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  1. I need a history that is not so parent intensive yet very interesting for my auditory learner. She could also use some writing practice. I thought of VP self paced history but don't want to spend $249. We did MOH Vol 1 this year with me doing all the reading but I think it is not too interesting for my child. She didn't want to do the projects suggested in the book either. Please help. Thank you.
  2. Bible: Awana and YouVersion devotions (with mom) Math: Math Mammoth (first time to use it because Excel Math has retired.) Science: Outsource, possibly using Real Science for Kids History: MOH1 Language Arts: JAG grammar and Mechanics Writing: Still unsure if IEW is a good fit (she doesn't like SWI-A so far but we're not giving up yet) - Any suggestions for an easy to teach writing curriculum? Vocabulary: Caesar English and Vocabulary cartoons, reading books Spelling: Moby Max Spelling Electives: piano and acting classes
  3. I need help selecting the right grammar program for my 9 year old. She's very articulate, can tell good stories and have great retention when she has to retell her stories or facts, but when it comes to writing she is not very enthused about it. She's also a reluctant reader. She's 3rd grade and we're using FLL2 and we are going to do FLL3 soon. I need something for next year and don't know if I should stick with FLL4 or try something different to avoid burnout. These are the ones I am looking at but I am still undecided. Junior Analytical Grammar and Mechanics Fix It (The Nose Tree) For writing: We're currently using WWE2 and I just ordered WWE3. I don't think I will go beyond 3 and would like suggestions on which writing program to use that will be easy for me to teach. Spelling: Currently we're in SpellWell Aa and we have SpellWell B and Bb. I don't know if she's learning anything or retaining what she is learning as her spelling is really bad. (Example: goat is goet, visited is visted, engine is engin, great is gret, auto is otow, wait is wate, trouble is truball...) I would appreciate knowing what to use to teach her but something NOT too difficult to use would be great. Thank you so much for your advice.
  4. That was a well thought out answer. I have Alphaphonics and we're actually still using it for reading. I never thought about using it for copywork but I am going to start with that and do reviews while I wait for the Spellwell to come.
  5. Thanks for all the input so far. Has anyone check out Spell Well? Thanks.
  6. Help! My dd8 (almost 9) is using Spelling Workout B but her spelling is horrible. Last year, we tried Sequential Spelling and she didn't like it. I don't expect perfection but she doesn't seem to retain what she is doing with Spelling workout book. Is there a non-parent intensive spelling program that will work for her? Thank you so much!
  7. Help! My dd8 (almost 9) is using Spelling Workout B but her spelling is horrible. Last year, we tried Sequential Spelling and she didn't like it. I don't expect perfection but she doesn't seem to retain what she is doing with Spelling workout book. Is there a non-parent intensive spelling program that will work for her? Thank you so much!
  8. I ordered the Visualize World Geography for my children to use. I heard some videos are corny but they saw the sample lesson online and seemed to be ok with it. I am thinking of getting another curriculum, maybe, Mapping the World with Art to go with it. Still checking the latter one out. I'll be interested to hear what others have to say.
  9. Hello Birchbark, thank you for replying. Did you use the Around the World in 180 Days curriculum or just read the book. Thank you.
  10. Hello. We're just finishing up with HOD Missions to Modern Marvels this year after doing 4 years of HOD. It's been great considering that everything we need was in a box and we just changed the language arts and do our own math. For 9th grade, my daughter does not want to do Heart of Dakota again so I am not sure what to use. Can you kindly share what you're doing for your 9th grader, what subjects you're covering and what curriculum you're using. If you're doing geography, what curriculum will you be using. This will greatly help me. Thank you.
  11. My daughter is in a Write Shop class 2 and they will be finished this May. She did IEW with CC Essentials one year and IEW Medieval Writing at home last year. I need recommendations for the next writing curriculum for her. I really like the WS class she's in because the teacher corrected her papers and gave her grades. I am looking for the same thing where I don't have to be the one to edit her papers. Can you recommend a good writing program that does that? She likes to write. If they are online or available through dvds, kindly recommend and tell me why you like it. This will be so helpful! Thank you.
  12. Thank you so much for your input. Is there anyone out there who have used the Nancy Larson Science? I just read about it recently and am curious if it's a great program compared to RSO. I am narrowing my choices now to those two. Thank you!
  13. Has anyone tried Nancy Larson Science? Thanks.
  14. Can someone recommend a fun science for 2nd grade? My daughter is in 1st grade and we're just reading a bunch of books right now about different topics but have no formal science. I need something easy to implement yet interesting for her. She likes to have experiments. These are the ones I am considering. Do I have to get supplemental books and materials for these? R.E.A.L. Science Odyssey (either Life, or Earth & Space) Elemental Science Let me know your experience with them and if you can recommend something else. Thank you.
  15. I used an eclectic approach when I started homeschooling and we also did CC but what really helped me was switching to HOD at 5th grade and it's been a great fit for my daughter. She's now using the RevtoRev and next year will go to MtM. I am very happy with it. Now for my 2nd grader, I had a bit of trouble with BLHFHG just because I wasn't crazy about their science and other minor subjects. The history was ok but not great for us either so we switched to Abeka social studies plus lots of library books to supplement the history topics. Same thing with Science.
  16. My daughter is facilitating a book club discussion with fellow middle-schoolers. We do have some 5th graders too. There are many sensitive kids in the group so kindly suggest some great wholesome books that will be great for discussion. Thank you.
  17. I have a rising 7th grader as well. We will be using HOD Revival to Revolution. Language Arts : Caesar English 2, Analytical Grammar, Write Shop 2, lots of reading from HOD list and classical literature Math: this is my dilemma right now. We've used CLE up to 6th grade. My daughter likes it but I am just not sure if it's thorough enough. For those using CLE 700, why do you feel a need to supplement? What is Aops? Is this an online class? Do you have the link to their website? I am looking for help in teaching Math because it's not my strong subject and I would rather have someone else teach it. Any expert advice from you all will be appreciated. Thank you!
  18. HI Sue, which EE kit did you get, the advanced or the standard? Thank you.
  19. Sara, thank you so much! DD goes back to teacher #1 on Thursday.
  20. Thank you so much! I appreciate you taking the time to respond. DD finally got on the piano tonight and played for half hour. She was actually proud of herself when she was done. So there's hope afterall...
  21. Hi, I'm back and this time with a different issue. Please be patient with me. I am feeling quite frustrated already. So we casually mentioned to dd11 that we're going back to teacher #1. She didn't say anything negative but she didn't look happy either. She is still refusing to practice and saying that it's boring. She doesn't want to quit piano but doesn't have any motivation to practice. Arrggggg! (I am venting so please be kind with your comments. Thank you.)
  22. Thank you everyone for your sincere and wonderful comments. Everyone of you gave me some great advice and really helped me shed light to this issue. Looks like we're going back to teacher #1. Thank you again!
  23. I understand what you're saying. I think teacher #2 might be a good match in personality but again, it's hard to tell when we only tried her once. DD is not uncomfortable, but she probably would prefer someone who is more cheerful and have a sweet disposition. You're right, I am in a tough spot.
  24. There were teacher #3 and #4 but I already ruled them out. I thought teacher #3 would be great because she was the most cheerful and enthusiastic person out of the 4 but found out later from other parents who use her that she is passive-aggressive and they don't trust her with their kids and have to sit in during the lessons all the time. Teacher #4 didn't feel right for us - personality wise. Thank you for all your responses. I am still pondering on everything said here and appreciate your input.
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