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  1. I am trying to figure out what part of running 5 miles followed by yoga and housework qualifies as taking it easy. Grappling was awesome. I was completely soaked through with sweat by the end and my body feels like jelly.
  2. Uff Da, Digging the music and feeling quite relaxed. Got an extra 2 mile walk in under the stars last night with dh. 2 hours of open mat this morning. Followed by long slow run. Good thing because I fell into a vat of chocolate and junk food this week celebrating birthdays. I baked almond pastry claws this morning as a farewell to sweets and I hope I can still grapple... Good for you Snickerdoodle- we can cradle our bad arms in distant unison.
  3. 2 mile walk with dh, kettle bell swings and katas and combos and stretching today. One great upside of an injured elbow- I cannot weed or sweep so the kids have taken both over:)
  4. Took the family to a doughnut shop for a birthday breakfast. Surprise, surprise: apple fritters are not good workout fuel:). Did get a 2 mile walk with dh and at least I have tonight's martial arts and kettle bell.
  5. I thought this was interesting http://www.strongfirst.com/preparing-a-mma-fighter/ Especially in light of what he said about keeping training specific to your needs/goals. I struggle with this because I like to go on long slow runs to relax and I am constantly tempted to train for marathons. -That may sound stupid, but there is something so sexy sounding about training for a marathon that, for instance, fartleks completely lacks. Training for a marathon would probably be the most counterproductive thing I could do for my martial arts given my propensity for injuries...
  6. Glad you know something- hope you feel normal again quickly. New soil!!! How fun. My garden looks like... a non-gardener moved in. Today is, to borrow a phrase from Snickerdoodle- skillwork day. I need to go through my martial arts journal and practice, practice, practice. Either that or buy a brain with a better memory.
  7. Fail at yesterday's home workout. At least the martial arts classes went well. Today is co-op day so nothing until tonight's martial arts class followed by kettle bell. Boo to Spring colds!! Get well everyone.
  8. I hope you get informative news and better sleep tonight. The waiting is hard.
  9. Epsom salts, lavender essential oil, olive oil in bath while drinking huge glass of lemon water while soaking in a loooong hot bath. Or if you want it to energize you- ditch the lavender and use geranium instead. And no- this is not a pitch; I don't sell oils. Today: I want to go through my katas and thai combos 100 swings and stretch at home but I got up late and wasted the morning. So- I'm posting so I feel guilty if I don't get to it by this afternoon. Tonight: double MMA classes. I cannot wait. Here's an idea I'm stealing from my son's MMA conditioning class: starting with
  10. 5.12 mile walk with dh. Beautiful day here. Otherwise a worship/rest day.
  11. O.k. laughing now at the title "multicultural dude". I think I like the videos because as a typical American I'm always charmed by accents. Thanks for the input everyone, btw. Open mat today. Great workout and I got to grapple with one arm. It was a blast. I got tapped out every time of course but I found a use for my chin that I didn't know existed that I will use even after I have my right arm back. Plus, I got my coach in a headlock with my legs! Of course he got out but it took him a small minute. It's beautiful outside and it's a good running day. Buuuut, I might clean
  12. I saw this link today: yoga for Brazilian jujitsu. He has a series of free videos and am curious what you women of yoga think of it.
  13. My multi quote isn't available so I will just say I really enjoy reading everyone's posts. It's really encouraging. Last night the conditioning portion of martial arts was wonderfully brutal. In one section we had to plank for a minute then pop up and sprint 30 yards, repeated a few times... I could only plank with one arm so the popping up part was quite fun:) Today- work through all katas, Thai combos, jujitsu drills, stretch. Tonight- up late chaperoning a formal.
  14. Snickerdoodle- Get it checked out! I can't tell you the relief it was to hear that, yes it is sprained, but no- ligaments did not tear any bone fragments off. The new and extra pain was all my arthritis flaring just from keeping it held still. I'll pray for good news of any sort for you.... Practiced grappling one armed with my 7 yo. this a.m. He is awesome! I now know I'll be able to wrap down my right arm against my body and grapple in class this week. WHOOOOOOhooOOOO. Tonight: martial arts class followed by kettle bell class. Other than that this continues to be an easy
  15. 2 mile walk with dh. But no time for anything else- these pesky adult responsibilities of life do take time... Went to ortho about my elbow- just 3 more weeks of stretching only and then I can slowly work back into building strength and my normal craziness as it tolerates. I am SOOO relieved! I almost kissed the poor man. I also had to laugh because he looked so bewildered when he asked how it happened and I said, "arm-bar and then body-weight work". My gray hair confounded expectations again:)
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