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  1. It's for my son. I watched a video and couldn't find any practice problems. It seems the videos and practice problems don't match up?
  2. If you want to use a specific textbook that is not listed, the author said you could send in a request and he'd make a Syllabus for you.
  3. What is the best ways to go through the videos? They have numerous sections about algebra. Do I just start at the first video and go from there? I think I'm going to have to add myself as a coach to make this work best.
  4. He's using Integrated Chemistry and Physics. This is very Christian which I love, but others may not. The cost was perfect for us too since there was no textbook to purchase.
  5. Okay, I hate this book. My dd doesn't seem to mind it, but I think it's boring and don't like reading the crazy dialogue. When do you stop reading a book? I don't have any moral issues that make me HAVE to stop reading. I just don't want my dd to think she shouldn't finish a book just because she doesn't love it. Reading aloud on a regular basis with this child is fairly new. Maybe if we've read numerous books together already. Do I drop it? Could it possibly get better?
  6. Is there a course outline to follow if your child needs more algebra help? Are there problems to work out in these lectures? I thought I saw this on TV, but I don't remember seeing this in the few lectures that I saw.
  7. I've heard that some kids don't learn from DIVE science because the instructor gives all of the answers during the lecture. It's very easy to just copy the answers down without learning anything. While watching my ds, I see that he is breaking during the lecture to work out the problems and doesn't give me the same wording in all of his assignments. I told him that the 4 exams that he will take will be worth a large chunk of his grade. Although he hasn't mastered the art of studying, he still managed to get an 85% on the exam. This is a win for him! He struggled where I thought he would: m
  8. You can do whatever works for your family. Maybe you could read one day and do an activity the next. That way they aren't waiting too long. We have the same issue with our science. My dd loves her science book and wants me to just keep reading. I chose to keep our activities because she enjoys them. It's just hard for her to wait on the reading.
  9. Thanks for all the thoughts. We read a lot today. I have to read in smaller spurts because my voice gets tired easily. This seems good for us because we fit in some other subjects in between. We still did math, spelling, a science project, and handwriting. Also, my dd loves to draw. I allow her to draw while I read, and she loves that. Today had a great flow. As long as we have good results, I'm gonna continue with it.
  10. My 3rd grade dd HATES books. She hates reading just about anything. I've tried comics. I've tried magazines. I've tried the popular easier series. I've bribed. Nothing seems to work. She does love being read to. I always feel like I don't have time to read to her because schoolwork takes up too much time. So what do you think of taking time off from most school to just read books? I'd love to take an hour or two to just read. Am I wasting precious educational time or opportunities? Is this a disservice to her? I don't want to necessarily concentrate on educational books. I want fun an
  11. In what areas is she behind? Math, reading, comprehension, etc? Have you had her tested for learning disabilities? My 3rd grade dd has Dyslexia. We use All About Spelling along with R&S reading and phonics (Christian). There are many other wonderful programs that others will suggest. As far as math, many folks like Singapore math, Math-U-See, and Right Start Math. I'm sure many others will have suggestions. Good job, Momma, for being so proactive in helping your dd!
  12. My ds didn't learn until 8th grade. He used Zaner-Bloser.
  13. Yes, I teach it as spelling, but they also learn those smaller words that don't necessarily have pictures with them (the, a, then, when, etc.) and help with reading.
  14. I recently purchased the snap words dictionary of 607 most common words for my dyslexic VSL 8yo dd. Since I am so NOT VSL, the whole concept seemed kind of crazy to me. They show the word in a picture that describes the word. Then there is a sentence and a motion to along with the word. Since my dd has had a lot of reading and phonics practice, we are moving through the words alphabetically. I am amazed at her enthusiasm! She loves seeing the picture and makes up the story to fit each letter. If the picture doesn't help her with the spelling (she likes each letter to represent a character
  15. I'm near Chicago and we have these everywhere. Especially at the end of the year. Annoying.
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