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  1. Oh dear. I think it's in beta form; I'm sorry. To make up for that, let me recommend Lars Walker. I like Stephen Lawhead a lot (esp. Taliesin and Dream Thief and Byzantium), but I like Walker's Year of the Warrior even better.
  2. Have you heard of Fiction Finder? It's a website put together by the American Christian Fiction Writers, and you can search by genre and other criteria, in order to find something you'll like. It's here: http://www.fictionfinder.com/book
  3. I like it. It's a little pricey for instant coffee, but I bought some for our camping trip this summer, and it was totally worth it in order to have a decent cup of coffee in the morning 'round the campfire. I wouldn't spend the money for it when I had access to a coffeemaker. But in times when you're stuck with instant? VIA actually tastes good. I think there's a niche for it.
  4. I echo the suggestion of the Huntington. We go there regularly and we live here - there's just always more to see in the gardens and the museums, and it's great to do with kids, because you can take them in the museums, but when they get antsy, there are all the gardens to explore outside. If you've never been to one of the California missions, I'd recommend visiting at least one. San Juan Capistrano is small and lovely, and very close to Los Angeles (right between L.A. and San Diego - it's technically in south Orange County).
  5. I voted "yes", although really, he talked to both my parents, and was asking for their blessing, not for permission.
  6. Urgh, I would hate it if they went back to the Library. Those two episodes were two of my very favorites . . . except for the last few minutes. I thought Moffat wimped out and couldn't just handle having a sad ending. I thought that having River condemned to a weird half-life in the Library's computer was just a terrible, terrible fate. I always get creeped out when she tells Donna's twins goodnight and turns out the light, because it's played like you're supposed to be happy for them, but the idea of just living in a computer rather than being properly dead creeps me right out.
  7. I think so too. I think that it's actually Rory, her dad, who's "the best man [she's] ever known". And he's died so many times this season (and last) . . . I think that with so many fake-out's, eventually it's going to be real. (Which, *sniff!*, because I love Rory. Such a good guy.)
  8. Which leads to other questions, like: -which of the episodes have had the real Doctor in them? -did the real Doctor let the Flesh Doctor take his place on purpose? -was this a way for the real Doctor to get the Silence to stop chasing him (i.e., he made everyone think he's really, truly dead, and so they stop looking for him)? -if the Doctor did maneuver the Flesh Doctor into dying, was it cruel and calculating (he can be that way, sometimes), or was the Flesh Doctor dying anyway? Oooh, all sorts of questions! It could end up being really clever and thrilling . . . or really, really di
  9. Anyone else think that the Doctor who dies is actually the Flesh Doctor? I can't believe that he really died there in the hall, not with the sonic screwdriver in his hand and everything . . .
  10. Simplify as much as you can. If it's not in the house, you don't have to clean it or put it away. Definitely make meals ahead of time as much as you can - freezer meals are a blessing when the twins are little. Expect to spend at least a year just doing the basics. Two babies really are a lot of work. It'll really be easier if you just accept that you're not going to be doing a lot of extras. It really is a good thing just to have everyone safe and fed and loved at the end of the day. It's good and it's enough. (Can I stop and say that the cool thing about having twins when you ha
  11. And there's a youtube video preview of the book: I think the lace circle shawl looks like the prize of the book, at least of the patterns you can see in the video. Though, as a Regency nut, I'm excited about the text of the book too.
  12. :iagree: I was actually just thinking of posting a spin-off thread on this very subject. I think there's a huge difference between vulgar words and profane words. You'll catch me (occasionally, but still, probably more often than I should) using vulgarity. But never (I hope) profanity. I mean, sh-- means "poop" and f--- can imply violence, I guess, but it can also just mean a quickie . . . and neither poop or sex is necessarily sinful or awful. But "hell"? Um, I think eternal ****ation is worse than poop. I just do. :tongue_smilie:
  13. I liked the movie better than the book too . . . but the same guy wrote both the book and the screenplay, and I think he was brilliant, because he knew that what worked in the book wouldn't work in a movie, and vice versa.
  14. I think the going slow advice is great too. I'd add: consider color before you go. Which colors do you really love? Which colors make you feel happy when you see them? Which colors make your eyes feel like they're getting rest, like they're at peace? Which shirt have you had in the past that made you feel pretty when you wore it - even if the style was plain? What color was it? Those are probably the colors you want to wear and that look good on you. Pick your favorite neutral, or two (my favorites are white and, well, denim - yay, jeans!) and then a couple of colors that make you happy (g
  15. That scarf is pretty basic, it's just that it takes a really long time to make and a lot of yarn. But if you want to make it, learning the basic stitches wouldn't be hard; try youtube for videos and ravelry.com for advice. If you pay for it, you'll pay a lot because you're paying the knitter for her time.
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