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  1. I haven't found that button, but finally one picture said it was too large. I am adjusting to see what happens. Thanks for all your help!
  2. LOL, I am already there on FB! Thanks for the invite though. I was just trying to reach more people by selling here as well. My posts will say picture loaded, but they still aren't showing. Oh, well. I don't have time to keep messing with it.
  3. Yes, that is what I am doing, but the pictures are not showing in the ads after it says it is finished uploading.
  4. For whatever reason, I can't figure out how to add a picture to my for sale ads. If I click on the picture icon it asks for the URL but I just want to upload from my computer. If I add a file, it doesn't show up. What am I doing wrong?
  5. My dh is the new guy, and the only other guy. There are no other employees or co-workers other than the owner of the small business and his wife. At his former job there were other employees. I don't want the owner and his wife to feel obligated to do anything, but I also want to be prepared in case they do.
  6. I am assumming it is. Partly because we are in the south and it is a small company. I may just send a platter of cookies or something that they can share with their customers.
  7. After over a year of prayer and looking and interviewing, my dh was offered a new job with regular pay last Friday and he began Monday. At Christmas I usually gave small gifts to his co-workers and boss (all 3 of them) at his last job. At his new job he is working for the owner and his wife, there are no other employees. Since he started Monday, and I just met them yesterday, I have no idea of what token to give. I don't have much money, and I don't know if there are food preferences, and all that.... They seem to be great people, very involved in the community and very excited to have my husband as their employee. What would you give? I would prefer it cost less than $10 if possible. And no, I had not made or bought anything for the old job yet so I can't just give it to the new people. Thanks!
  8. My daughter has had several now. The worst was when a nurse convinced us that the first drug (some spray in her nose) combined with dd's exhaustion and a liquid was enough sedation for her. Boy, as she wrong. My daughter woke up in the machine as soon as it made it's first loud bang. It naturally terrified her, they then had to give her something strong and fast, which then led to her having difficulty waking and being way to drowsy for hours, literally. The next MRI we asked for something more. When dd passed out, they did an IV and wake pu while not fun, was way better than before. Depending on the length of the MRI you may not be given a choice as far as sedation type. The longer the MRI is to last, the more likely it will involve an IV.
  9. My dd is 5 and still growing. According to a calendar we found recently, I am just 1 inch taller than I was at age 10. At age 10 I was the tallest kid in the class. I also started my period that year. By the end of high school I was one of the shortest.
  10. When I was having severe hormonal migraines, my gynecologist suggested that I increase my calcium to 1500 or 2000mg (?) per day. Apparently calcium also helps with neurotransmitters and pain. It was a slow change, but after about 2 months, my migraines dropped dramatically and it was the only type of medicine/intervention I was taking.
  11. I would has the vet why and what concerns he has at this point. My brother kept putting off the cleaning on his dog, who eventually had an abcess and rotten teeth despite brushing. After having to have several teeth pulled, the poor thing now has to have a special diet. A very expensive learning experience for all of us. If the vet gives a general 'routine' kind of a thing, I might wait. But if he can give specific concerns with your specific dog, then I would seriously consider it.
  12. I loved it as a child. I read it often. As an adult it doesn't seem to appeal to me, but I can't really say why.
  13. Can you call the station commander and share your concerns?
  14. If your state has an Insurance Commissioner (it would be someone in the state capital and a state office of sorts) I would call them and ask what their experiences are with them. The commissioner in our state gets involved in situations where companies don't pay when they should, or as well as they should. They also investigate individual agents and agencies and can give you their impressions and ratings for them. Some companies are great, with terrible agents. Some agents are great but have contracts with lackluster companies. And so on...
  15. If you aren't interested in renting the too small house, then I would wait until it sells.
  16. When our insurance didn't cover therapies, we were able to get our son on a form of Medicaid thru the state that just covered therapies. We had to show need and disability, it had to go thru a medical review (which took months with my constant calling), but eventually it did. As our income goes up and down, our premiums change ona sliding scale. Without it we could have never provided his therapies.
  17. Yes, I know I voiced concerns the other day about the VT locally. I know from another page that vents are currently not popular. But bear with me. I only know to come here for understanding. I went today for the first appointment anyway. I admit I was short tempered with the girl, but I didn't mean to be. Well, ok, I lost my patience and was rude. First, the doctor that was so great with my son rarely works with the kids now. She has passed that job to her assistants. This assistant today began with all the gross and fine motor activities that she had planned for my dd. Her current goals are for handwriting on the lines, not confusing pdbq, and identifying shapes including crescents, suns, and ellipses. When I asked about how she would be addressing the specific vision issues, she had no plan. Claims she read the file but that unless the doctor told her to address those issues, then she was just giong to teach her techniques for learning the alphabet, writing her name, and so on that needed to be learned before VT could be successful. She expressed shock that my dd could not write her name completely with out a visual model which 'is quite delayed for her age". When I confronted that with many kids are successful in VT without ever knowing how to read, she informs me that they are making an exception with my dd and never take a child 'so low developmentally and at her young age". I then confronted that with the knowledge that I know of 2 other children coming to their clinic that are younger than her, and that did not know their alphabet when they began. She says they are not equiped to work with children at 'her low level'. So I asked which clinics were equipped to work with kids at her level. She could only tell me that I needed to stay where I was as there were not many like this clinic in our state. So, the home work she gave me was to teach handwriting using a house as a line guide. She then tells me how I MUST use 3 lined paper. When I began telling her how her OT uses HWT with 2 lines, she actually told me to stop that, but then admitted she had never heard of the program. Then she starts on how she must do PT and OT with her for the 'whole body experience and technique that was learned in Chicago.' Yes, I get it that the whole body works together, and has to in order to be efficient. When I asked how this would complement her PT and OT that she already receives for 6 hours a week, she had no clue. She kept going back to the 'developmental evals we did that show her delayed academic skills'. She is 5, a preemie with multiple issues, and I took her there for vision, not academics. When I finally asked how working on the academics was going to assist with her vision deficiencies, I was again told that the academics are prep work to get her ready for success in VT. I asked if we would be using prisms or other similar things besides the patch to work on the eye that drifts. She claimed that nothing like that was in her records. Duh, her glasses have prisms. And they were prescribed there. Not to mention the patch we are using came from there as well. OK, yes, I get it, I need to run away fast. About 45 minutes away are 2 others listed in the COVD but they do not have websites or any information. The most recognized and respected is over 3 hours away. When I call, what questions do I need to be asking to determine the best fit for us so maybe I can avoid some of this nonsense at the next place?
  18. My son's eyes did not track together. He did a lot of odd body movements and often covered one eye so the brain would stop jumping from one eye to the other trying to get a clear picture. He had 20/20 vision, but it was not helpful as his eyes were not 'teaming'. ETA: He also had other issues and vision therapy was a fabulous thing for him.
  19. I included our 2 cats, 40 chickens/ducks, and 3 goats in my total. The cats cost very little, the goats are lowest maintence with middle feed costs, and the chickens, well, they don't lay enough eggs to cover their care so some are slated to be dinner sooner than later. Then our costs will go down a bit, I hope. Feed prices are rising still.
  20. My name and contact information is listed online in several places as I am a local leader. I receive 3-5 calls a week right now, more just before and after school breaks (or report cards). I first refer them to the state level support group for general information and questions about laws, requirements, and how to begin. The state group will send them a great informational packet for free and answer all their questions - by a staff that is paid to do it. I let them know if they are still interested and want more information about local groups and activities, or about different curriculums, to call me back then and I will be happy to help them make connections that way. Otherwise, I don't give lots of information anymore. For one, I don't always have the time. Two, what it gets down to for many people is 'how cheaply can I do this?". Out of the last 50 or so calls I have taken, only 3 have decided to homeschool and 1 was a veteran homeschooler moving to our area.
  21. I was going to recommend those as well. Those are favorites here as well. Plus the Usborne books are so sturdy! Well worth the price. My daughter also liked any board book that was also a song or finger rhyme. We read those until I was nearly crazy.
  22. I grew up with my grandmother serving them with lots of butter and sugar. Still my favorite way to eat them, although cheesy grits with cayenne pepper is a close second. If you have ever cooked Malt O Meal, they cook similarly, and I do stir when adding them to the boiling water so they don't clump. I like mine thicker, so I don't add as much water. I just bring the water to a boil, pour in the grits, turn off the heat, and eat when they are the consistency I like. Depending on how you like them, 1 dry cup of grits can go a looooong way. I make them for myself in the mornings with 1/3 c grits to about 1 cup (more or less) of water. They will swell up and become soft. The longer they cook, the larger and softer they become. If you don't add seasoning of some sort though, they are really bland. It takes some trial and error to get them like you prefer.
  23. You can also have a bolt and loop installed in your vehicle for the tether to hook into. We had to do that with my dh's 1997 car. It was very inexpensive, and my dad was able to install it for us. We put it in the floor under the seat so that it would be out of the way in the future.
  24. I can top that. My 12 year old is now in men's size 15. But he is also taller, around 5ft8. I don't know when the feet stop growing, but some men don't stop growing in stature until they are around 20. I hope my son's feet stop growing before we have to have them special made.
  25. None of my dd's SLPs have done therapy that way beyond the first visit. If there is any wander around free time like language learning, it is used as an award at the end of the session for maybe 5 minutes at the most. If you are unhappy, talk to the person who runs the clinic and ask for a new therapist, and how they handle make-up appointments. With all of my dd's therapists, if they go out of town or are sick, I have the opportunity to schedule a different time with a different therapist so that therapy is not missed that week.
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