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Where to get good scented fancy soaps?

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I would like to buy some scented bar soaps for gifts. I don't know anything about soaps other than what I buy at Walmart. Online or instore - either one is okay. Any suggestions? I don't mind paying high than the regular price of course, but don't want ridiculously priced soaps.

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Caswell Massey has some wonderful soaps. (http://www.caswellmassey.com/bar-soaps.aspx) My in laws give this as a Christmas present every year - we usually receive the 6 bar box, but some of the 3 bar boxes are nicely priced. I even saw some on sale! (Make sure you look at more than the first page!)


:iagree: The prices seem high, but the soap lasts a long time.

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My favorite shop on Etsy for soaps is this one. The first time I ordered from her, it was a gift for an out-of-state relative, and she wrapped the soaps very nicely and included a note from me, which was great. Then she sent a free sample to me, and it smelled so good, I ended up ordering for myself! :)


I've ordered from her a couple more times, and always been very happy. I also like that you can order samplers from her, so you can try a bunch of different scents and see what you like. A lot of vendors on Etsy seem to be doing that now, and I think it's neat. I've seen it for things like yarn and mineral makeup too.

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I have used products from all of these companies:


Lorreta Ellis:



Laughing Rabbit:



Vermont Country Store:



Lately I buy all my own soap from Mountain Rose Herbs, made by Oregon Soap Company:



gosh I kind of feel the need to order some soap now :tongue_smilie:


I came back to add: Pier I used to sometimes have really nice soaps. I don't know if they still do... also maybe Cost Plus World Market ?


Caswell Massey and Crabtree and Evelyn are also fun.


Sometimes Whole Foods has nice soap.

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