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  1. Good morning! I am ready for Friday, not that I don't have work to do this weekend- but it is looking to be beautiful spring weather. ds3 is under the weather- a cold, and a growth spurt are wiping him out. coffee/paper write a few chores garden- almost done breaking the sod on two huge beds lunch with a friend quick trip to Home Depot home to get beds ready for some bareroot plants that are supposed to come tomorrow? Monday? ds3 to tennis if he is feeling better chores in house if it starts to rain relax tonight Have a great day!
  2. We didn't pay for chores. Chores were expected. They had holiday money from grandmas (Christmas, Halloween, valentine's etc). We paid if it was a rare social thing. Ds1 got a job at 15 because he wanted to quit swim team. He had plenty of money for stuff with friends. ds2 has very little wants or needs and saved most of his money dd1 and dd2 trained too many hours to get a job, so they had to make do with what we could give them. They have perfected the "appetizer split" or fries at McD's evenings. ds3 is training hard and all his friends live forever away. They get together to play tennis and we pay for the court costs in the winter. He saves his money for rackets and shoes.
  3. Back from babysitting a herd of 3-5 year olds. I was asked my age by a little girl and I told her 49 and she said, "that's okay, I like you anyway." 🤣 I am going to chill for a little before heading out to work in the lovely spring sun. dd2 called- her new suit ripped, still has the tags on. First one ever. Such a bummer- she has a backup, but the meet hasn't even started yet. First race is this afternoon. She needs such a small size it is unlikely that the store at the meet will have one. And if it does- a cool $500. So ready for her to go to college where someone else pays for the suits.
  4. My dsylexic dd2 does not have ADHD, but she is a slow processor, so learning to do something has to happen slowly or one piece at a time. But once it is learned, things are done well and with attention. Interestingly, she hates lists. They "stress her out." I think because they involve reading and writing things down. She does better with talking out loud to her Google Home and manages things like that. She does chores, is organized, and is a very good driver- but I never underestimate the effort involved with those things. Homework OR chores. Both cannot happen on the same day. Swim meets OR homework. Once I figured that out, life was easier with her.
  5. OP, lots of hugs to you. I think most mothers have felt like failures over and over again. And the more kids you have... well, it is just more opportunity for failure. The hardest thing is to separate yourself from your kids. Their triumphs are theirs and their struggles are theirs as well. You help and worry and love, but you cannot FIX. The hardest school days were teaching my ds2 and dd2 to read and write. Horrible, constant failure. I would wake up in the middle of the night. It seemed we would never, ever emerge from the slog. But- we did. They still have their struggles, but they always will. And accepting that, helped me step back. As well as keeping a different set of standards in my head for each kid. I have straight A students and B students and students who really, really couldn't care less. If I held them all to the same standard, I would be a mess. And kids' personalities- sigh. Some fit with you and some don't. I love all my kids- but some are exhausting and some are easy. They are just people- not lumps of clay or genetic copies. And they will be themselves.
  6. Good morning! Babysitting this morning, school with ds3, garden and driving for tennis are on the schedule today. coffee/paper emails, etc- get package ready for ds1 write ds3 up and ready for school leave for babysitting post office on the way back home to work in garden and chores ds3 to tennis more work ds3 pick up leftovers for dinner Have a great day!
  7. Good morning! Today is a busy day, with an airport run and lunch with a friend. I need to work in one garden bed when it warms up this afternoon. Pink and Green, we have purchased 2 houses in a row with landscaping issues that we ignored or just didn't see. We are almost 4 years living in this house and I am just getting the front yard going. Which apparently is my schedule on landscaping. And all the regular things... coffee/paper write pick up ds3 from tennis quick chores dd2 to airport meet friend for lunch quick stop to check out some mulch home-work in garden, take ds3 to tennis etc.-pick up ds3 some kind of dinner- pasta?
  8. Good morning! Busy day here-I have a lot of work to get the garden beds ready this week, so I need time to do that. Also, dd2 is stressed and working hard- she leaves for her big meet tomorrow and is trying to get work turned in- and ignore her awful teammates who are also stressed. I am counting the days until those girls graduate and leave- they have ruined more fun for dd2 than anything or anyone else ever. coffee/paper write school with ds3 work in garden (on and off today) chores keep dd2's spirits up and help where I can SAT tutor ds3 to tennis more work in house and garden pick up ds3 dinner?
  9. My two oldest headed to college at 17 and so will my youngest- it has been completely fine. My dd1 swam DI it was not a problem. Really, kids grow up a lot during the high school years-especially girls. I commented on your other thread- your dd will be fine. If she really wants to play ball in college- do not mess around with eligibility. Coaches don’t like that.
  10. Good morning! I am up with the birds this morning, up at 4 and couldn't fall back asleep so here I am. Regular Monday here. coffee/paper call to excuse dd2 from a class this morning (done) laundry (started) write school with ds3 clean kitchen grocery store? bank? other chores/garden ds3 to tennis read, etc. pick up ds3 leftovers for dinner Have a great day!
  11. I have one kid that hasn't wanted to get his license. He gets himself most everywhere- bike, walk or bus. He can get his license when he feels ready. my dd2 got her license within a week of turning 16. She drives about 30 minutes to and from practice- twice a day, nearly every day but Sunday. If she had to take a bus, it would take almost two hours each way. Not a possibility. She did that driving while she had her permit and has done it in all kinds of weather for almost a year. Frankly, that is more driving than any kid I know and most adults. She has more hours behind the wheel this year than her father. Waiting until 18 might work in places with good public transit and a smaller, denser footprint. Not here, not very well.
  12. The whole thing is nauseating. Shameful. Everyone involved should bear every consequence that the law and society can impose. I can't even think of enough words to express my disgust and fury.
  13. But God forbid they have a beer before they turn 21.
  14. That is definitely the part of the law my dd2 complained about the most. But hey, it was the law and it is only 6 months. For a parent, 6 months is quick, for a teen, 6 months is forever. But I agree with theelfqueen that you have to make it easier for your kid (kids do break this law all. the. time- almost always without parental knowledge). During those six months, I let her drive to friends houses and then paid for Ubers for them. I talked to parents about doing that so everyone was on the same page. And 6 months passed as I promised and she is a good driver (best of my kids so far) and she does follow the curfew rules and takes her driving ability and privileges seriously. It is frustrating for teens- a year with a permit, and the graduated restrictions. It does seem forever to them and a little sympathy and creative problem-solving, along with outlining the serious consequences of breaking this law goes a long way.
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