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  1. Are you just using these books as read alouds with RLTL?
  2. The Phonics Road to Spelling and Reading.
  3. It is excellent and doesn't have anything questionable in it at all. I was surprised (pleasantly) to find that the movie only covers about 1/3 of the book! I need to read it to the kids. Thanks for reminding me!

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    MUS Alpha TM, DVD and Student Materials - through lesson 4 has been completed. Test booklet is unused. MUS Beta TM, DVD and Student Materials - still in shrink-wrap. 2 sets of blocks and wooden storage boxes. I would prefer to sell as a lot.



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    Alpha TM, DVD, Student Workbook and Test Booklet. First 4 lessons are complete. Beta TM, DVD, STudent Workbook and Test Booklet. Still in Shrinkwrap. 2 sets of blocks and a set of wooden storage boxes. New would cost $250. I'm asking $175OBO Thanks!



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    MUS Alpha TM, DVD and Student books. 4 lessons have been completed, but otherwise in excellent condition. MUS Beta TM, DVD and Student books. Still in shrinkwrap. 2 sets of blocks complete in wooden boxes. Would be $250 new on the website. Would like to sell as a lot for $175.


  7. Yes, it will be easy to implement. So many of the assignments are either writing or project based, perfect for the artsy and hands-on student. My daughter is using it right now and really enjoying it. It is all written to the student and meant to be done independently. My daughter and I have a Monday morning meeting where we touch base on what needs to be done for the week and then again on Friday to see how she did, work on any corrections etc. We are *loving* it!
  8. I'll 10th Roald Dahl. My first thought was the BFG, Big Friendly Giant. We laughed like crazy through that book and "whizpopping" has become part of our family vocabulary. I need to read it again to the younger set, they are missing out. Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle was one of the first series of books that held all of my older children's attention and that they asked for every night. It was pretty funny, too. If I could get any of her child-training methods to work IRL, I'd be in business. ;-) Ameila Bedelia is another favorite here, too.

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    Very good condition, recent copyrights of OM 7. Earth Science World History Book 1&2 English 7 Math 7


  10. Miller Pads and Paper has 1cm square graph paper that works perfect for math problems. I bought a ream of it for my children and its been wonderful. They also use it for graphing projects, art projects, etc., so it has been multipurpose enough to make it worth the cost. I went ahead and bought a ream of their watercolor paper while I was at it and that has been so nice to have on hand!
  11. I'm interested. I will have to see what I need though when I get back home!
  12. Have you looked at the course overview on the website? I would look at the topics covered for 2nd and 3rd and decide what is most interesting to your kids. My first hunch is to go with 2nd, since your younger child is a young 2nd grader.
  13. I still can't believe my oldest is going to be in 8th grade! Good grief, I swear she was just learning how to read a few weeks ago, but I digress.... OM English, Science, Civics. Learn Math Fast to get her up to speed and solid in her math skills. She is making huge progress! Art of Argument, with me English from the Roots Up with her siblings 4-H (a new adventure for us this year) French...TBD what curriculum
  14. I am going to be teaching 1st, 2nd, 6th and 8th. My younger two will use a MLB. I will set it up like OM suggests, LA and Math in one, Science/Social Studies in another. My older two children have a 3-ring notebook for their work. We have already started with the 6th and 8th grade books and I am having Monday meetings with them to determine what assignments they will be required to do. It is a lot of writing, you are right. I am letting mine ease into it a bit, so my oldest is working only on science this month, then we will add English, then we will add Civics. My 6th grader is only do
  15. I'm not an expert like Ellie by any means, but the 4th edition has a lot less "educationalese" making it much more succinct and easy to use, IMO.
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