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  1. Good morning! Another hot day here. dh is taking ds3- so I have a little extra time this morning coffee/paper water garden/lawn- started laundry-started general pick up must. read. library. book drop off package- pick up ds3 encourage dd2 to finish odds and ends of administrative work encourage ds2 to follow through with administrative work sew tonight - or this afternoon if dd2 is not working not sure about dinner Have a great day!
  2. Grocery store done Got middle kids moving on their "have tos" Cleaned kitchen Picked up main room and bedroom Read a little before I leave to drop off a package for ds2 and pick up ds3
  3. Good morning! I am up early to enjoy the cool air before another hot day. Started: laundry, general pick up Done: weeding, shower Next up: drink coffee and drive ds3 to tennis, grocery store on the way back Other things to do: read library book, light a figurative fire under the middle children, stay out of the way of lawyers working in the house
  4. fans purchased, set up, and running. A/C is on now- looks to be over 90 today. It is already over 80 before 10 am. sheets washed and dried. Shrub dug up. Plants purchased- pretty picked over Next up: put sheets back on bed, plant the plants and water pick up ds3
  5. Good morning! Another hot day here. dh and ds3 are leaving- dh is working at the office today. Our fan in the main room broke during the night, so I am off to get a replacement. When I get back- I will set up the fan and try to sort out the day. Things that need to be done- fan dig out plant in front beds go to the local nursery (when they open- it has been crazy there) drink coffee check bank/bills pick up ds3 do some things that are easier when dh is gone Have a great day!
  6. Good morning! We are starting up what I hope will be a more regular schedule. I was up early, but not quite early enough to get everything done before we have to leave. coffee/paper- now water gardens- did back yard, will do the front when I get home take ds3 to tennis and back try to make good use of the time in between-garden, house, bills, etc. pick up ds3 afternoon- read, leftover chores, sew if girls aren't in their room (it is pretty noisy for them) not sure what else Have a great day!
  7. I found if I make the something one kids wants to do (and the others want to join in because they are bored or want to pester) I make it a class. And promise they can do the same next semester. Plus, I just tell them bluntly things aren't fair. "The great advantage of living in a large family is that early lesson of life's essential unfairness." Nancy Mitford Baking 101 is doing school. I gained 5 pounds ds3's freshman year...
  8. Here are a few things my active kid did during no sports months: juggling, slack line, we picked up a ping pong table off Craig's List (that has been a godsend the past few months). Other tried and true things for ds3: pitching against a wall with a target, hitting a tennis ball against the wall/garage (until he got too strong), moving rocks at Mom's will, bug collections, trapping snakes, training the dog in new tricks, unicycle, hitting a heavy bag (also off Craigslist), and jumping rope, magic tricks and cars sleight of hand.
  9. Good morning! Another hot day here. I have already been out working in the garden- scolding poor perforners and picking spots for some new plants. Not too much is going on today-should be fairly relaxed. Getting ready for the buzz of activity tomorrow. coffee/paper quilt after dd2 and dh leave general clean up clean kitchen shutters ds3 to courts read a little watch some NASCAR- baby! get the calendar ready for next week figure out where the tennis next week is going to be not sure about dinner Have a great day!
  10. Good morning! It is gong to be hot today- so the house is already moving. dd1 is going on a long hike, dh is playing tennis and I am watering. ds3 is playing later this afternoon- in the heat of the day. coffee/paper water garden and lawn- done and ongoing electronic chores general pick up read make some quilt blocks write a little? ds3 to tennis not sure what is for dinner Have a great day!
  11. Happy birthday to your dd, Selkie! I hope she has a wonderful day! We are starting our stretch of hot days- have to relearn how to keep the house cool. ds3 is hitting with a friend and we finally got word that his tennis is a go for the summer. We have to drive a little way (to a neighboring county that is following the state's guidelines- not the continued (fill in with descriptive words) pettiness of this county. That means I am back to a taxi service- but I am totally willing and grateful to do it. coffee/paper check garden/weed a little close up the house/turn on the A/C general pick up- dust- didn't do that yesterday read my library book (they are cleaning up the holds and doing curbside service) take ds3 and friend to the courts home to quick things- pick up make some quilt blocks in small snatchs of time today no idea on dinnner Have a great day!
  12. Good morning! It will be a lovely day here. dh left for an early tennis match. coffee/paper water garden beds dd2 has final check out at the school general pick up/dust make 3 quilt blocks some extra things in the garden drop off library books- use curbside pickup- they are clearing off their hold shelves to start all over again drop off package/ buy stamps not sure what else Have a great day!
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