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  1. We have the same blender that Mrs Mungo posted & use it regularly for smoothies. It works great! I was hesitant to use it initially because it had some not-so-great reviews on Amazon (I considered exchanging it for the Pulse), however, we've had no problems with it whatsoever.
  2. Most of my suggestions have already been mentioned, but I thought I'd go ahead and give them anyway since this is something I'm actively working on at the moment: 1) Invest in a chest freezer and buy meat in bulk from local farmers several times a year - utilize every part of the animal (this is a new challenge for me, but I'm finding there are many good books on the subject). Also, only serve meat a few times per week (we have it 3-4 times usually). 2) We're renting this year, so cannot garden either. That said, I'm currently strategically planning a container garden for a few things
  3. I think Amazon's gone mad - I just tried searching for alarm clocks & had the same result (you get slightly better results if you search electronics & then alarm clocks, but it's still not normal). I know their search was working a few hours ago, but appears to be having issues now.
  4. Thanks to everyone who responded, I clearly have a lot to think over. elegantlion ~ My move was from Kansas to Oregon, so yes, long-distance, but he seems to have adjusted (though he hates the OR weather). My DH is his step-father and unfortunately is working out of state at the moment, so I'm completely on my own with this. His bio father is an unmotivated bum, which leaves me with the fear that he'll grow into his father. calicokat ~ His currency is his computer, or Japanese lessons. I've tried taking his computer away and that does nothing to motivate him. In fact, he's been witho
  5. Okay, I've given this situation a lot of time and have tried everything under the sun. NOTHING is working, so I've decided it's time to ask the hive for help because I'm beyond desperate. How would you handle a 13 y.o. student who simply will NOT do his work? To give some background, he was in PS up until about 3 years ago; he has always been a good, highly motivated student. Something began to change last year & at the time, I assumed it was just a phase he was going through. However, he has not snapped out of it. I've allowed him to pursue subjects of interest to him, I've tried maki
  6. We used to buy GT's Organic Raw Kombucha, though it's made by the same company (the citrus is pretty good). I will say that Kombucha is an acquired taste and I'm not sure that I love it (the kids do NOT!), but I'm trying to. I'm also trying to make my own right now, but doing it the slow way by growing the scoby first. I'm not sure I'll be able to make my own Kombucha more palatable, but I'm going to try!
  7. We got ours at Paper Scissors Stone (Waldorf supplies) - it is 22" x 32" & was $18.50. We've had it for years and have been very happy with it (I also have a few of the smaller lapboard size).
  8. We pay $80 for our entire house (around 2300 SF) to be cleaned every other week and it takes our cleaning lady about 3-3 1/2 hours.
  9. Here's the link to the main page (for life science anyway): http://www.delta-education.com/siangallery.aspx?subjectID=7&subID=5&menuID=66 - when you click on "View Details" by a kit, you'll see the different price options, starting at $39.
  10. I would agree with Michelle 100%. There is less pigment in the cheaper or student grade art materials and student grade paint brushes are horrible (have you noticed how much they "shed" and how utterly frustrating that is?!).
  11. We have the same 2 tall Ikea Trofast towers. I have the bins labelled by subject. Some subjects we rotate, for example, art and geography are on alternate days - those subjects share a bin. All of the shared books go on the top shelf. Next to the towers I have two clipboards hanging up - one for each child. On the clipboards I keep their daily schedule (alternatively, you could hang the clipboards directly on the side of the Trofast towers - I used those 3M adhesive hooks). For each assignment, they check their clipboard and then find the work in that subject's bin (or grab the neces
  12. Ours is up also, it's been another rough week...
  13. Oh no, you're not the only one, my boys are the same way (which is why 2 are now back in PS). Every single assignment is a battle and it gets really, really old.
  14. This was our first week back and it unfortunately started with a fire in our new house.
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