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  1. Math: Math Mammoth 6 LA: Sonlight D (maybe) or Writing and Rhetoric and Rod and Staff; Spelling Workout D; a Reason for Handwriting cursive ( maybe) History: Sonlight D and VP Self Paced Reformation Science: Sonlight D he really liked this science (C) this year so hoping this works again. Language: Duolingo Spanish Starting a new Coop this year. Hopefully that works out.
  2. Can't believe it's time for 8th grade already! Math: Lifepac Geometry ( we have 3 units left) and then Algebra II Language Arts: Gonna try Sonlight J this year. This is our worst subject so we'll see. Might look at Writing and Rhetoric and start way back at a beginner level. She is excellent at grammar so might not do a separate program for that this year. History: Sonlight J History of Science. Science: Apologia General Handwriting: she has asked to do printing again so whatever the highest level of handwriting program I find that does printing. lol Language: continue French I think We are also starting up a co-op this year so we'll see what that brings. I really want to focus heavily on writing this year to get her up to level with that. She was so good when she was younger but has developed almost a fear of writing. It's frustrating for her and me!
  3. We ditched it last year and are using Jump In over two years. Seems to be working out much, much better!
  4. Or do I need a Fire Tablet 10inch. lol.
  5. Ordered an air fryer earlier after a lot of issues. Just ordered an SD card. Now I'm considering a Kindle Paperwhite. I already have a Kindle tablet. Do I need a Paperwhite?
  6. It does sound like yeast but I'd go to the doctor to be sure. My mom had an issue a while back and it was a combo of yeast and the material her bra was made out of. You may need a prescription.
  7. We use Lifepac which I think is the same as CLE basically. I really like it for Algebra etc. Used Horizons for 1st and it was fine but a lot of extra problems we didn't need. (we've also used Math Mammoth and Singapore and those work well too.) Choose what's easiest for you to teach.
  8. Does that mean a new father can bring his baby onto the floor? I'm sure she has a nanny so why would the baby need to be there? I just think it's way too distracting. I mean an 11 month old on the floor would absolutely be ridiculous.
  9. I have 4 plus one I wear on laundry day. 4 seems just about right. I wear twice before washing.
  10. Kids must be in their rooms by7:30, lights out at 8:30. They both are required to be up by 7:30 so we can start school by 8. DD 11 seems to require more sleep than DS 7 so is usually sleeping before him and up later than him.
  11. My kids go to bed at 7:30 with lights out at 8:30, 9 on the weekend. DD almost 11 seems to need more sleep than DS. He manages to stay awake until almost 10 most nights and is up around 7 every morning. I have to drag DD out of bed at 7:30 in the morning.
  12. My 6th grader will have read about 18 books for school this year. She also reads a book a month for book club and 30 minutes a day free reading.
  13. We school 6 on 1 off mid July through mid May. We then have a good 5 weeks off and one week of VBS before hitting the books again. I also take 2 weeks off in December for Christmas. We always go on a vacation during our week off in February to somewhere warm. Sometimes that ends up being a bit more than a week off.
  14. I'd say it's pretty important. DD is now using R&S grammar 6 and it still comes up a lot. Also all helping verb list comes up frequently. It certainly makes the day go faster because she had them memorized. DS just finished memorizing and his favorite part is Down, During, Except For From. ;)
  15. I don't even know how one could cheat on this test. I mean I've heard of people hiring others to take the test for them but thought that was pretty impossible now.
  16. Looks pretty good to me. Is she asking for more? Just to compare my 2nd grader does science twice a week (with dd), history 4 times a week (Sonlight so mostly books), math daily, spelling, handwriting, FLL and WWE, Logic, and song school Spanish. Probably 1hr 45 minutes on the days we don't have science. Then he'll go do a math fact game and his Veritas Press history (totally not necessary but he needs to do something while I'm helping dd). I'd say you're right in there with what we do.
  17. Sonlight is coming out with a history of science core, Core J. That might work.
  18. LCD, order of operations, fractions(how to add, subtract, multiply and divide them), and how to turn fractions into decimals.
  19. I was going to suggest this. Played it for the first time last night. It was fun and you can buy cards with a variety of different ways to play.
  20. You can easily do that. We really enjoyed that science year. A caution though, the next book in the series is very dry. We used it but ditched it part way through the year.
  21. I'm now wondering what is wrong with Alpha Omega (Lifepac) math? We are using Algebra I this year and it's working really well. I've already ordered Geometry for next year but am now concerned.
  22. 6th grade we're finishing up American History 7th- plan to use Sonlight F 8th grade- plan to do a geography year and figure out literature to go with it.
  23. Math: MM 4 and start 5 Grammar: FLL3 or maybe road and staff 3 Writing: WWE 2 and start 3 History: Sonlight C and VP self paced Ancient Greece Spelling: SWO C Foreign Language: Need something to follow Song School Spanish which he LOVES!! Science: Sonlight C Logic: logic countdown ect Vocab: Wordly Wise 1 : is that what comes after C?? Bible: Sonlight extras: piano (Hoffman Acadamy), swimming, Cadets
  24. I feel very behind with this this year. I think we will not be doing the next thing in a lot of subjects which is throwing me off. Grammar: R&S 7 (the next thing) Math: Lifepac Geometry (dreading teaching geometry) Writing: finish Jump In Science: The Rainbow Science (I think) History: Sonlight F Spelling: Spelling Work Out G Foreign Language: Duolingo Spanish and French (if she wants) Latin: unsure Vocab: ? Logic:? Extras: Ballet, book club, piano (Hoffman Acadamy) GEMS, cooking club
  25. Christian Reformed is very close to Presbyterian. Reformed Church is also reformed but a little more relaxed. CRCNA.org is the Christian Reformed website. You can see if there are any churches in your area.
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