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  1. I am having a snack of yogurt and berries before I sweep and mop the floor. I have emailed two design/build firms about our kitchen. Heard back from one and scheduled a meeting. dh is dealing with our borderline incompetent eye care clinic. The drs are first rate, but the entire office staff should be fired and replaced with people who care about their jobs. Next up: sweep and mop (why do I hate this chore so much?) laundry- towels final pick up of house read or watch some TV before dh gets home
  2. Cleaned everything but kitchen and then went on a couple of errands- drop off Amazon return, library, bakery (had a coupon that was going to expire). Next up: lunch and read kitchen laundry sweep and mop floor
  3. Good morning! dd2 left for am practice early, and I should have just gotten up instead of tossing and turning for 90 minutes. Friday at last and we should have lovely weather today. I am hoping all the snow will melt off the front beds, so I can take advantage of tomorrow's lovely day as well. coffee/paper finish up weekly chores school with ds3 finish up list of to-do's for the week work outside in the sun read some- pick up holds at library? sew ? figure out something for dinner- pizza tonight maybe Have a great day!
  4. Reader, the conference championships for dd2's college (the WAC) is being held at the U of Houston. They had to cancel finals tonight. What a mess!
  5. Dh called to say that I am in charge of dinner. Sigh. No ideas yet.
  6. Cleaned up back yard- dog poop, some trash from high winds on Tuesday. Brought in a box of books from the garage, they will go on the shelf and prove their worth over the next year or out they go! laundry is ongoing dishwasher emptied, kitchen cleaned Arranged a lunch date with a friend. Waiting on insurance info from dh so I can make an eye appointment. I definitely need some new sunglasses. ds3 is heading to the courts for an hour- while he is hitting, I will drop off some things at Goodwill. Shop for a new sharp pitchfork. Pick up ds3. Then: read, some handwork, sew when dd2 leaves for practice.
  7. dd2 decided not to swim for the high school season. That actually did make February better. A lot better. My last homeschooled kid actually works- so I didn't go into panic- "Dear God will this kid make it in college" mode. I planned a senior trip with dd2- so I have something to look forward to. Mostly- we are all just trying to hang on until better weather, fewer PT appointments, and no more snow on the ground.
  8. How it works in our kitchen is: whoever empties the dishwasher choses where things go. No one likes to empty the dishwasher- but we all like to control where things go. It has worked pretty well-over a couple of months we sorted out the living spaces for kitchen things. I would move the measuring tape and screwdriver- probably they are not being used very regularly.
  9. Congratulations to your dd, Amy!!! So exciting! Praying still for your baby, leah. Today is a much calmer day. I should be able to work on things at home. coffee/paper electronic chores school with ds3 some weekly chores do some work getting organized sew a little ds3 to hit at courts, I think not sure about dinner Have a great day!
  10. Dress in for alterations, found shoes on clearance. No joy on a blazer. home to errands and picked up ds3 from tennis. Laundry is still going-two loads of towels today. I am going to relax a little before dh comes home.
  11. Afternoon plans have changed. dd2 and I are meeting after her PT appointment to get prom dress altered and shop for some business clothes for FBLA state. ds3 tennis time has changed- he will uber over- I can pick him up. Errands moved to tennis pick up time.
  12. Praying for your dd, leahtalbot96! Today is a regular Wednesday. dd2 is at am practice and has PT later, plus late practice. ds3 is hitting with one of his doubles partners late this afternoon. coffee/paper call to excuse dd2 for appointment laundry- wash new sheets school with ds3 daily chores read a little drop off dd2's ballot/take some books back to the library ds3 to gym? work in the sewing room or handwork pick up ds3 leftovers for dinner Have a great day!
  13. Reader, when we hit the max OOP for dd2- that was indeed the case. No charges for anything. Office visits, prescriptions, etc.
  14. Good morning! dd2 is back at school- at least she left early this morning. Surely to talk to her teachers about work missed..Just kidding, she is a senior, probably to pick up a burrito and a large coffee. 😂 It is super windy here- but no snow in the forecast. Errand day with ds3 today. coffee/paper check accounts pay a couple of bills school with ds3 lunch out bank grocery store library home to a few chores ds3 to hit with friends ds3 to uber back/dh has choir something easy for dinner Have a great day!
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