tonight- apparently it is the premiere of the Bachelorette. Talked to the house sitter. Still need to write out instructions. I decided not to go to the grocery store- no one will be here to eat the food. And I leave Wednesday- so I don't care so much. I did most of my packing and discovered grease spots on one of my favorite jackets. I treated it and washed it- but I am not holding out much hope. I paid bills and did a little reading.
  6. Take two cars. Everyone in one- and you by yourself in the other. Or mandatory headphones for all.
  7. Good morning! I have two days to get everything in order before I leave for graduation extravaganza. It's a crazy schedule- but it starts with driving to pick up ds2 and ends with flying home from Columbus next Monday. coffee/paper laundry bills/admin chores school with ds3 start packing list for house sitter grocery store check in with dd2 tennis for ds3? probably leftover for dinner Have a great day!
  8. Good morning! Happy Mother's Day! I am sitting with coffee (and the surprise delivery of two papers I didn't pay for) and that is the extent of my planning today. Have a wonderful day!
  9. Good morning! Finally, a sunny day! Lots of chores and cleaning today- as I don't want to do anything tomorrow. dd2 has a packed social day- need to double check her plans. coffee/paper write garden laundry kitchen chores (didn't do them yesterday) rest of the chores on the list ds3 has a friend coming in the afternoon ds3 and friend to tennis dh has a concert tonight not sure about dinner yet Have a great day!
  10. Good morning! The sun is starting to peek out and it should be a lovely day today. dd2 left for practice and everyone else is slowly rolling out. Regular day today- just a few errands, I think. coffee/paper write school with ds chores- including bathrooms when dd2 gets home- car in for re-check of tires ds3 to tennis finish kitchen chores pick up ds3 Not use what is for dinner or who will be here. Have a great day!
  11. Good morning! dd2 committed to New Mexico State last night! Very exciting and she is very, very pleased. It is an excellent choice for her, swimming-wise and financially and for her future plans. She ordered some shirts and things and will announce "officially" on Instagram when she gets them 😂 Snow and rain all day today- it's survival of the fittest in the garden. coffee/paper get new tires for car wait around- get some jen things done home to check on schoolwork grocery store- if time tennis? I think this is a rest day for that injury lasagna for dinner- dh has rehearsal Have a great day!
  12. Good morning! Cold and damp here- supposed to rain off and on all day. Snow later. dd2 and ds3 were out of the house for practices early. Not too much to do today, I will have a car, so maybe a few errands. pick up ds3 (done) coffee/paper write general cleanup (should have done more yesterday) school with ds3 errands? bank, grocery store work with dd2, maybe sewing room- need to get working there. tennis? still nursing injury dinner- no idea Have a great day!
  13. Good morning! We returned the rental car already and now I am sitting with coffee and no car on a rainy cool day. dd2 has an AP test this morning- she is not looking forward to it and is the only student who needs extra time. We have the pre-surgery appointment for her this afternoon, so just a banner day for the girl. coffee/paper write look at the car trip/tennis tournament explosion of stuff to put away school with ds3 general clean-up laundry- only one load I think help dd2 with a math project due tomorrow ds3 to tennis (maybe- has a groin pull- so maybe not) appointment with dd2 lasagna (thawing right now) for dinner Have a great day!
  14. Good morning! Dh and ds3 are coming home today. dd2 had early practice, so the house is still quiet. I am going to try to get a jump start on my week today. coffee/paper bank/bills write garden chore list- actually DO the daily chores today calendar getting plans together for picking up ds2 and dd1's graduation other small things figure out dinner for all Have a great day!
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