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  1. :iagree: I haven't been here in a LONG time, Abbeyej, but we go WAY back. This was the first thread I saw tonight. Wow. It's like going back to the house you lived in when you were young, and everything seems so ... different! (I was going to say "small," but there was just too much going on in that thought, so I reconsidered :D!)
  2. Lisa, we were overseas when I heard (from Katherine) about your dh. I am so very sorry. I hear that his funeral was a wonderful testimony of God's grace, and I pray that that grace will continue to sustain you in the months and years to come, as you grieve his death. - Grace (Al's sister)

  3. The Tallis Canon ("All Praise to Thee, My God, This Night") over and over and over. And over. All verses. And over. (Plus a few I made up just for ds.)
  4. I am so glad that you're back to share your wisdom with so many more families in the living room. I offered sincere (although clumsy) condolences many months ago, and still have a heart that is heavy for you and yours. He is not forgotten. Reading: Bitter Lemons, by Lawrence Durrell (a wonderfully written account (from 1957) of the author's move to Cyprus) - highly recommended, even if only for the evocative language, the vocabulary that's making me reach for a dictionary, and the deft turn-of-phrase.
  5. I agree with JudoMom and Crissy: http://www.amyjosoap.com (Amy's a WTM mom!) I have sent her soaps as gifts that were GREATLY appreciated, and I have kept a fair amount for myself. It's really good soap!
  6. I usually write ya'll (contraction of ya all (grammar rules notwithstanding)). My dh is a linguist and he would agree that language is dynamic, not static, and thus, ya'll will eventually make its way into the language. My problem is that my email "auto-correcter" is apparently not from the same part of the south that I am: it consistently changes my "ya'll" to "y'all!" Maybe you're right, Daisy, and I should just stop writing it altogether!
  7. Hi, Laura, Welcome to hs'ing! We have done most of our hs'ing in MD under an umbrella group, but did have one year with the county (Montgomery). My understanding is that it really depends on what county you're in. Our co-op was in Howard County (but our review was in MoCo), and they seemed to be more strict from what I've heard. At any rate, it looks like your 5 yr old will be the "reviewed" child, and when my son was that age, the reviewer about fell off the seat with how many read alouds we'd done that first "semester." I think we had four single-spaced pages (2 columns each) of b
  8. Check this site: ellenskitchen.com (or this page: http://ellenskitchen.com/bigpots/plan/quan100.html) She mentions "hot dog chili" (or sauerkraut), and says you should count on ~1/4 cup per person. I can't imagine that you could get THAT much on a hot dog, considering all the other condiments/toppings you have. So maybe 1/8 cup of the beef topping and 1/8 cup coleslaw? HTH!
  9. Not to hijack the OP, but we just had this recipe (below), and it was a HUGE winner in our house (not ... ahem... very healthy, but REALLY good). It looks involved, but really was easy. It has the cheese under the sauce, and I had my doubts, but ... really good! Chicago Deep Dish Pizza Ingredients Dough 3 1/4 cups unbleached all-purpose flour 1/2 cup yellow cornmeal 1 1/2 teaspoons table salt 2 teaspoons sugar 2 1/4 teaspoons instant or rapid-rise yeast 1 1/4 cups water, room temperature 3 tablespoons unsalted butter , melted, plus 4 tablespoons, softened 1 teaspo
  10. I don't know that I'd say it's "offensive," and I don't think I'm a prude, but it's just coarse and unnecessary, imo. I would probably try hard to not give my business to that company, too.
  11. "Oh, hi, Dr. ABC. We only see Dr. XYZ. We'll reschedule! Bye!" As a doc, I ASSURE YOU that you are not hurting ANYONE'S feelings. Dr. ABC is doing a happy dance inside since he now has extra free time to catch up on paperwork! (No lengthy explanation needed: if you talk too much, you're taking up HIS time :)!) Ask the staff to put a big note on your chart: Dr. XYZ ONLY.
  12. Admittedly a bit different here, since dh is a linguist, but he and ds have been (very casually) learning !Xhosa, and he and I are planning on learning Swahili (well, he probably already learned it when I wasn't looking). Dh is not here right now to ask, but I think he would say that Welsh is a GREAT language to learn. (At least that's what he thought when he learned it :), and when I first met him and saw a Welsh flag up in his den, I was intrigued :)) The more languages you learn, the easier it is to learn the next one --- even if they don't seem particularly related. Sure, Spa
  13. Apparently, it's more than I thought, given the number of things I have on the For Sale board that say "never used." Ugh.
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