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  1. Good morning! Happy Family Day, Pink and Green! Good luck with the inspector- Ausmumof3! Today is the first day of school for ds3. He is not excited and still getting over his cold, but life is full of disappointments. We still have to straighten out the rental car from the dealership- this week is quickly going to become complicated without two cars- because the interim practice schedule starts for dd2 today. coffee/paper inspect garden- weed a little maybe orientation (going over syllabus, expectations, etc) for ds3 ds2 needs to check all his stuff- laundry, repair, etc- they are planning to leave on Friday. dd2 off to school check calendar and update after lunch- post office, couple of errands ds3- hs practice dd2- practice dinner- leftovers or something from the freezer Have a great day!
  2. Good morning! Still only have one car- but we are getting a new engine. This is covered under current warranty and will be warranted again separately- so that is good- definitely going to unload this car- it has been a basket of engine issues- but when it was good- it was very very good- sigh. I watered and weeded. ds2 leaves on Friday, so now the annual worrying about whether or not he will be able to wake up to make it to his classes commences. This will be followed by "Will he take his learning disability seriously and put in the necessary work?" To be concluded with "I hope he will be able to get a job someday." This kid... I need to clean up my sewing room and get school work ready to go for tomorrow. ds3 has a cold- but today is the mandated rest day, so he should be able to shake it off. coffee/paper- need a second cup water/weed/deadhead- done hassle ds2- started check bank/bills for next week laundry sewing room get ds3's room cleaned up dd2 gym/homework calendar for next week more car discussions- I assume- dh is like a prophet of doom and gloom. not sure about dinner Have a great day!
  3. Good morning! Tennis and a picture session in the studio are the main things today. Yesterday's outdoor session went well- she has at least a hundred pictures that were amazing, no idea how we will narrow it down. It's the last weekend here for ds2- he needs to try on clothes (pretty sure he needs some new things), he is excited to get back to school. This summer was boring for him and hopefully he will extend himself for next summer. He's one of mine that needs to learn the hard way. coffee/paper weed a little (water tomorrow) ds3 off to hs pratice dh off to play with his new tennis friends ds2 up and making a list/doing laundry, etc dd2 to photographer- I am clothes sherpa again Watch the photography session probably lunch out with dd2- chick-Fil-a sounds good home for evening No idea anyone else's plans Have a great day!
  4. 15 yo boys and the consequences of their past decisions. Racing to finish geometry by Monday is not fun for anyone. Unlike his brothers, ds3 usually only has to learn a lesson once. But we will see... If you can't learn by example, you have to learn by doing. Seems to be the motto for my boys.
  5. Forgot to add, dd1 arrived at the new apartment yesterday and starts her "optional" orientation today. She texted dh her schedule for next year- and I remembered why I decided not to go to law school (shudder). Reader- sounds like a good plan. Preserving the relationship is the goal and we have been in a similar circumstance and while it was hard and worrying, it did work out. Off to sew on some patches.
  6. Good morning! I slept in a little, as dd2 left before dawn for the "senior sunrise." The whole class gathers in the football stands to watch the sun rise. It's a pretty nice tradition. So the house is quiet for now. We are having on-going problems with our problem car, so we are down to one. Hopefully, we can pick up a rental today or tomorrow. dd2 also has her outside shoot for senior pictures today. coffee/paper weed ( done a little already) sew (for a temporary hold) patches on dd2's letter jacket for pics- this was an errand that didn't get done this summer get boys moving on their chores, etc this morning more chores more laundry ds3 to hs tennis dd2 and I drive to foothills watch/help with clothing changes drive home not sure what else Have a great day!
  7. Reader, I read your update from yesterday. I think you handled everything well, and definitely extended grace and asked the hard questions that young men need to hear. It is so challenging to know what to with young men. How much to push and how the question I struggle with on an every day basis. It sounds like you and your dh are a real team and that is the best thing. ((Reader))
  8. Good morning! We are definitely headed into late summer here- cool in the mornings, but scorching by the afternoon. After dd2 gets off to school, I will water the problem areas of the garden. Dentist appointments for ds3 and dd2 today. coffee/paper dd2 off to school water/weed pick up car shower take ds3 to dentist pick up gift for ds3's friend car back for dd2 chores/decluttering etc ds3 to hs practice dentist wtih dd2 home to figure out dinner, etc pick up ds3 Have a great day!
  9. Garden-done laundry- last load in washer bathrooms- done. I slacked off this summer- and paid for it today. But they are sparkling now, and I am counting all this as my workout. cleaned trash box by washing maching. Killed some ants and spiders. I am going to have a little food and read for a while. Next up will be breaking down of boxes, boys taking things to recycling and trash. Also list making for this week. The first day of school always feels like a Monday.
  10. Good morning! Jean, I am so sorry about your student. Today is the first day of school for dd2. The seniors decorated cars last night, but then it poured rain, so it all washed off- probably they will do it again later. ds3 starts next Monday- I am almost done with everything for him. Just two quick things (and waiting for a package). coffee/paper work in garden laundry clean bathrooms general de-cluttering get ds3 to work on his room also ds2. Not sure what other chores- but definitely some hs tennis practice dinner- probably pasta Have a great day!
  11. Dd1 packed up and left right on "her" appointed time. Dentist appointments went well- four more to go this week. I did some paperwork and have more questions than answers. dd2 and I went to the grocery store for food and school supplies. Need to make some phone calls- but laundry calls first. Also the bathrooms need to be cleaned. The fun never ends!
  12. My waiting bag had a book and magazines, headphones for audio books, notebook for writing, and crochet projects and needlepoint.
  13. Generally, I think it depends on your child. My boys went to small school and for them that was best. Both have a tendency to not get involved and sort of drift along. The smaller schools helped them be more engaged with the campus and classes. My dd1 went to a huge school- but she was on the swim team and that was her primary social group for the first six months. I think it helps tremendously to start out in a smaller group (honors college, orchestra, band, sports, etc) in a larger university.
  14. Good morning! dd1 leaves today after her dentist appointment. The house looks like a small apartment exploded in the living room. It has been so nice having her here- but she is ready to get moving on her new life. Busy day with appointments, getting things ready for dd2 for school tomorrow (she is not excited- friends- good, classes- ugh) and getting things organized from dd2's visit. Ds3 made #1 singles, so he was pleased and has practice this afternoon. coffee/paper- starting second cup laundry- started dentist- dd1 and ds2 pack up dd1's car and wave good-bye- so bittersweet general cleaning- the house is a disaster- probably even after dd1 packs up everything call to make appointments for ds3 school supply shopping with dd2 hs tennis- ds3 judo? probably not dinner? Have a great day!
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