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  1. Kalanmak, I just checked that sample and it worked, but if you still have problems the files are also at the ES yahoo group. If you still have problems, send me an email (info(at)elementalscience(dot)com). Thanks to those of you who have offered to help, we've got it covered for now :). I won't be checking back here again for awhile, so if you have questions, email me at the above address :).
  2. Apparently we should, I know that my grammar is not the best, but you would think that someone who edits for a living would catch stuff like that :001_rolleyes:. Any volunteers? Free book, but you have to have catch all the errors, quickly ;).
  3. Hey folks, I haven't been around here in a long time, but someone let me know about this thread and I wanted to let you guys know what is going on. The grammar and spelling errors in the main book have just come to our attention and I apologize for them. We had several eyes and one very expensive paid professional editor look over the book and all of them missed the errors that you have posted about. We will be taking the book to someone else to fix the problems before releasing it, which will delay the release date, but hopefully will create a better product in the end. If you have any questions, post them here and I'll check back so I can respond. BTW, the Sassafras series will not change the plans for our current series. We will still be completing our classic series at the rate of one plan per year.
  4. How about Latin Book One? I've linked you to the yahoo group that has the text for each lesson, answers, grammatical explanations and mp3's. I've been looking at it recently as it seems to be similar in style to Henle, but it's free. I could be wrong though, as I'm no Latin expert ;).
  5. KISS grammar-definitely not our style, switched back to FLL and we are much happier :). Spelling Workout-it became apparent that dd needed some work with phonograms, so we switched to WRTR. Other than that, it was all good!
  6. I've been researching history programs and I have yet to find one that follows WTM and schedules primary sources, so I'm :bigear: on this one.
  7. Thanks guys, I'll look at the suggestions you've made. Perkybunch, I was thinking about doing this by using the Trail Guide Series once a week. Decisions, decisions...
  8. I'm looking at options for 5th grade as I'll be making my purchases this December when we are back home. So, I'm wondering if we should take a year off of the history cycle and spend a year on geography. Then, we'll pick up the cycle again in 6th, possibly using SL Core 6, 7 and then 100. So I'm wondering what is out there to teach geography for 5th grade? I'm also considering using MOH 5th-8th grade and then doing a year of geography using Runkles before moving onto Omnibus. Do you think this would be a better option? Any BTDT advice or feedback is welcome as I'm just trying to think about all the possibilities for 5th :). Thanks!
  9. I don't think my SOTW2 schedule is over at Hannah's yahoo group, but you can find it at the ES yahoo group :).
  10. There are suggestions on how to beef the program up for older children, plus optional activities for each week. You can see both of those in the sample. That said the sample is fairly representative of the program as a whole, so if you feel it won't work for her, it may not. However, I have had several people use Physics for the Grammar Stage successfully with 5th graders, so maybe they'll chime in. If you have more questions, feel free to drop me an email at info (at) elementalscience (dot) com :). Amber, Thanks! It is very exciting, but a bit surreal to see my name printed in a RR catty :D.
  11. The logic stage programs will come out at the rate of one per year, as they take quite a bit of time to write. The next one, Earth Science & Astronomy for the Logic Stage, will be out in Spring of 2012. You could probably use Physics for the Grammar Stage with a 5th grader if your husband is really insistent on doing Physics next year.
  12. Thanks for sharing, that was funny :lol:!
  13. We started 4th grade this week. Usually I like to take off during the summer, but since we'll be going home again this winter, we'll take our break then. So far it's going well!
  14. Are they living in Lima? If so, I believe that there is a homeschooling group in Lima. My favorite things to see in Lima were Mira Flores, it's a boardwalk style area on the beach. We also frequented the Jockey Plaza, which is a western style mall complete with Chili's. We were only in Lima to do visa paperwork, so I don't know much about it. We lived in Arequipa, which I would not miss visiting as it's a beautiful city, plus you can visit Colca Canyon (2-3 excursion to see one of the deepest canyons in the western hemisphere and the condors) and Lake Titicaca (about 4-5 hours from the city, it's the largest high altitude freshwater lake in the world I believe, also home to the Uros who live on floating reed islands). There's tons of stuff to do and see around Peru, we were there only a year and we barely scratched the surface. If you want to pass along my email (info (at) elementalscience (dot) com), it's been a few years since we were there, but I'd be happy to answer any questions she might have.
  15. Secret of the Andes is an awesome book that is set in the Andes of Peru. When we lived in Peru, most of the people I knew used Abeka or Sonlight, both shipped to Peru, but it was expensive and mail there can be a bit shady. IOW, you may have to pay a bit to get your package. We lived there when dd was 3yo, so we didn't homeschool then. Just wanted to also pass along that homeschooling overseas is totally doable, you just have to plan a bit a ahead so you can avoid shipping charges. We also use our Kindle for school. I plan about out my year and then I check Amazon to see if the books are on Kindle before I make a big purchase. Also, check to see if the curriculum she wants is available in pdf, printing and binding is far cheaper in Peru than in the US. Hope she has a great time, Peru is a wonderful country and I miss living there!
  16. :iagree: I have SL envy once it awhile, too. We used Core K, heavily modified Core 1 and almost did Core 2. I just love the books and the idea that I can place an order, have it shipped to me and it's all ready to go. Reality is, that SL doesn't contain what I want, so I will just tweak it beyond recognition and then there's no real point in having ordered SL. I wish there was a classical version of SL that follows the WTM cycles, adds in primary sources for the logic level and discusses great books for the high school level and didn't cost an arm and a leg. One of these days I'm going to see that someone does this or do it myself :).
  17. Honestly, FLL1 wasn't my favorite, there was so much repetition on nouns. We tried several different program in 2nd grade, but couldn't find one we liked, so we went back to FLL3, so glad we did! Dd enjoyed it much better than FLL1 and I'm impressed with how much grammar she is learning. We just started FLL4 and it's just as good as FLL3. You do need to add a writing program, but there are optional dictations in the program. Hope that helps!
  18. It's a big book, almost 400 pages, so it's not cheap to print. I did buy the pdf (for FLL 4) because it was cheaper to have it printed and bound here than to have it shipped over here. If I were in the US and just had two going through the program I would probably buy the printed workbook, it's just easier ;).
  19. If I remember correctly, Hannah's yahoo group, has one. I've got artist/composer study for the first 3 years of the cycles at the ES yahoo group. Then there's Harmony Art curricula, I think she starts to follow the history cycle in 5th grade. Hope that helps!
  20. Dd is learning Mandarin and Latin formally. We may add Spanish to the mix in the middle of next year. It's not been a problem yet, but we did start each language about a year and a half apart. I agree with the PP that it would be hard to start two languages at the same time.
  21. I've heard the same comments and then some, my kids are 8 yrs apart. Someone told me the other day that my dd couldn't possibly be mine because the kids were to far apart, really:confused:. People also ask if their both my dh's, yes we've been married for 12 years! People are just like that, they don't always think before they speak. Have another if you want to and if you can, but don't let others decide that for you :).
  22. Yes! North and South and Gone with the Wind made me fall in love with the idea of being a southerner. I totally wanted to run around in hoop skirts all day long because I thought it was so romantic. Ah, memory lane.... Sorry to the OP for derailing your thread a bit :).
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