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  1. Most people don't bother reviewing restaurants. If you are getting ones reaching a critical mass on "waitress smiling," then I would suspect an ex-boyfriend or wannabe boyfriend or stalker type trying to sabotage either the waitress(es) or your place. And Patriarchy? I don't even know what to say to that. Unless the customer was disciplining kids with plumbing line at the table...
  2. Police report just came out. They found nothing to corrobrate the original story. The "date" that the woman allegedly went out with on the night she got raped was apparently a composite of the names of two or three men she went to high school with. (all swimmers) None had actually dated her, and the one whose name was closest was competing in a swim meet at another campus on the night in question, and hadn't been to UVA in six years. There was no party at the fraternity, and no one who had dated her at the fraternity. The incident where she had a glass bottle thrown at her by friends of the alleged rapist was not corroborated by her own friends who supposedly helped her after the incident. Nothing was reported to campus police, even though they encouraged her to make a report at the time. The call she made to her mother after the glass bottle incident was not corrobrated by phone records. The woman refused to speak with the Charlotte police doing the investigation on her lawyer's advice.
  3. Seems the Rolling Stone writer committed the journalistic equivalent of assault on this woman. She said she didn't want to go forward as a source in the story, and the writer insisted on keeping her in it anyway. So the writer has mirrored the actions of (whoever the real assaulters were), in a strange kind of way. [not saying the violations are the same of course]
  4. Since there are so many of these assaults going on, the least they could do is pick one to report on that doesn't have so many questions surrounding it, or at least so many non-supported facts. If this girl's friends are doubting her story, the news media ought to be at least as cautious.
  5. If only Rolling Stone had shared your sense of skepticism. In general. If this alleged assaulter lived on campus, wouldn't they have a Campus Directory that would allow her to figure out where he lived? Not everyone who attends a fraternity party, or house party, or dorm party, is a member of that living group.
  6. Nice! So you've already had some spiritual experiences, that you think (and perhaps were) produced by your brain. Or, perhaps not. Regarding the explanation, I'm not confident you would get it. There is quite a bit that is left unexplained, even though Christians believe God has revealed things about himself. So if God appears to you in a supernatural visit...confirmed to you because at least one other person witnesses/experiences the same thing, you'd feel comfortable rejecting God's overture due to his failing to explain himself sufficiently? I actually think it's possible for God to present himself in a way that is both universal and personal. Something that everyone experiences, and followed by something that affects the individual uniquely.
  7. Thank you for answering! (I hope Laura has time to answer, also) I don't think proof in terms of arguments or apologetics is sufficient, and I certainly don't intend to provide any. Regarding what you've said...maybe you're being a little facetious (or maybe not), but the "personal visit" seems a little extravagant, since you already don't believe in a "personal God." But, maybe it's easier to go with the already-established Christian conception of a personal God, since that is what's out there for a lot of us. So, suppose you get the visit -- you're hoping for an adequate explanation, or requiring one? Because if you got the supernatural visit, you may or may not get any explanation at all. Or, you may get something cryptic, like, "I am." Regarding your personal confounding factors, I'm thinking you might be likely to explain away such a thing as a hallucination or whatever, unless others had the same experience at the same time. Such a supernatural event is not common but certainly possible. I would put the odds at greater than zero to happen in you lifetime.
  8. Soil. Eh. Well, what sort of proof would you require in order to change your mind, and believe there is a God who created you, and cared enough about you individually to instill you with a capacity to reason, love, feel guilt over perceived 'bad' actions and satisfaction in perceived 'good' actions. Perhaps a God who cared enough to die for you. What would be the minimum amount of proof that could persuade you of that?
  9. In Florida plenty of retirees live in nice mobile home parks. Some even have their own golf courses. So, no.
  10. After reading Rose's wiki biography, it seems she was quite accomplished in her own right! She wrote for the San Francisco Bulletin, Harper's, Saturday Evening Post, Good Housekeeping, Sunset, and Ladies' Home Journal. Several of her short stories were nominated for an O. Henry Prize. She wrote novels that became "top sellers" -- just because they are not permanently part of the literary landscape doesn't mean that wasn't a huge accomplishment for the time. She hobnobbed with very famous people and wrote a biography of Herbert Hoover. She was one of the "highest paid female writers in America" in the twenties. She did some work as a war correspondent. My goodness!
  11. This has been a fascinating thread. So much I never knew!
  12. Wasn't there some involvement with a serial killer in her history? (The "saloon years," maybe?) I forget if I read that here or somewhere else. I'm sure that detail doesn't appear in the books!
  13. We'll keep him on the prayer list, praise God!
  14. Regarding Crest Prohealth (speaking here of the mouthwash, NOT strips or anything like that) you might want to google it, along with the words "brown stains." You'd be surprised to find what CAUSES them!
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