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What can you do with ground turkey aside from burgers and meatloaf?

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Anything that would use ground beef. My husband can't eat beef. I used turkey or turkey/pork for everything.







casserole/one dish meal type things


sausage (I don't make it, but I buy turkey meat sausage)

whatever you want.


However I don't make burgers from it. I've tried, and to get them to stay together well enough, they've got so much egg and stuff in them, they are more like meatloaf patties than burgers. The frozen ones seem to work so much better. I think the heavy compression then freezing seems to make them work better as burgers. We used to use Jenni-o's at home, but ones out were always better. Recently we found Bubba turkey burgers and those are really good. I think it's Purdue that we also saw, but I like the Bubba's better.

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if you want something to still taste "beefy" use half beef and half turkey, or add some dry beef buillion to the recipe.


:iagree: I do this. Dh doesn't like just ground turkey, so I use half and half. It is healthier and cheaper, and still tastes beefy.

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Just wanted to know what recipes do you guys have for ground turkey?




We don't eat beef so we use ground turkey for everything. Chili, burgers, spaghetti meatballs, meatloaf, burritos, etc., etc., etc. You can use it just the same, it's a lot healthier for you, and guests tell us they can't taste the difference after it's seasoned and cooked...

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