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  1. Dropped ds3 at club. squash roasting for soup. laundry going. dishwasher running. snowing outside.
  2. Back from babysitting. Only 6 kids this time. This group is mighty flaky. ds3 finished a novel- discussed, he is starting lunch. Next up: laundry, sneak in a cup of coffee before noon ds3 to gym before tennis.
  3. Good morning! Cold but not much snow from the storm- we are supposed to get on and off snow for tonight and tomorrow. She is picking up breakfast burritos and meeting her math teacher early (test today). I babysit this morning. coffee/paper get ds up and working take dh to work babysit review work done by ds3 ds3 to tennis home to roast acorn squash for soup (no one likes this but me and maybe dh) chores/laundry pick up ds3 leftovers or soup for dinner Have a great day!
  4. Most of the list is done, I am relaxing with a cup of tea. Dh has to get the license plates, my name is not on the title. ds3 is at tennis. dd2 is sneaking a nap before hs practice. The temperature is dropping and the storm is starting to roll in.
  5. People suggest to me that all my problems will be solved if I get a job. Needless to say, those are not the people I confide in anymore. I just think that a lot of people are bad at listening.
  6. I do think inflexibility around the holidays can be part of aging, but it goes with a general inflexibility about life. My mother has always been controlling about the holidays however- ironically, we never, ever went to my grandparents house- either side- for a holiday. my dmil only asks to be included in whatever we decide to do for a holiday. She asks, "what I can bring?" and never complains that the kids might be on their phones or invite their friends over or dh takes a nap or I watch football. Needless to say, we see quite a lot of dmil. But sometimes people are just who they are and the holidays make it worse.
  7. I have been trapped in family obligation for Christmas Eve forever. I see no real way out of it. We go to my mom's house. She likes to spend money on presents (but she wants me to tell her exactly what to buy- sidestepping the whole effort of getting to know your grandchildren thing- the nagging commences in September). My sister comes- though she spends the year refusing to talk to me and my brother is there, he doesn't care- he has no children. It is so frustrating- like a command performance and the kids (who used to love it) are less enamoured now as they have more perspective on family life. It is frustrating because we live 25 minutes away and somehow all of our worth as children depends on showing up on Christmas Eve. And she does not come to our house or kids' activities even when invited. It has taken years for me to break the passive agressive chains of every single holiday spent at her house. But Christmas... we tried to plan a vacation this year- but it was too expensive for all of us to go away. So far, all my kids want to come home for the holidays and we help them out with flights to do so- but when they have families and demanding jobs- I will be flexible and loving and NOTHING like my mom.
  8. Good morning! I am sitting in an empty house- dd2 went to early practice and ds3 had tennis. I can drink my coffee and plan out the day in peace! coffee/paper clean kitchen update calendar with hs practices and flight info pick up ds3 school with ds3 after he eats breakfast jen things finish library book get new license plates library ds3 to tennis dd2 to high school practice leftover for dinner? The fridge is getting full. Have a great day!
  9. ds3 at tennis. Dog is back from the groomers- cute as the dickens but irritated with me. Freezer and pantry and cheese drawer stocked with fun things from TJ's. Picked up the leggings. Now to read a little. Hodgepodge for dinner.
  10. Good morning! It is a busy Tuesday with errands today. coffee/paper dd2 off to school dh off to work get ds3 and working dog to groomer work with ds3 chores/couple of bills pizza lunch to discuss upcoming papers grocery store ds3 to tennis pick up dog from groomers pick up leggings for dd2 TJ's home dh choir (ds3 has to get a ride or Uber) Have a great day!
  11. I hope everyone feels better soon! Today is a regular Monday- with some added admin things. Due to pool problems, dd2 had early practice and will go to hs practice this afternoon. Hopefully by tomorrow, the club pool (under a bubble in the winter) should be ready to go. coffee/paper ds3 up and working calendar bills, admin things start making holiday lists some filing and cleaning of paper piles pay medical bill new licencse plates for car- maybe later in the week tennis dd2 hs practice tennis pick up watch football Have a great day!
  12. Yesterday was spent planning some Christmas gifts, cleaning out the freezer (dh) and cleaning out the gutters (also dh). I put up some solar fairy lights on the rose arbor- they look nice- but I need more strands. Today: Christmas present list worked on- order a few things, crochet some gits, football, read in the sun. Rest day and homework day for athletes. Have a great day!
  13. The quote from Churchill in my signature is the official family motto: Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts. unoffical motto: work hard, have fun. said at countless practice, meet, game drop offs and it's how I sign my letters to the older kids.
  14. Good morning! Wintermom, that looks like an amazing concert! We have nothing (except for swim/tennis practice today) on the calendar this weekend for the first time in a month. So some chores, some cooking, sewing, etc. There are some outside things to do- dh might do them if he gets bored. Generally, lots on hanging out and goofing around.
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