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Where did my Optimism go? How can I get it back?

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I used to be an Optimist. Really, truly, I still want to be one.


But, lately, life feels like death by a thousand cuts. Being buried alive in sand a grain at a time. All small things. Small stuff. I know it. Really, overall, life IS good. I get that. But, so many, many, many small things have gone the less-than-ideal way for so long now (years), that I realized my Optimism has left the building. I think it ran away a long time ago.


Can I find it again? How?


I know I'm just sounding whiny. But, please, I'd like to get some hugs & understanding. And, any tips for a previous Optimist to get back to my old, normal Optimist self?


Thanks. :grouphug:

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Generally speaking you should feel a bit better once the election is over, no matter who you support or who wins. The uncertainty can be unnerving. I've found that cutting out all forms of news media from my life GREATLY improves my outlook on said life. Currently this involves a ban on Facebook since most of my family are talking about the election.


There is also what I call "The Agent Cooper Guide to Life" that I like. Early in Twin Peaks Agent Cooper said "Give yourself a gift every day, no matter how small". When I can, I try and make it a small gift like an extra serving of caffeine, or playing a song louder than normal. Remind yourself that it's a gift for you, from you.

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:grouphug::grouphug::grouphug:I am right there with you. I feel chewed up and spit out pretty much daily now. My issues are not small. Because I have so many huge things to deal with, the small things seem to go unnoticed now, things which once woukd have irritated me are so trivial now. I guess that is my silver lining. The small things slide.

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I'm about at the numb stage with several things, except my body is reacting to the anxiety. *sigh*


Anyway, one little thing by itself is like a bothersome mosquito. You can swat it away. However, lots of little things are like a swarm of mosquitoes. Together they are all annoying, you can't get away and it does start to weigh on even the most optimistic person.


I've never been a true optimist, more of a hopeful pessimist. I haven't gotten back to that. I grasp at little bright lights in each day. Some days I don't have time to celebrate the good before the bad swaps down and attacks. It sucks.


I started following the Bob Ross the late painter's page on facebook. His calm demeanor has always been appealing. One of the latest quotes the left was this:


“Today we're going to have our bravery test, so here goes ... Midnight Black ... a little roll of paint … let's go up here and make our first major decision ... and jump right in.†–Bob Ross, 1993


So, I'm trying to be brave in my Midnight Black kind of way. Brave enough to face the day, the mosquitoes, and move forward in some way.


I also claim my superpower is getting up each morning and trying again. Some days that's all I have.

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Have a good workup from your doctor. It could be mild depression or low iron or borderline hypothyroid, or something else physical that's sapping your emotional energy.


Make sure you're taking care of your physical health: Enough sleep, exercise, healthy foods. Make sure you're getting enough Vitamin D.


I totally get it. :grouphug: I've been trying to climb out of this myself. Other than checking for physical causes, I'm not sure what else there is to do other than count your blessings, smile as much as you can (because it can actually change your mood), surround yourself with positive people, turn off the news, pray for joy if prayer is a part of your life. Do the things for yourself that you'd tell a friend to do if she came to you and said she's just feeling kind of down. I don't know that it will necessarily fix things, but at least it can make things bearable.



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