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  1. I think trhis is it. Her hands were bleeding, she sees her husband - the father of the children - and thinks the child would be safe with him. In an emergency, my reaction would be to give my children to my husband as well. Apparently neighbors were coming out as well by this time. I would have expected him to give the child to a neighbor if necessary, or something else because I would never, ever think that he would try to put the child in harms way.
  2. Make it a point to request specific doctors or a specific doctor when making an appointment about this. My dd has had health issues and while I like every doctor in the practice, seeing the same doctor repeatedly about the same issue often helps. It forces them to see any progress or lack of response to the previous care. I would chose the one you work best with or feel is the most responsive to your concerns and only accept an appointment with that person. You may also have to specifically ask for an extra long appt for the first visit so you don't feel rushed. If you haven't been given test results, then specifically ask for them. You will want copies anyway when you go to a specialist. I would also go to urgent care and ask for copies of those records. You need to show those to the doctor you see. And don't agree to let them be sent. They may never end up with the right doctor at the right time. I learned to take the copies and hand them to the doctor in person.
  3. For my curvy girl, I buy jeans in the boys department. JCPenney Arizona boys jeans to be precise. You will need to try them on first as the sizing is quite different. When she wants something with all the sparkle and glam that is on some girls jeans, I buy patches and the like at Michaels and Hobby Lobby to make them more girly.
  4. That was done in my son's preschool swim classes as well. Usually though they were encouraged to be a mermaid and went under that way first. Jumping in was expected every time as well. The teacher would hold hands at first but the kid had to do it.
  5. Most teens boys here are into paint ball, air soft guns, hunting... Maybe she could knit him a cap? When I was 15 I would give boys books about topics they liked, candy, maybe a t-shirt... But I hung out with the nerdy type.
  6. I grew up 300 miles from my grandparents. Both sides lived about 20 miles from each other. When my mom's parents would pick us up for visits, the other side of the family always knew. The rule was that the grandparents had to work it out between themselves. Some visits, we saw both. Other visits, we only saw my mom's side. Sometimes I was allowed to go visit my dad's sister for one night. Neither side particularly liked the other, but managed to communicate when it was visit time. I would tell your extended family the same.
  7. Land's End husky pants, shorts, and jeans. They come in elastic waists and saved my sanity for all the years my son would only wear elastic.
  8. What kind of cat litter are you using? Some litters can upset digestive systems in cats when they lick the dust off paws later.
  9. My son does best with Winston Grammar. It is for parts of speech only, but there is a card for every word in every sentence with visual cues. I do few minutes of that daily with daily grams to practice the punctuation and other grammar skills.
  10. No not nighttime that I can tell. She is still in nighttime pull-ups. My son was nearly 5 before he came out of them, sometime after his tonsils and adnoids came out and the sleep apnea ended. My dd's issue was a new thing again, after being dry all day for at least a couple of years. She didn't have a UTI or any other easily diagnosed reason for it to be happening. She is now going thru fewer nighttime ones though, and seems to be wetting them later and later in the night, say 5 am, rather than a couple of times each night. And, when she does wet them, she seems to be waking up as it is happening or just after because she is coming to us asking for help changing. I am not changing sheets constantly as before. Before the vitamin C though, sometimes dd would have no idea that she was about to pee. She would start crying as she felt it begin. I felt terribly for her.
  11. The younger the child is, the less reliable the scoring is as well. The scores of a child at 4 could be very different from a child at 12. Different tests are used by different evaluators sometimes and not all correlate well. Then, on any given day, there is a range of scores that could be possible. It should be on the report but isn't always. It may say something like IQ 85 (+/- 12) meaning the actual IQ could be 73 or 97, or somewhere in between. My son had a psych eval completed several years ago. When he finished the psychologist told me verbally that the scores were likely inaccurate because the tests she used were very visually based and we knew that he was having significant visual tracking/convergence/processing issues. However, when we finally received the actual report, she didn't put that part in it.
  12. In Matthew, I think, we are told to confront a fellow Christian, but we are never told to do it alone. It says take someone with you. In your case, I would try to find a neutral person if you feel you must talk to theother person. You need someone in between who will not be caught up with emotion, or loyalty, or any of that behavior.
  13. Praying here, my friend. When we went thru the big employment shock last fall, stunned was all I felt for weeks. Believe me, the other emotions will come. The verse that I really have depended on this year is Exodous 14:14 . :grouphug::grouphug::grouphug:
  14. My dd was struggling with incontinence earlier this year. As a first intervention her pediatrician suggested we have her eat one chewable Vitamin C tablet every day. Within 3 days the incontinence stopped and we have not had another problem. We give her a child's tablet since she is only 5. Before we tried this we were really, really nervous. She has several issues and incontinence was a possible sign that she may be having nerve damage in her spine. Apparently the vitamin C changes the acidity level in the bladder and when the acidity levels are at optimal levels, the body can control the bladder more efficiently (or is more aware of it somehow). I don't know exactly how it works, but I suggest you try it.
  15. There was a time when I was selling regularly on places like eBay and thru consignments. Now I don't, for a variety of reasons. It is really tough, I know, to just give it away or sell it for a fraction of the original cost. I don't know if you are on facebook, but there are thousands of buy, sell, swap groups. I have signed up for the ones in my town and a few surrounding ones. If I have things to sell, I post a picture, mark it cheap, and give it a week. Old, missing parts, it doesn't matter. Just be honest. If it is good quality or a popular toy, it will sell. If it doesn't, then I donate it. You may want to look at consignment shops in neighboring communities. Some are not as particular, and with Christmas coming, lots of parents will be looking for additional pieces to sets they have. I have bought incomplete sets and odd sets of things.
  16. I told my parents on Wednesday that I was getting married on Monday. It was small, efficient, and I am just as married as those friends who took a year to plan their wedding.
  17. Imp, I am so very sorry. Praying for a resolution that is a positive one for your family.
  18. For my dd's last 2 MRIs done at teh children's hospital, they made her change into hospital pajamas or kid sized scrubs. Every child that had an MRI was treated the same.
  19. Homeschooling is not easy. Homeschooling is also not for everyone. It takes lots of time, lots of commitment, and lots of belief that this is what you want right now for your family. If any of those are missing, then homeschooling may not be for you.
  20. Really, I don't mind what people post on the FB pages as long as it isn't full of bad language or pictures of barely clad people. If I don't like it, I just scroll past it.
  21. I keep tests and special projects, but ditch everything else.
  22. Go Black and Yellow! My ds turned down a chace to eat at his favorite restaurant tonight just to get home from church in time to watch the game :) Steelers are our second religion here. ;)
  23. I think kids somehow have a better handle on it than we do as adults. Does the make sense? My son was 9 when my grandmother died. He visited her regularly, helped care for her towards the end, and they had a special relationship. He quietly cried on his own, like in bed, but never in public. Maybe our loss is greater because we have had more time, more attachments, and more time to grow and understand that loss at a different level. I don't know though. My son did fine at the actual service, but the long visitations were difficult before and after when people came to talk to the family and all that. One of my cousin-in-laws took the kids out for an ice cream before and another took them to a movie as soon as they finished the meal provided after the service. They found those times long, boring, and confusing - why were we so sad if she was in heaven and such a better place.
  24. Well, for the Nutcracker we are expected to give each dancer a Nutcracker with their flowers after the performance. Maybe you could find an ornament or such somewhere that could be tied back to the show? ETA: Are these to sell, or to give to the performers??
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