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  1. I don't know if this is too young or not but "Breezin' Through Theory" may be worth looking into. HTH
  2. Okaaay, um... thank you? That was very strongly worded. You really CAN put the fangs away. I don't care to change or challenge your views. Still want to understand but if it breeds hostility... (Just a lot of emotion for what you consider a non-issue.) But I understand. Fully.
  3. THANK YOU. Is there a no distinction for the Orthodox Jew between the "doctrine" of Christ followers and "Christianity." I ask because Muslims recognize "People of the Book" as those who are devout followers of G-d and as having in common a monotheistic Abrahamic faith. And recognize the existence of Isa (Jesus.) I understand Jesus/Y'shua to be a Jew. Does Orthodox Judaism deny he ever lived? Or is the problem that they believe Christians do not worship G-d, but Christ? Am I correct in thinking the doctrine of the Trinity is what which causes Orthodox Jews to say Christianity is not monotheistic? How is "echad" defined in D'varim 6? Also, how does an Orthodox Jew reconcile Z'Kharyah 11 and 12? Specifically, Chapter 11 v.12 and Chapter 12 v. 10? I have often wondered about these things.
  4. Would you be interested in detailed, interactive simulations? Have you considered Froguts (or FrogGuts?) may be an option
  5. There's something about this on MSN titled "Red Propaganda" talks about some issues in Texas. Easy to get the impression that public schools are leaning heavily toward indoctrination. WHO is cscope? (yes, who not "what")
  6. Maybe try daily chlorophyll capsules and perhaps a cleanse. Honestly, the need for internal cleansing often leads to bad breath. Most men won't go to a medical spa for a hydrotherapy colonic but oxy powder - or oxy cleanse capsules (can't remember) are supposed to be very effective. HTH
  7. Honestly, Some people are happier just writing a check and having everyone else work out the details/ do the work. Did you present that option? It might be preferred. It's not easy to accept but our own expectations of other people lead to our frustrations. It sounds like you want everything to be a certain way and it isn't. Acceptance may just be the key. See how much everyone would need to contribute (time, $$, food) and divvy it up. OR ASK what CAN you contribute? If they can't or won't commit because there are too many variables, Give some definites/ be specific. Ask again. If no cooperation... and then keep it moving! Her allegiance is obviously to her immed. household. Not her husband's people. The siblings should deal with their brother and you won't have to get yourself all worked up! Do your part (and more if you feel led) and let it go. (BTDT) If she's not big on social networks or any internet stuff AGAIN that is her decision & her right to opt out - just because it works for everyone else, I guarantee (from what you've shared) that she is not impacted by that. Trying to make anyone participate or feel guilty by adding pressure breeds resentment and contention. I hear you & know you needed to vent and I understand COMPLETELY. Sometimes meeting together expecting to get a consensus is counter productive and contributes to dysfunction. No tomatoes, please!
  8. Ok, thanks so I'll look into getting a table top canister and a composter for the deck that locks and that I self rotate. THANKS
  9. Witty Wordsmith & The Barbarian Diagrammarian :hurray: Would do Greek but student needs two days (atleast)
  10. Thanks! I was prevented from logging on and having some much needed mental health (me) time. I've seen the basic no frills types of composter but the thought of stinky smells and worms in my home does NOT appeal to me! I saw the fancy schmancy one and wanted to know if anyone here has used it. I did see the table top canister types but how long do they take to process? (Somewhat impatient and love the thought of techy kitchen stuff.) HA! A kitchen "imposter" who cooks amazing, delicious,healthy, and visually appealing meals for the "bottomless pits" who live in my house would be welcome. (What ..!? The door was left slightly ajar with a cryptic note saying "You are welcome, here..." Interesting... well, no need to question it - it's fate! just... Come on in disguised as me and work your magic!
  11. Can anyone recommend one? I am considering one from Nature Mill. I prefer something electronic, efficient, and that will fit in my kitchen. I am very new at this gardening thing. PLEASE point me to a good one. (Live in townhome) Thanks K
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