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  1. I'm using 2 MFW programs, but not for my middles, 2 of which are SN. I agree with the above poster that it's too literature and writing heavy for my kids. For them I am doing TT, AAS, and RS4K, plus interest led readers. I would love to use MFW for all our kids, and considered doing it. But I knew in the end that while they'd enjoy some of the activities, school would be a daily drudgery with the literature and writing.
  2. Thank you all for being so open. I knew puberty could be quite a thorny issue, so I appreciate your input. Dsmith, that is good to hear. Yes, our bodies do produce melatonin and if one is lacking in it (like a lot of Aspies seem to) then it would probably not be a problem, just replacing what's missing. I did not get the connection until I took my biology class last year where it was mentioned that melatonin has an effect on sex hormones. We were doing a quarter of a pill with both our boys. I thought the pill was 500 mg, but looking at your dose I would say not! Lol. It was 500 something
  3. Thank you both for your replies. Cindy, we took older DS off because of the puberty thing. Seeing that younger DS was seeming to have side effects worried us into thinking that the puberty delay could also be true. It seems an awfully personal question, but your DS has progressed normally in that department then? MomatHWTK, I agree with you that melatonin is a better option than drugs. I guess I just need to put him back on it. I'm sorry to hear about your DS. :(. I'm wondering if all this stuff maybe has a connection to puberty?
  4. DS10 has always sort of challenged bedtime by a lot. He has trouble shutting down, but it was manageable until lately. Now he is in our room just about every night, saying he can't relax. His pacing has gotten worse. He does it at meal times, which causes stress because we live with my parents right now and my mom does not want him eating all over the house. The pacing at bedtime is getting worse too. At night to help the kids unwind we put on Adventures in Odyssey. This helps them stay in bed, making the situation with having our 9 person family in 3 bedrooms more manageable. I find find DS
  5. Thanks so much! I'll look into it. We do use TT math for the very reasons you stated.
  6. Thanks you guys so much for your advice. I guess I need to look in different directions for some things. Definitely OG, which is something I keep forgetting to look for. Typing was one of those things I really wanted to do with them and then.....things just get stuck. Like we are all slogging through mud. It doesn't help that DH is unemployed and we are living with my parents, who are "concerned" for the kids with homeschooling (all while they and everyone else says how smart they all are). Sigh. All of our mistakes are so very public here, which is paralyzing when it comes to doing somet
  7. I have been going over what my middles are missing and it is extensive. I have made sure my oldest was always doing about average (in math she is behind, but that's her) or above in everything, maybe because I know I can do that. She is a traditional learner and can do things independently and be fine. I have alluded to my problems for my next 2 kids in posts before, but I just don't know what to do. One might be dyslexic (we've never hard the money for a diagnosis and the school system in Nevada denied dyslexia exists. We are not residents of FL so they would not help us until and unless
  8. That sounds great. After reading reviews, the boys book is probably better for both boys and girls for a more useful education, at least here in my house. I've always thought the boy's book looked fabulous!
  9. This sounds ridiculously fun and something my boys and second daughter would actually eat up, reluctant learners and all. Hmmmmm......
  10. :iagree::iagree: I don't post much, and I don't presume to know what is right for everyone. We all do what works for us, right? However.......I think it's great that your son is so efficient with his work! Like the above poster said, if there is a shortcoming, definitely try to correct it. But I think my kids' reward for doing their work quickly and efficiently is being able to pursue their interests, not be given more work. I know my kids would quickly lose all joy in their education if I were to do that. My favorite farmer Joel Salatin says to give kids task oriented work, not time orien
  11. TT math! I wish I had listened when my friends raved about it 4 years ago. I just tried it last year and have been thrilled with the change in my ODD since starting it back again in the fall. My second DD cannot wait to get her hands on the program, and I see no need to do anything else with my subsequent children. Truthfully, I'm still looking for much of anything else we love. *I* loved Sonlight, but it was too much reading for 2 of my kids. I'd like to give it another go now that everyone is older.
  12. Looks like MCT is a fave for many! I'll be checking out all the links, though, so thanks to everyone!
  13. Thanks, Elizabeth! I had a friend who used Shurley and luckily got to check that one off my list. She has a daughter like one of mine who hated it, so I was glad to get the chance to look it over.
  14. Teaching textbooks works great here for my non Mathy oldest. It also works well for our mathy second born!
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