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  1. My student likes the idea of using a "regular" high school text book for learning a language. I've done some research and textbooks- student and teacher- are usually quite cheap on Amazon. My concern is that work i the student text will reference other components. I've seen workbooks, readers,... Any experience here? I assume there are audio files needed also? I can't seem to find those anywhere. We are looking at starting Russian and German this year. Thanks
  2. I only visit these boards sporadically through-out the year, so this may be common knowledge or glaringly obviously posted somewhere. Does anyone know when the rest of the series will be published? thanks
  3. So, math has always been a struggle due to a learning disability. Future goals are military and/or law enforcement and/or criminal justice degree or maybe even psychology/counseling- first 2 years at community college only require 1 lower-level "Survey of Mathematics" class- nothing algebra heavy. Currently (nearing end of 11th grade), difficulties lie in preparing for ACT and gaining this darned Algebra 2 credit needed. Ugh. Original plan was to spend part of year prepping for ACT, then tackle the "rest" of Algebra 2 topics through online program or whatever text I can get my hands on. The year has slipped away from me and independent work (in math) was avoided, so we are cramming now with the prep program. He's been getting anywhere from 17-20 in diagnostic stuff and still has plenty of time for prep. I'm left with the dreaded algebra 2 credit now. I'm thinking just plug through the summer doing Teaching Textbooks? what do you think? I've always shied away from TT because Ive heard they were almost a year behind. He'd get the credit and maybe a better grade for GPA purposes, but is enough prep for the minimal amount of math he'd do in college anyway?
  4. Dealing with this exact same thing here with a 12 yo girl. Social Anxiety, but still "want" it enough to try and brave it out. Praise her for it, it helps.
  5. I'm looking for an ACT Prep book that has more -review of the content broken down by each category, -drills/practice specifically broken down by each category and less -strategy for answering questions, familiarizing with the test, examples/types of questions, or practice tests. I have ordered Cracking the ACT with 6 Practice Tests, 2018 (Princeton Review). I think it breaks down the categories from what I'm seeing. The Official "Red"book seems to be more strategies/practice tests;same with Barron's. Anyone care to weigh in?
  6. Im looking for a source to evaluate several sample ACT writing essays, preferably one that will not break the bank. I realize that is subjective, but I'm hoping to find a source that doesn't equate 1 act essay with a "paper" that may be several pages long. thanks
  7. *somewhat of a vent, but feel free to offer constructive advice* I have an 11th grade student that does not and has never seen the value of academics. He has struggled academically with a math learning disability- that is why we started homeschooling. High school has been a "like pulling teeth" experience with him. We have tried numerous different types of curricula for all subjects. We have tried to help him see the connection between current choices (regarding education) and future success in life. He just doesn't feel the need to suppress that "I hate what I'm doing" feeling with his teacher- me- and has his education at the end of his list of priorities. Outsourcing is not an option- it's either me/at home or public school. He has maintained a fast food restaurant job for over a year and is an awesome employee. He also has some exceptional goals for his future like "something in music," a professional video game player, or a tower climber- all while doing nothing for any of those goals. I feel I am left with 2 choices at this point- either putting my foot down, connecting his effort in education to things he is directly more interested in, and ruining our relationship (which is important to me)- this is what we have been doing or leaving him to his own devices, letting him fail, lose credits, maybe a GED instead of a high school diploma, leaving me to feel as I have failed as his teacher, and maybe repairing some damage to our relationship. I'm not so worried about the outcome. He has to learn there are consequences to actions, but I want what I am supposed to do. Fail as a teacher or mother- I feel like that is the choice I am left with. Thanks for listening.
  8. I can teach the material, but I want the student to have immediate access to the answer (and solution) and not wait for me as I have 3 other students ranging from 5th through high school.
  9. Has anyone found a strong online option for high school math- preferably for a gifted student? Everything I research ends up with very little practice and problems. *This" is what I want the digital aspect for. I don't mind teaching math and have a strong understanding myself, but I need the bank of problems and immediate answers and solutions. Any ideas?
  10. I was advised to verify all the courses I was interested in were available in GCplus because not all are. I checked my list of courses that were recommended and every one of them were. I'm going to find details on that good deal.
  11. I'm sure this has been discusses, but I can't seem to find anything. We've never used either. I'm sure there is a ton more great videos by purchasing, but since we have never gone that route, would be just as pleased with the Plus?
  12. For each year, what literature book was your student most excited about, interested in, engaged in? Not necessarily from your perspective as a parent if you had to "only" pick one to read, but the one that "spoke" to your child the most?
  13. I am trying to plan a conceptual physics course for a student that is not academically strong. Which would you use, but still count as a credit for high school? https://www.ck12.org/physics/
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