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  1. :001_smile: You just made my day. I am in GA and we've been doing school this way for the past 2 years. It's working well for our kids. Once I looked at what worked for our kids, the 4.5 hours came easy.
  2. Our house is FINALLY listed. Anybody want to buy an almost-beach-house that you can work on and live in? http://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-detail/3005-Sherwood-Dr_Brunswick_GA_31520_M52350-97446
  3. It could be PUPPPS. Mention it to your doctor. I had it with all my pregnancies but with the last one (#4) it was the worst. I had to go on steroids because I would scratch until I bled. I couldn't wear anything except mu-mu's because anything that touched my skin made me itch and bleed. It finally went away about 2 weeks after delivery. I tried tea tree oil, Sarna, everything I could but nothing really helped until the steroids. That lessened the itch considerably but it came back right at the end of the pregnancy.
  4. If you paid for hot tea at Starbucks, you NEEDED it. BTDT. I hope you are feeling better today. I'm sure the buyers will understand. You can always have your realtor give the other realtor a "heads up" email so they know in advance the lay of the land. You only have a few more days. You can do it! I know you can. If nothing else, let your blood boil and give you energy to pack.
  5. I have to tell you that we have the same problem with both our boys. And have done the same "holding them over the toilet at night" scenario. As I read your post, I giggle because we do that same dance almost every night. Including the boy falling asleep bit. We've stopped using the overnight diapers. They were just getting way too expensive with having to have the different sizes for the 2 boys and still having the 2 girls in diapers. We bought the plastic mattress covers from Bed, Bath and Beyond for 5.99 each. I change the sheets just about every other day. Some days the boys will
  6. He's got that "You wanna piece of me?" look in his eyes.
  7. Very wise advice if the option of estrangement is off the table. Thanks!
  8. :iagree: All of the above. My mother was a narcissist. Life with her was miserable. Divide and conquer was one of her games, as well. My brother is one and following in her footsteps. Many, many hugs and prayers for you today.
  9. Welcome, Levi, and yay for a safe delivery! So glad y'all are both here.
  10. Cannot live without my coffee. My husband appreciates my coffee drinking, even though he doesn't drink it nearly as strong as I do. I drink 2 cups of very strong in the morning, cut with a little half and half, and 1 regular strength in the afternoons, cut with half and half. I keeps me awake enough to do school, take care of life, and still sleep at night. I'm very picky about my roasts but since we're strapped for cash until our house sells, I'm using store-bought coffee from Starbucks. I hope to get back to fresh beans and even roasting my own when we have some spare change (and time).
  11. If the gloves are off, show off that manicure! But don't mess up the polish. :lol:
  12. I think I'm going to need many friends to help me recover. I can't fend off all those kilted cabana boys by myself. Let's see. I've had the tooth about 39 years. Divide by 2 gives me 19 1/2 days. Since we can't do half days, let's call it 20 days plus 7 in Aruba. Since it's soooo close to a full 4 weeks, let's just say I need a month to recover.
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