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  1. All of the basic sounds for each letter of the alphabet are expected to be memorized before you actually start the first lesson, and after that you will be learning the other phonograms (and eventually the advanced phonograms) as the lessons go along. I used this for 2 years with my dd and for one with my ds and it did wonders for both of them. They were upper elementary and middle school when they went through it so it's a good fit for those ages. I love the program and would be happy to answer specific questions.
  2. This exactly. We paid down over 100 grand using exactly this method. The idea is to rid yourself of all the smaller loans and as you do you use that money that used to go to the smaller loan and add it to amount that you send to pay off the higher interest. An example would go like this: You've got a $500 bill (lowest amount owed) that you normally pay $50 a month. You've also got a $5,000 line of credit at the bank (not your highest interest or your lowest amount owed) that you normally pay $150 a month. You've also got a $10,000 credit card (highest interest) that you're paying $350 a month to. You stop paying your regular amounts towards the 2 larger and only pay the minimum for a short time. Let's say the minimum is $100 a month on the big bill and $50 on the second biggest bill. You used to pay $500 a month to those two big bills but now you'll be sending out only $150. You take the difference of $350 and add that to the $50 you're already sending to the lowest bill. So your next payment would be $400 to the smallest bill instead of $50. It would only take a little over a month to pay that one off and be done. It's a boost to cross that off the list and helps keep you motivated. The next month you apply the same principle but as you pay off the smaller bills you add those amounts you used to pay onto the next smaller bill and it keeps "snowballing". Pretty soon you've got 2 bills paid off, etc.... until you can tackle them all. It takes a lot of determination but the reward of living debt free is amazing. Good luck to you!
  3. DD, 14 is going on a southwest adventure camp. It's basically a cross country trip which goes to several different national parks, where they camp out, sightsee, etc... They will end up at the Grand Canyon where they will take mules to the bottom and then camp for a couple days before heading back home.
  4. I have older kids (13 & 14) and have been using Logic of English Essentials and if I could go back and start over with more kids I would start them in Foundations. We've been using Essentials for two years now and not only is my dyslexic dd learning how to spell better, but my son & I (who are both natural spellers) have learned so much! Can't say enough about how much I love the program.
  5. I used Aldi brand chips and melted them in a double boiler with a little Crisco and they melted just fine. I made peanut butter balls with it and they were great.
  6. I've heard good things about Wits & Wagers from a friend.
  7. No, you need the teacher's manual. It has all of the teaching in it. It is expensive, but so worth it IMO. It has a good resale value down the road, or maybe you could find a used one.
  8. Baked butternut squash oven fries. Butternut squash is hard, like a potato, so it acts like a potato. Peel the outside, cut into strips (fries), lightly spray baking sheet with olive oil, add squash fries, add another light spray of olive oil over them, salt and pepper to taste and bake at 400 degrees for 30 minutes or until just starting to crisp. They're wonderful and make me feel like I'm having real baked fries.
  9. We haven't had any issues with our DVD's. We're on lesson 3 so it's a little early to report in, but so far the kids are digging it. The video lessons have been engaging. He gives pretty exact instructions on what he wants done and why, and he's a little funny/goofy. I like that the kids are really engaged in the program and seem to be enjoying it. Once we've been using it 6-8 weeks I'll have a much clearer review, but for now I thought our first impressions might be helpful.
  10. I voted yes, but with the condition that one not consume enough to become drunk. Like a glass of wine/beer/margarita every night with dinner would be okay by me, but not if it became a problem, whether that be straining the finances, drunkenness, etc... I also believe in abstaining from drinking if it would create a stumbling block for a weaker Christian. (Romans 14:20) I'm a reformed Baptist, btw.
  11. I went to the dollar store and got 13 mylar balloons in different shapes and colors and snuck them into her room in the middle of the night. I also blew up dozens of small balloons and scattered them all over the floor of her room so when she woke in the morning there were balloons covering both floor and ceiling. I also surprised her with a new bedding set and pillows. It was fun!
  12. We received ours today and I've been looking through it and happy with what I see. I'm using it with a 12 yr old boy who doesn't like to write & a 13 yr old dyslexic girl who loves to write stories but struggles with writing & spelling. It seems engaging and a little goofy, but not annoying at all. I think for a very serious writer it might be light, but for my kids seems like a good fit. And it's fun as well!
  13. I like Pete better than Peter, but either way it's a solid name. I get the conflict though, ds is a Richard, another one of "those" names. But he's 12 now and everyone seems to like his name.
  14. I bought and then sold Mtwbh and purchased Mthwwa instead and really like it. We've been going through it slowly, maybe a lesson every week or two. We read the (short) history page that goes with the lesson, which has been a painless addition to our regular history program, and then watch the video and do the drawing. My kids really enjoy it and are learning a lot.
  15. Wear layers. A sleeveless top with a lightweight shell/sweater that can be shed quickly. Same at night--a fan always running with very lightweight clothes (shorts & tank) with a light blanket. I also keep a small hand-held fan (not electric!) ;) with me so I can fan myself--really helps, no matter the situation. Also, I wear my hair up a lot.
  16. We used it last year with 12/13 yr old dd to help remediate her dyslexia. It's been a wonderful addition to our homeschool, so much so that I plan on taking her through it again this year with the more advanced spelling lists. I would suggest you read her book, Uncovering the Logic of English to gain an understanding of what the curriculum will be teaching, and why. It's very eye opening!
  17. I too bought a pair after reading that thread, but I can't say I've had as dramatic results. They are definitely helping though & I'm considering buying another pair.
  18. Blood worms, for my kids' beta fish. I once had a friend leave her dead parakeet in my freezer for me to find. She had plans to have it stuffed (?!) but forgot it when she moved away. She was so weird!
  19. I'm looking books that are for middle school or high school. Anything you love and can highly recommend? Thanks!
  20. I would say it was given to the church, not given by the church. And my understanding of "the church" is not a denomination or a specific group of people in a specific building, but "the church" to me is global, meaning all Christians throughout time.
  21. Wow, this might be the single rudest thread I've seen here. You're all so intellectual and tolerant. :rolleyes:
  22. Here are my boards. They're not all homeschool related, but a lot of them are http://pinterest.com/paintedlady201/
  23. This is where I buy mine from and they're always exellent quality. I purchased some from Penzeys in the past but they were more expensive & dried out than the others so now I stay with the ones from Amazon.
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