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  1. This is all past tense now, but this is how it went with us. My dad was living on the opposite side of the country in poor circumstances. We conspired with his sister and her husband to get him to move near us where we could "look after" him. He became ill a year or two after he was here, but was able to care for himself at his apartment with a little help. Then he passed away. We convinced my MIL to move near us after FIL died. She was very active and in great health, but was 80 years old. At the time of her unexpected death, we were adding on to our house so there would be a room a
  2. I have three grandchildren with birthdays in February. I would like to get them a book each year that they would enjoy then, but is also a keepsake. I need suggestions for a boy turning one, a girl turning two, and a boy turning four. Susie in SWVA
  3. No, it is not too much to ask, but I know exactly how you feel. When my four daughters were teenagers we were in a church just like you describe. We had a number of public school teachers AND the principal of the local high school (they were high school age!). We were the only homeschool family the entire time. It was uncomfortable and difficult. My girls have since married and all moved away. We still attend the same church and EVERYONE is now homeschooling. Susie in SWVA
  4. Any kind of berries go very quickly at our market. The early bird catches the worm! 7am Susie in SWVA
  5. I agree with the smaller containers for honey, but please have a few large ones! I got tired of buying pints of honey (I use it for baking, etc.). My husband found someone who sold it by the 1/2 gallon. I got two! Susie in SWVA
  6. My daughter sells flowers (spring, summer, fall) and boxwood wreaths (fall, winter), seedling, produce, eggs and canned goods at the Abingdon (VA) Farmers Market. http://www.localharvest.org/blaithin-blair-flower-farm-M22745 She has been doing this 4-5 years and does quite well. (I also add a few baked goods at certain times of the years. Laws vary quite a bit by state. What would you like to know? Susie in SWVA
  7. We have two Whirley-Pops. One for popcorn and one for roasting coffee. It works better than the expensive coffee roasters. Susie in SWVA
  8. That is good. You did not get cheated. As for soup bones, you have to beg on your knees for them and they look at you like you have two heads! Susie in SWVA
  9. No trouble. Two went to the U of Georgia (and grad school). One went to Virginia Tech. One went to a small Christian College. Susie in SWVA
  10. I had forgotten about the strange smell. It makes you wonder if you did something wrong. Susie in SWVA
  11. I have made it. Not for quite a few years, though, since I don't particularly care for it. From what I remember, it is rather time consuming and very tricky. If it is something your Grandmother would really enjoy, I would give it a try. Think of it as culinary history. Susie in SWVA
  12. From our marraige vows 36 years ago - "until God shall separate us by death." Susie in SWVA
  13. Hi Brigitte - yes, I'm still around and coming back to life! We went with brushed nickel in our new house and we really like it. I think it has a very classic look to it. Come and see. Susie in SWVA
  14. This looks like something my husband would enjoy. I think you have sold one copy. Thank you for posting this. Susie in SWVA
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