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  1. Most people don't bother reviewing restaurants. If you are getting ones reaching a critical mass on "waitress smiling," then I would suspect an ex-boyfriend or wannabe boyfriend or stalker type trying to sabotage either the waitress(es) or your place. And Patriarchy? I don't even know what to say to that. Unless the customer was disciplining kids with plumbing line at the table...
  2. Abso-blooming-lutely! Oh, how I envy you.
  3. My brothers and I used to do all our Olympic events on our lawn, using stuff from the garage to mark things off. Adults were not welcome.
  4. Having had both dogs and cats, I think cats are FAR less work. I find them therapeutic for *me* haha! I do most of the work though, even though the kids help. That's why I'm glad it isn't much work!
  5. It's like getting one of those butterfly kits for homeschool science.
  6. So sorry to hear this! Do lawyers just assume there will be money to pay them eventually if it isn't available now?
  7. Salt on the rugs. Treat and vacuum periodically.
  8. Cruel comments from 10-year-olds is just batting practice compared to middle school.
  9. I think you misunderstood my meaning. I wasn't blaming the child for being naked. (and I don't think the 2-year-old factors in at all) But I do think age 4 is a little old to be a "toddler" -- that's a preschool age child who is old enough to have been taught it's okay to be naked at home, but not in front of people outside the family. Not the child's fault, but I think the parents should have delivered that lesson, or at least taken the initiative to re-clothe there child if they "forgot" at someone else's house. Re: the abuse angle, you never know if a child has been molested. Whether at their family home, at school, by a neighbor, whatever. While I think the odds are against that, I don't want to be the adult who let the kid run around naked in my house and rub up against my leg if it turns out down the road that someone else has done something untoward to that child. Also in this era of Facebook I find myself surprised by photos I didn't even know were taken appearing there. Not that anyone would deliberately take a photo of a naked 4-year-old and throw it up on Facebook, but weirder things have happened. You wouldn't let a 4-year-old run around pantsless at any other non-family social function (other than Nude Daycamps, appparently), so why is it appropriate at someone's house? At NO time would it be appropriate at preschool, Bible class, the YMCA, an in-home birthday party with other 4-year-olds (who presumably wouldn't mind) or anyplace else I can think of. Someone else's house isn't an extension of your own family home, unless it's a relative. IMO.
  10. In this era of abuse and reporting issues, I'm surprised people are so blase about naked children in the presence of non-relatives. Contact with someone else's naked 4-year-old sounds sketchy to me unless you were assigned to give him a bath or something. Crazy accusations aren't impossible. Explaining that any naked social contact was initiated by the 4-year-old is a situation I'd want to avoid in any case.
  11. It's probably easier to break this habit now than down the road when you don't want to be Grandma Potty Mouth. Good luck, I vote for coming up with fun substitutes. Somewhere on the 'net there is a Medieval cursing list which is pretty funny. They're made up to sound Medieval, I'm sure not genuine from the period. Maybe they have those too. Meanwhile, I bite my thumb at thee!
  12. I agree with all of this. I think the Frustration and Incompetence Factors are ratcheted up to benefit the insurance companies, buy them time, and hopefully (for them) they won't have to pay at all. We've had claims denied because we abbreviated Florida instead of spelling it out.
  13. The majority of abusers in the U.S. have electricity. :huh:
  14. She said it was in fact THAT distracting. I did not suggest going ballistic on the girls. She already spoke to them to no avail. At that point I would head back to the point of origin and drop the girls off. If you feel no explanation is necessary, perhaps you're right! But I would've offered one, in case the parent were wondering why their children were home so early. I can't imagine behaving as described above, and the parent actually agreeing to drive me ANYWHERE I wished to go!
  15. I had a similar reaction. The amount of time she spent on the bus amounts to the whole of our academics in our homeschool day. (when we got to middle school)
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