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What are you doing for 5th grade? (Or planning?)


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The plan (subject to change at any moment)


CLE Math


IEW or Kilgallon don't know which

SOTW Ancients (beefed up for 5th grade, my 2nd grader will be doing it the first time)

Classical House of Learning Grammar Stage Ancients for Lit

BJU Science

Latin for Children

Logic games&puzzles he's younger and not ready for Logic Stage in all areas

Spanish, PE co-op

we'll be doing Plutarch's Lives from AO together

composer study

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So far this is what I'm doing (still looking at some things)


Math - Saxon

Language - ABEKA

History - Sonlight

Science - Apologia (Astronomy)

Grammar - Winston Grammar

Spelling - A Reason for Spelling (it could change)

Writing - (still looking)

Vocab - Wordly Wise

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We're using:


History/Literature: SL6

Geography: Map Trek

Latin: Visual Latin

Greek: Elementary Greek

English: Rod & Staff 5

Math: Saxon 7/6

Writing: Writing Strands, WTM writing, Remedia Outlining, Killgallon, Evan Moor Sentences & Paragraphs (not all of these every day)

Logic: Blast off with Logic Books

Spelling: Sequential Spelling & Saxon Phonics Intervention


We were doing Dynamic Literacy for vocabulary, but I decided to take that time and run my older 4 through Saxon Phonics. When we're done with that we'll go back to Dynamic Literacy.


He also takes Piano, Tumbling & Power Trampoline, Judo, and is in a public speaking organization, and attends an enrichment program once a week where he gets some science, art, and other things.

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My 5th grader is using:


SL 4 (everything except the LA)

Saxon Grammar and Writing (Just the grammar and dictation - 3x a week)

IEW Writing Class

Sentence Composing (on the days he doesn't have an IEW assignment to work on)

R&S Math 6/CLE Math 5 (3x a week for each)

Hands On Equations (2x a week)

SRA's Spelling Mastery (2x a week)

EPS Reading Comprehension through Varied Subject Matter (2x a week)



La Clase Divertida

IEW Poetry Memorization

http://www.sheppardsoftware.com for geography

Type to Learn

Wordsmart Vocabulary CD-roms



Swim Team, Boy Scouts

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(No chance of getting to conventions here!!)


My current 5th grader has been using:


Singapore Primary Math, with Topical Problem Sums (the oldest version of Challenging Word Problems), as well as bits and pieces of MEP.


MCT Town, plus bits of Island because I have a hard time fitting in 2 levels of MCT and her brother isn't ready for Town. Also, copywork, dictation, written narration, oral narration, and some free writing with revision.


Various selections from Ambleside Online levels 3-5 for literature and reading (also for art and music)


Apologia Zoology 2 for the last 10 weeks of school, after using BJU Science 5 the first part of school. Also, weekly nature journal


History hasn't gone well this year. We started the year using library books to cover US history (roughly from the end of the Revolution through the Civil War--at least, that was the plan). This worked well for studying Native Americans--there were lots of really good books available, and she learned a lot. It broke apart when we tried to study the War of 1812 and the Civil War. For some reason, most of the children's books available at our library focus on battles and strategies, while my daughter is interested in individual people (especially women and children) and how they lived during various periods. Then, we tried to use Story of the World, but while we liked (but didn't love) the earlier books, none of us really care for book 4. Then, I looked at AO history for levels 4-5. However, I didn't really feel like editing TCOO, and all of the other books were either unavailable (no more money in the budget for school books) or unsuitable for various reasons. So, for the rest of the year we are using Plutarch's Lives for history (though I am uncertain whether this book is really more history or literature, it at least gives a good picture of ancient Greek values). Next year she will be using AO 6 (modified to study Egypt/Sumeria/Israel the first 12 weeks), since I like AO history for 6th grade and up much better than their history for the lower grades.


Beyond that, she has Bible and Spanish. For Bible, we read and discuss the Bible, plus memorizing a short passage each month. For Spanish, 2 days a week I read aloud and the children narrate orally. Two days a week they read and narrate each other's reading. On Fridays they have copywork in Spanish, which will eventually become dictation and finally written narration. They are semi-bilingual, so this probably wouldn't work for children who were just beginning Spanish.

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This year we're using:


--Voyages in English 6 (the 2005? edition)

--Sadlier-Oxford Vocabulary Workshop A

--MCT's Building Poems plus parts of Figuratively Speaking

--had been beta-testing SWB's new writing curriculum but she hated it (sorry!) so we stopped


--K12's Human Odyssey Vol 1, plus the Oxford Press World in Ancient Times series (moving into the corresponding medieval books now) and a lot of library books

--CPO Earth Science

--Galore Park's So You Really Want to Learn French 1 (aka French Prep 1)

--a gazillion things for math: various Keys to... at the beginning of the year for review, a pre-algebra to plug any holes, Ed Zaccaro's Challenge Math, Patty Paper Geometry, some competition math books from the Art of Problem Solving website, and we're dipping our toes into AoPS's Introduction to Algebra (which is really alg 1 and alg 2)


She participated in Science Olympiad (lucky to live in an area with a Division A) on a local homeschool group's team. She placed 2rd and 4th out of 52 in two of her events.


She is also doing Math Olympiad, takes ballet 3-4 times a week (in addition to rehearsals), is in Girl Scouts, and plays flute.

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My current 5th grader-

Singapore Math (did 4A, 4B, is on 5A- text, IP, and CWP)

Logic games and puzzles

Megawords 1

TWTM Ancient History (including SOTW 1)

Spanish (Para Chicos y Grandes, but mostly on my own)

Writing Tales 2

my own Biology

Typing Instructor Deluxe


I think my 5th grader next year will be very similar, except I am going to use Writing Strands, and we'll be on Middle Ages and Earth Science.

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Here's our tentative plan for 5th for next year:

LLATL and books from AO and SL

finish Megawords 2 and hopefully do all of 3

CLE math with some MEP thrown in

Real Science 4 Kids level 1

Trail Guide to World Geography

Attends public school for music, art, PE, drama, Spanish


It's always subject to change though! We like going off on bunny trails and doing FIAR type units for a change of pace.

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I have plans for next year. :) A week ago, I didn't, but now I do.


History: History Odyssey Level 2, Modern (starting whenever we finish early modern)

English : CW Homer

Math : Saxon (we should finish our current book around Thanksgiving and start the next).

Science : I'm starting ClassiQuest Biology next month and hoping the next level is out by the time we finish.

Spanish: Starting a new hs enrichment program that does Spanish so we'll add DS Spanish at home.

French: Continuing RS French

Art: Pottery and other art classes at the museum.

Reading: I'll be using SL 5 read alouds and readers



Extracurricular: She'll continue fencing, and we're looking to add some type of martial art. I'm also looking for a musical instrument that won't give me a headache.

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My current fifth grader is using the following.


Grammar: She's finished Rod and Staff English 5, and will start 6 after we get moved.

Writing: Classical Writing Aesop B, and into Homer A

Spelling: Rod and Staff's Spelling with Sound and Structure 5

Reading: Veritas Press literature

Latin: Latin for Children

Logic: Mind Benders, Word Benders, random puzzles, Red Herrings (I don't recommend the latter unless you have at least two kids who can do it together)

Math: Rod and Staff, and into Lial's prealgebra when we get moved

Science: ACS's Middle School Chemistry and a smattering of Apologia

History: Veritas Press

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For 5th grade DS (has reading/writing issues)

K12 HO-/ taking turns reading SOTW 1 out loud with his sister

CPO Science/PH Astronomy- lots of side trips into the fun stuff (rocks!)

Scott Foresman Math- use this for review then hopefully move into Pre-Algebra this fall

WWE 3- hoping this helps

GSWL and Minimus

Spectrum Language Arts for Grammar


Treasury of Art

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My 10 yo dd will be starting 5th grade.


Rosetta Stone French

Easy French Step by Step

First Start French (mostly through this)

Lively Latin


Greek Code Cracker

Ancient Greek (we are studying together)


MEP Math

Key to Fractions

Singapore Math


Hands on Equations

(We have some catching up to do!)



Required written reports

Bravewriter & The Arrow

MCT Island

FLL 4 & 5

Classical Writing

Sequential Spelling

IEW Poetry

IEW All Things Fun & Fascinating


SOTW 2 & 3

RSO Life


Continuing American History through literature and geography (plus a field trip!)

Elemental Science (Earth Science & Astronomy) or Joy of Science after we finish RSO




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This year's curricula is listed in my signature, and here's a list of next year's choices. A few I'm still pondering but most I'm settled on.


Literature/Reading—Books related to history & science


Grammar—Rod & Staff


Writing—Rod & Staff + excerpts from History and Science (outlining)


Poetry—IEW Linguistic Development




Latin—Latin for Children II


(Pre)Logic—Building Thinking Skills Computer DVD???


Math—Key To Fractions & Decimals/MUS


History & Geography—Diana Waring's Ancient Civilizations & the Bible


Science—God's Design for Chemistry & Ecology


Bible—Teaching Hearts, Training Minds—Catechism


Keyboarding/Typing—Mavis Beacon ???


Art—Atelier Art DVD's



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We are planning to use:


Math: Singapore 4B/5A plus Math Mammoth 5 (may do LOF fractions over the summer first)

Language: MCT Grammar Town etc.

History: History Odyssey Ancients, plus History Detective: World History from Critical Thinking Co.

Spelling Workout

Science: "Colors" Elementary Science from Beginnings, plus Sciencesaurus

Reading Detective Gr. 5 & 6 from Critical Thinking Co.

Health from Switched on Schoolhouse (gr. 4-7 level)

Lit: Either Mosdos Pearl or Progeny Press guides, haven't decided yet

Vocab: Sadlier Level Blue (along with MCT's Caesar's English I)

Writing: Bravewriter plus MCT Paragraph Town

Geography: Rand McNally -- I forgot the name of the book!

Art: Meet the Masters


Typing & Beginning Italian in a laid back way

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Fifth grade plans for 2011:


Heart of Dakota Creation to Christ

Drawn into the Heart of Reading...(maybe)

Apologia Zoology 3

Growing with Grammar

All About Spelling

Write with the Best


Sign Language





Homeschool blog:



Quilting blog:


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Wow! Some really good ideas here - I've been googling loads of curricula!


And I forgot to put our own plans in.. :blush:


For September:


Math: Saxon 7/6

English: Spelling Workout D, MCP Word Study D, Rod and Staff English 5, WWE 3/4, CLP Handwriting with Power

Critical Thinking: Mind Benders

World Studies (History): Yr 2 - The Middle Ages - Reading books and outlining texts a la WTM

Latin: Latin for Children A

French: L'art de Lire

Science: Apologia General Science

ABRSM Piano Prep and Music Theory Grade 2

ASA Swimming

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We are changing things up this year:


DD is doing Oak Meadow 5 History/English/Science and Math


She is also doing a lot of online programs that we are reviewing for the TOS Crew as well as IEW -SWI A and Latin 4 Children.


Oak Meadow will probably last us until late fall of next year at that point she will start OM 6.


We are also working hard on spelling so she is working through Phonics Road 2 at an accelerated pace and will start PR 3 in the fall. Maybe sooner.


So far I like Latin 4 Children and it seems to be easy enough to fit into our day, so we may continue with that, too.

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