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  1. I think I was a little ambition in starting my reselling again. Apparently, I just am not ready to venture into that. So, I've put that on a halt until I'm done getting my house in order. It is just too chaotic trying to make time for listing, sourcing, and shipping while also trying to cross off some major house projects that got put on the back burner because of working on my parents' house. So, I've put a hold on that. Still waiting for my reward points to post so I can book that hotel room.
  2. ha, that is amazing. You'd think a house with that much space would have a better planned laundry room. Because with 6 bedrooms you'd think that'd equate to a lot of laundry.
  3. Good luck! I hate that feeling between sending the offer on the perfect answer and waiting for the reply.
  4. i should really look through this for Christmas but I just don't have the energy, ha.
  5. Spent an impromptu $40 going to a karaoke bar with one of dh's coworkers and a couple of his friends. Completely worth it even though I really hate karaoke. Stepped out of my comfort zone on that one and somehow managed to do a few songs with complete strangers.
  6. I would decline but I'm just coming off of having to deal with 3 anti-mask anti-vaccine relatives exposing my mom to covid and then asking her to hide the fact that they have covid from the rest of the family. My mom lives with me so she exposed all of us. So, I have zero trust in any anti-mask/anti-vaccine people at this point.
  7. hjffkj

    Teen JAWM

    I mean, I actually agree with your son that it is ridiculous to test kids at the beginning of the school year, especially because of how crazy last year was. The messing with his schedule is a bit silly but sometimes when you already have to do stupid things, like take a meaningless test, you get on a roll of negativity. I think better coping mechanisms help with that. But also becoming an adult and having more control over saying no to stupid shit.
  8. @Soror thank you for mentioning the ap, it does mention my bonus. Apparently, one transaction is still pending and that is what keep me below reaching the requirement. So, hopefully by within the next few weeks I'll have them and be able to book the hotel
  9. I don't have the ap and when I sign online there is no mention of the sign on bonus. will download ap and see what it says. thanks
  10. yeah, we'll look at what we were doing before and figure out what works best for him. It is just so ridiculous. I saw what he packed for himself today and told him it likely wasn't enough.
  11. @mommyoffive You have more experience churning credit cards. If you have done the Chase Sapphire Preferred do you have a sense of how long it takes for sign on bonus points to hit your account once you've completed the requirements. I assumed when you got your first statement after completing the requirements but that didn't happen. Just hoping to use my rewards to book a hotel. not a big deal if I can't since we have other hotel stays coming up
  12. hjffkj

    Teen JAWM

    I mean, she isn't wrong that telling someone to shut up and stop complaining isn't a healthy form of communication and can certainly be detrimental to the person hearing it. But I also think hyperbole isn't necessarily a term in everyone's vocabulary.
  13. hjffkj

    Teen JAWM

    I'm 35 and I still think most school centered policies, ideas, requirement, etc are wrong. so, as such, I don't think there is anything you can do to open his eyes to your way of thinking. I know this is a jawm but i can't honestly answer your question while also agreeing with you. I think all you can do is nod and repeat 'that sounds like it is frustrating.'
  14. I can so relate to this. I no longer ask about his transactions but certainly did when we were on a much more strict budget. The reason why we stopped the zero based budget was because we were easily socking away 40% of his income into investments, so as long as a rough amount is being spent after bills happens we don't need to track everything down to the dollar. But with him spending at work this way it means we have to change that or adjust our spending elsewhere to make it so we can keep avoiding the zero budget thing again, which I hate. So, a good compromise with be to simply budget our personal spending amount and let the rest be on our current system. we just have to figure out that number. when i brought the issue up to dh today he said he'd try to communicate what he needed from the store better and that he'd just stop bringing the credit card to work!! Not a solution at all because I'd hate for him to have no access to money if he needs it.
  15. We used to have a budget per month for each of us but we haven't budgeted like that in about a year since we've both been pretty sensible with our spending. We'll talk tonight to see if we need to reinstate it.
  16. Nope. I wouldn't mind if it were networking. But dh has been really good with just networking while at work via being the person to cover people when they need it. It got him two promotions within the first year of him switching careers. He started this job right before covid and still things in the office are strict so none of those networking type lunches happen. It is strictly a, the food is there and I can swipe my credit card problem. With how much he eats out of a vending machine you'd think he has a weight problem but the man has been 162 our entire marriage, give or take a few pounds. I wish I could eat out of a vending machine like him
  17. Once in a while wouldn't bother me. I mean I got coffee on the way to dance yesterday instead of making it before I left. But he has literally spend $65 on cafeteria and vending machine food since sept 1. Not sustainable
  18. Ugh! dh has been back in the office for about a month. Finally got around to looking at the cc he uses and the amount of money he spends on food there is ridiculous! This has always been an issue but I was really enjoying not having to deal with it when he was working from home. Time to sit down with him yet again and try to point out just how much money he wastes on getting food from a vending machine instead of simply telling me what he wants when I go grocery shopping. He literally went grocery shopping with me this week and I even reminded him to grab things for work and he didn't. Why are some people like this? ha. It isn't a real problem because we'll just agree on a certain weekly amount and then he'll carry that much cash but you'd think after 14 years together it wouldn't need to be discussed still.
  19. We were like you until 4 weeks ago. Then all in the same week 2 aunts and a cousin got it pretty bad and dh's stepdad ended up in the hospital with it. He did not get it from the other 3 though
  20. For me, forgiveness is more about how I treat the other person and nothing to do with myself. When I forgive someone it means that I will not hold what they did to me against them anymore, to the extent that it doesn't continue to harm me or my family. So, I can forgive someone while deciding that for my safety or whatever they will never be in my life again. The hurt they have caused doesn't go away because I forgave them though. The forgiveness allows me to not have my thoughts filled with them in relation to the issue and instead I can focus on healing myself in terms of the issue. So, maybe working on seeing forgiveness differently might help you start down a path of healing for yourself.
  21. That is not the only alternative. Letting go of the pain and not allowing the offender to have control over you because of your inability to forgive is an option. It isn't easy but working on yourself and becoming stronger is an option. As you do that you will hopefully see that you can forgive or that it is unnecessary because the event no longer has a hold on you the way it has for so many years.
  22. I don't think forgiveness is necessary for healing but it can aid in it. But the person you forgive does not need to be made aware of the process in anyway because ultimately their opinion of the issue has nothing to do with how you process the hurt and forgive. I would say the in a situation like you are describing, where the hurt had ripple effects that hurt you deeply, forgiveness won't matter. What you need is to focus on is healing yourself and your self worth. That healing will help you to get to the point where you can forgive if you want or simply just let the hurt go.
  23. Omg, it just happened!!! Dd asked me, 'what's dad looking for' as he's searching around the room we're all in.
  24. this happens ALL the time in my house. For questions like that I just do not respond. Most of the time dh doesn't even hear the question because he doesn't listen to surrounding noises unless some addresses him. So the kid just keeps asking me until they finally realize I am not going to answer. Then of course they usually go without the info instead of simply asking dad.
  25. My go to response to any question directed at me if I know dh is anywhere in the area is, "go ask dad." not because I can't answer them or help them but because most of the time they have left the room their dad was in to ask me something he could have answered. And I'd guess 80% of the time they go without instead of asking dh. I don't understand because of the two parents he is so much more likely to say yes to something than I am.
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