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which do you do???

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I couldn't even begin to read all 26 pages of this thread...but on the first page alone, some VERY hard, but true facts appeared and I now have my solid anser to my own question...I buy the materials I plan to use and I actually USE them...not just copy them. Thanks so much for sending this link.



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Well, one thing that has me IRKED right now is when you buy the TG or IG and one workbook or student pages for your oldest and and go to get another when your younger is that age and the curriculum has changed so much that you now need ANOTHER TG or IG.


I do make copies of some things because of that, particularly student pages that are easy to reproduce and esp. if they have a liberal copy policy.


But for most things I get multiple workbooks.



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Well, if you are talking about Peace Hill Press stuff, my current plan is to purchase both the workbook and the PDF student pages, and then print off as many copies for the kiddos as I need. This will be particularly helpful in history, where they are both likely to want a coloring sheet.


I haven't figured out what to do about other workbooks yet, but we really aren't a workbook family, so I'll probably just buy for each child, considering that it will likely only be 1 or 2 books.

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I have done one of these three options:

1 - bought a separate workbook for each kid

2 - had the kids do the work on a separate sheet of paper

3 - had the kids use a transparency marker on a page protector overlay


I've done all three at various times depending on the cost of the workbook and how likely I thought it was that I'd want to use it again.


I have also bought very cheap copies of nonconsumable textbooks and then used them as workbooks. Lial's BCM works well that way.

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one of the reasons I started this thread is my kids are using R.E.A.L. Science and they have kid pages that come with the teacher's stuff. I have 3 kids, and so I was having one child use what comes with the Teacher's stuff and was going to copy for the other 2 (it says I can do that within my family, so I am not breaking copyright laws). I could also buy extra sets of kid pages for $20 as set (the cheapest I could find)...so I was trying to decide if making my own copies was worth $20 a set. I know some workbooks are as cheap as $8 a book...but this is a little different...what do you guys think???

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If it is reproducible (and clearly states that), I weigh the cost. If it is cheaper to make copies, I do that. If not, I buy another workbook.


If it isn't reproducible, well, then it isn't and I buy another workbook.


The vast majority of the time, it is cheaper to just buy another workbook.

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