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5th Grade Curriculum?


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Hi Moms of past or current 5th graders!


We'll be beginning school end of this month, and I would LOVE for you to share with me your curriculum choices for your fellow 5th graders. I feel a bit like I'm headed into more uncharted territory as he gets older, so wondering what subjects are must-dos for us!


Please share!!



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We used

Math- Math Mammoth and Life of Fred

Science/History/Creative Writing-Connect the Thoughts

Writing Mechanics- Winning with Writing

Grammar Micheal Clay Thompson

Spelling- Made up my own

Reading Comp- we did narration of whatever they were reading at the time

Logic- Logic Liftoff and Philosophical/Arument stuff I pulled off the net

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CLE math

Mr. Q Elemenary Physical Science wih extra kits

World history using SOTW 3 & 4 and lots of US history resources

Growing with Grammar

Winning with Writing

Spelling Plus

Teaching the Classics style lit analysis wih a variety of books

IEW style writing for notebooking pages

Art and music using various resources


We are also using Saxon Phonics Intervention, but most kids don't need that.

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Good luck with your planning! Here's what we're using:


Writing with Skill 1 / The Creative Writer

Sequential Spelling

Michael Clay Thompson's Language Arts


Your Business Math

AOPS Pre-Algebra (we're giving it a shot - can't guarantee anything - LOL)


Classical House of Learning Literature Middle Ages (it's free and similar to what I was doing)


German Demystified

Latin Prep


Apologia Astronomy with Notebooking Journal

Archimedes and the Door of Science

Along Came Galileo

Nicolaus Copernicus

Galen and the Gateway to Medicine


Journey through the Bible


Meet the Masters


Art: A History

Story of the Orchestra (this is awesome)

25 Children's Favorites (classical music)


I have booklists everywhere, too. We're reading Wolves of Willoughby Chase together right now.

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Based off of MP's sequence, we haven't fully implemented everything because they have swimming lessons right now.


First Form Latin

MEP Math, some extra drill from Practical Arithmetic

Italics: Beautiful Handwriting for Children (cursive)

Spell to Write and Read

MPs Introduction to Classical Studies: Famous Men of Rome, Greek Myths, Golden Children's Bible

BFSU & Find the Constellations (we will memorize several)

CC: Fable or CW:Aesop (starting late fall)

LDTPM, maybe Fighter Verses, some map drawing (TBD)

Literature - TBD - playing it by ear


Family memory work & literature, centered around Narnia.


Various books assigned for him to read. Nature walks & drawing. Piano (Mrs. Stewart's Piano -- which I love).

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Math: Teaching Textbooks 5, Xtramath.org.


I came across a list of math literature books on pinterest and I hope to check some of those out from the library. I need to do better about consistent trips to the library.


Writing: Winning With Writing 5. I'm still tempted by IEW, but WWW is working, so we're still sticking with it.


Grammar: Growing With Grammar 5. I also purchased a subscription to Grammeropolis from The Homeschool Buyers Coop.


Spelling: Sequential Spelling. We started this back in March and I wish we tried it sooner. This is really great for dyslexic students. We've been doubling up on lessons and will be wrapping up level 1 this month. My goal is to work through levels 2 and 3 this year. We are using the DVD and downloaded onto iTunes to play on the iPad. This ensures it gets done, LOL.*


Bible: Apologia's What We Believe Series, Vol. 3: Who Is My Neighbor?


History/Geography/Bible: Sonlight Core D + E. I am really excited about returning to Sonlight and studying US History. I chose Sonlight because it is literature based and it's open and go.


Art: Artistic Pursuits Book 1 Grades 4-6. *This is the first year we have used an art curriculum. It's independent, which is what sold me on this. I am really hoping it works for us.


Critical Thinking/Logic: Building Thinking Skills 2 CD. We worked through the first level workbook. I wanted to try the cd this year.


Science: Apologia Human Anatomy. We will work through this with a group of friends. We are really excited about this. We will work through Zoology 1 Flying Creatures on our own as a read aloud.


Handwriting: Copywork for Future Superhero's. We will also continue to practice cursive.

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This is what we are using this year for my ds's fifth grade:


History: Veritas Press Self Paced history ~ New Testament Greece & Rome

Science: Not sure yet...thinking about Real Science 4 Kids Biology Level 1

Grammar: Growing with Grammar 5

Writing: IEW ~ finishing SWI-A, and then All Things Fun and Fascinating

Spelling: Soaring with Spelling and Vocab. 5

Math: Teaching Textbooks 6

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Math- Saxon 6/5


Grammar- Abeka

Writing- Wordsmith Apprentice and not sure what else

Spelling- Seqiential Spelling

Foreign Languge- ELementary Greek 2

Building Thinking Skills 2

HWOT manuscript for older children

Typing Instructor for Kids

Lua Beginning Programming w/ my dh



Together w/sister-


Apologia Zoology 1

Apologia Who is God?


Also read aloud and Bible supplements


After a month of use, i can safely say we really like all of the above listed choices. We tried and disliked both Daily 6 Trait and Meaningful Comp. Of the 2, D6T was better, but way too easy and simple. Right now he is really enjoying Wordsmith Apprentice. After that I'm not sure what we will do. I'm considering Write Source, Spectrum, or just doing creative Writing.

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We're also doing "5th", but she's on the young side.


MUS and a couple of skip counting CDs (we're still working on times tables)

McGuffey Readers for copywork and practice reading aloud

PLL/ILL...not sure where I'll place her yet.

Apologia Zoology II (Sea Creatures)

American History read alouds--mostly HOD Bigger books, but I'm not using the program

Literature--read and discus books, narrations, independent reading

Bible--children's Bible, memory verses, catechism

CM extras: narration, map drills, nature study, poetry and memorization, picture/artist/musician/hymn studies, etc.


Extras: piano, gymnastics, swimming, HS co-op


My goal is to keep things simple and keep my kids together as much as possible! We'll be adding in lots of projects--gardening, setting up an aquarium, etc. I'm keeping this up to them...I really want to get them excited about their own ideas!

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Fabulous lists everyone! Thank you so much! After posting this, I've been on the curriculum research hunt & buying frenzy. Here's what I've come up with, and I think I feel compared to your lists, we're doing A-OK. Had to change up a few curriculum choices, but feel good with what we've decided.


Handwriting - Zaner Bloser (continued cursive practice)

Grammar - ALL (just finished FLL4, will do their incomplete ALL and then probably move to AG mid-year)

Writing - IEW SWI-A (this is new for us, moving from WWE3)

Math - Decided to skip RS G until next year, so:


Key to Series

Singapore Math

History - SOTW3

Spelling - AAS

Typing - Typing Instructor Platinum

Spanish - using fun workbook have onhand

Vocab - 240 Vocab Words Need to Know w/b


I like your suggestions on Computer Programming & Art programs. I will check into those!


Thanks again!!!

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HOD Creation to Christ (which has Apologia and Galen Medicine)

CLE Math

Rod and Staff English 5 but will probably use JAG soon (using R & S as a guide to see what still needs to be covered that JAG doesn't)


Rod and Staff Spelling

Caesar's English for vocabulary

Typing instructor Platinum

Home Art Studio for ART

Ballet, piano lessons, swim conditioning

Mandarin (conversation - I teach basic)

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We're just continuing on with what we started last spring. Nothing has really changed...


Math - SM6b & LOF PA w/ biology and supplementing with other pre-algebra books

English - a remedial com college textbook I used to teach from, plus some more Kilgallon, finish Figuratively Speaking, pentime 4

Science - finish McHenry Cells & continue biology and anatomy with different online and supplementary materials

History - Currently Renaissance Europe with OUP and history portfolio

Latin - continue Latin Prep 1


The focus for this year is going to be writing. My DD has a great style in writing short paragraphs, but it's time to step it up... Outlines, short essays, writing down answers in complete sentences...

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Saxon 6/5


SOTW 2 (just read, discuss, and read alouds.)

Sequential Spelling


Writing by me (assign compositions as recommended by Comprehensive Comp, teach the Writing Process, and use Write Source Handbook.)


Building Thinking Skills 2

Computer Programming by Dad

Apologia Zoology 2

Apologia Who is God?


Elementary Greek 2 plus tutor twice per month


This has been a great year so far. My son is really growing in the 3R's and he's moving along with his electives but he still has plenty of time to play.

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My DD will be starting 5th next month.


--MUS with skip counting CDs

--Intermediate Language Lessons

--McGuffey readers (I think she'll be using the 3rd book)--we'll use these for copywork, practice reading aloud, grammar, dictation.

--lots of narration, begin written narrations

--Apologia, Zoology 2


--HOD Bigger history portion only (we're doing the readings with map drills, narrations, and a few extra projects)

--Bible: Children's Bible, Catechism, Hymns for a Kid's Heart, and SCM scripture memory system

--Literature: read good books, narrations, and discuss literary devices as they pop up

--Character Study: Children's Book of Virtues, Missionary Stories with the Millers

--Art: Usborne's Children's Book of Art, painting, drawing

--Piano lessons

--Other Charlotte Mason elements: poetry readings, nature study, music, handicrafts, etc.


We also picked up some science kits from Hobby Lobby. My plan is lots of 3R's, a little history and science, and lots of fun projects!

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Math: Horizons 6, MUS decimals/%, LOF if he wants it, extramath online drill

Grammar: Rod & Staff 5

Spelling: Rod & Staff 6

Writing: will use IEW later this year

Vocab: English from the Roots Up

Science: Sonlight 6 and Apologia Human Body. He also wants Apologia Astronomy

History: WTM Logic style Ancients/Sonlight Core G 1st half

Lit: part of history

Logic: Building thinking skills and Mindbenders

Geography: Evan Moore Daily Geography

Bible: Old Testament lapbook kit


art: my son doesn't care for art so he will be looking at it in history but not doing anything this year. In the past he took a class and in the future he will do artistic pursuits or another class but this is every other year for us since it's not his thing.

Music: he did ukelele classes for 2 years. Can read music and pick up songs on piano. so not pushing it this year

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My 5th will use:


Heart of Dakota CtC for Bible, History, Copywork, Dictation, Writing, Geography, and Art.


Writing~Write with the Best via HOD

Math~Math Essentials Book 1

PE~Family Time Fitness (Homeschool version)

English~Rod and Staff 4

Literature~Drawn into the Heart of Reading (I'm going to try and fit this in)


That's about it, I look forward to reading what you all are using =)

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My 5th grader will be doing:


Virtual Homeschool Co-op

History, Language Arts (grammar, spelling, writing, etc...), Saxon 5/4 Math


Art -- Mark Kisler (sp?) online


Reading: My selection PLUS a local boy's book club.


Science: Physics for the Grammar Stage (Elemental Science)


Geography-- something I'll put together


I'm forgetting something, but that's the basics.

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We are cycling through our 2nd WTM rotation this year, starting the logic stage recommendations. My 5th grader is doing or will shortly start: (some things we are easing into)


math: Rod and STaff 6

English: Rod and Staff 5

Spelling: Rod and Staff 6

Classical House of Learning Lit. Ancients, logic stage

Latin: First Form

Spanish: Spanish for Children A

Science: Memoria Press 5th and 6th

Bible: Memoria Press Christian Studies I

History/Geography: Well Trained Mind style ancients

Logic: Haven't purchased anything yet. Probably mind benders or something like that.

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Saxon 6/5 (ugh, though he likes it)


German- Planetino 1

French- So You Really Want To Learn French 1

Greek- A Greek Hupogrammon (this is a hobby for him- I wasn't planning on him doing this this year...)


Ambleside online y 5 reading list for science and literature that I have cut down to fewer titles because he's a slow reader. We also do the music and art rotations.



Our Mother Tongue


History- Oxford Book of Ancient History, doing the WTM style of outlines, mapwork, timelines, etc.


Geography: Geography Trails


Nature studies- Ambleside readings and time outdoors.


Science- floundering. We are in our second week of school and I'm already revamping science.:tongue_smilie:


Mixed Martial Arts

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