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Another K question. Favorite read alouds for ages 4-6?

Angel in FL

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This year, so far our read alouds have been (for dd3 & ds5):


Dolphin Adventure

Dolphin Treasure

The Boxcar Children (an absolute favorite for both kids!)

A Grain of Rice


We are taking our list from Sonlight at this point.

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My older two have both enjoyed The Magic Treehouse series as read-alouds. I personally am not impressed by the sentence structure but they do make good read-alouds, especially on the younger end of the spectrum.


Most of our other read-alouds have been or will be either tied into history or from Sonlight's list.

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At those ages we read

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,

The BFG,

Shell Silverstein poems,

Peter Pan,

all of the old fairy tales,

The Whipping Boy,

The Jungle Book,

James and the Giant Peach,

The Mouse and the Motorcycle......


Dang, I know there were a lot more!

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Okay, here's what we've enjoyed the most -


books from E.B. White, Beatrix Potter and Beverly Cleary

Random House books - Book of Fairy Tales

Virginia Haviland (not sure on spelling of her name) fairy tale books

All-of-a-Kind Family


In Grandma's Attic (and sequels)



That's all I can think of at the moment!

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Favorites here:


Squanto Friend of the Pilgrims

Charlotte's Web

James Herriot's Treasury for Children

The Cabin Faced West

Holling C. Holling books

Cricket in Times Square

Mr. Popper's Penguins

If you lived... series

Alice in Wonderland...or Elvis and Waterman as my 3yo calls it :lol:

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Ditto to many of the aforementioned ideas. My kids especially like...


anything by Roald Dahl

My Father's Dragon

Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle

Charlotte's Web

The Twenty-One Balloons


Ralph S Mouse

Dragonrider (I know, it's epically LONG, but really, give it try once you've done some shorter stuff!)


We've also dipped into reading chapter book series a little. They especially like The Magic Treehouse books, the Ivy and Bean books and the Judy Moody books. Exercise caution about some of these early series though... they do make great read alouds in many ways - the high interest plots are just as appealing in read aloud form as

they are when kids are first reading chapter books. But, as Patchfire said above, the writing can get pretty trying. I'll still do Ivy and Bean, but the Magic Treehouse is pretty much banned until they can read it themselves - at which point, the repetitive simple sentences will be a great aid to reading and not just an annoyance to me as the reader!


Finally, let me put in a plug for The Jaime and Angus Stories by Anne Fine. These are so sweet and not well-known enough. They're PERFECT as a first read aloud chapter book (though they're more interconnected stories than single narrative).

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I'm trying to remember what I read to dd in K:


Charlotte's Web


Peter Pan

Stuart Little

Mouse and the Motorcycle

I remember we read lots of things from Ambleside's Years 0 & 1 list


Now that ds is in K...I am forcing him to sit through Paddington Bear...about a half chapter a day...the forcing has much more to do with his not wanting to sit still than to whether the story is interesting or not. ;) Actually, my dd (now 4th) is REALLY enjoying it, and I've noticed ds is not fussing and actually participating a bit more lately so...




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Charlotte's Web

The Water Horse

Nurse Matilda (Nanny McPhee)

Babe, The Gallant Pig

Five Children and It

Pretty much anything by Cynthia Rylant, and particularly The Light House Family series. (Don't put it away thinking it's too picture-book-y. I have not met a 4-6 year old who doesn't enjoy these).

The Dragonling


Esp for girls (imo)


Milly - Molly - Mandy

The Cobble Street Cousins (Cynthia Rylant)

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The Wizard of Oz. (If you only know the movie, the book is well worth checking out. And the sequels.)

Little House in the Big Woods and Little House on Plum Creek. (I am holding off on Little House on the Prairie because of the Native American issues.)

Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle. (I don't care for the sequels, though.)

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

The BFG.

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