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  1. Hi there! Here is the link to an example of the syllabus: http://www.derekowens.com/CourseSyllabuses2.php?Location=Online&Day=Monday&Year=2014-2015&Course=Physical%20Science&Teacher=Mr.%20Owens Basically, my DD just breaks down the week accordingly. For example, week one has 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3, she does all the videos (1.1a, 1.1b, etc.) on day 1, and then completes homework 1A. Then she will do 1.2 starting the following day. If the videos are longer on one day then she will complete the homework the next day. She usually spends one hour a day, five days a week. We also do his Pre-Algebra and she loves both classes. Hope this helps!
  2. My DD is really enjoying Derek Owens Pre-Algebra this year. It is a video based program with full explanations. :thumbup1:
  3. Hello there! Have you looked at either of these for Math? Derek Owens/Lucid Education Pre-Algebra or Algebra 1: http://www.lucideducation.com/?p=Prealgebra.php Tablet Class Pre-Algebra or Algebra: www.tabletclass.com My DD is in 7th and loves Derek Owens. I am not sure if you are needing Pre-Algebra or Algebra 1, but we are doing Pre-Algebra this year and my DD loves it. She does it completely on her own (other than me checking her homework/tests), and can watch the videos as much as needed. Additionally, he teaches how to take notes throughout his courses. The same for his Physical Science course. Hope this helps! :)
  4. I am planning ahead! :) I will need some type of accredited program and would like to start possibly next year so that the HS transition is smooth. Does anyone have experience with this program? Any input appreciated - thanks!
  5. Anyone have experience with this program? Any input appreciated - thanks!
  6. My DD - just turned 11 and is going into 6th. She is a VSL and LOVES to draw. She is obsessed with shapes, patterns and puzzles. We are deciding on what math for next year and she is begging to do geometry. When I found this I thought maybe it is an option? However, she has never done RS before. I know they say on their site that level G is done differently and that they do not need prior RS experience. Her previous math has included Abeka K-3 (private school), TT5 in 4th (she didn't like it), and this year we are finishing MM5 (likes it, but somewhat bored) and working our way through all of the Key To Series (loves) workbooks. Can anyone give any input that has done this program? Or, would it be best to stick with MM6? Thanks!
  7. Just in case you missed it :) Here you go! http://resource2.veritaspress.com/Promotions/Self-Paced.html
  8. I showed the online sample to my DD and she just loved it. We are looking for options for next year. Can anyone tell me how long the lessons are daily? I was wondering if it was possible for an older child (she will be in 6th) to complete more than one class a year? Thanks!
  9. We might not be able to do Calvert next year so I am planning ahead. CBD has this listed as an all inclusive Grammar, Vocabulary, Spelling and Writing program. We would not be using the writing because we use IEW, but I wondered about the rest? Thanks in advance!
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