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  1. Excellent, thanks. He is not ready for Math 2 yet. He’s finishing up AOPS Geometry so I’m not even sure he’d be ready for Math 1. I hadn’t really even had it on my radar until I went to the site to sign him up for the Chem Subject Test and started looking around and thought about the Math ones. I’ll shelve the Math one for a year or two.
  2. Have your students who are interested in Math taken the SAT Subject Test? And is there any reason to take both Test 1 and Test 2?
  3. I agree that she should be seen ASAP and I would do an MRI. Your family doc can order an MRI. The sticking point around here is that it can be hard to get one quickly if the kid needs sedation. At your daughter’s age, she might need sedation just because it’s hard for that age to hold still for a long time and it’s scary. But even then we can usually call and push to get one done soon if we think it needs to be. A CT is a quicker option because no sedation but it is not 100% for tumors. You can miss posterior fossa tumors on a CT. So a CT can help, but an MRI is preferable. I a
  4. I’m not exactly sure how to phrase this..but I think it’s almost as easy to fall into the trap of trying to fit into a subcultural countercultural norm as it is to fit into the broader cultural norm. I’m not saying the OP is saying this but I find sometimes the pressure in homeschooling circles to be “countercultural†becomes almost as strong as any pressure I feel in other circles to let my kids watch or participate in pop culture. Not knowing pop cultural references can almost become a sense of pride in some circles. I think it’s just as important to allow kids to be their ow
  5. :lol: I am seriously disappointed that I was a Biology major and never had a professor show that to us in class.
  6. Dh went to Yale and always says that he felt like he didn't work very hard once he got there. The attitude was sort of "if you are here, you deserve to be here." He worked really hard in high school but then felt like college was fairly easy. That was of course about 1000 years ago, so maybe it's changed. I do know he has a bunch of friends from college whose kids are there now and have said the same thing about it now. He did say that you do have to be comfortable being around people who are elite...both financially, socially, academically, etc. He was from Indiana and a first-generation
  7. You can kind of do anything with chicken and the crockpot. Put chicken in, add some kind of sauce. Then make your sides separate. Budget Bytes has a good salsa verde chicken we make a lot. It’s basically chicken with a jar of salsa verde (and some other spices but those could probably be left off). You could use BBQ sauce or some other store bought sauce to make it super easy. One of my favorites is a curry with coconut milk. It’s basically chicken, coconut milk and spices or a good curry powder. Budget Bytes is probably my favorite recipe source, although she does also like one pot meals.
  8. For our first we both made lists separately. Then we compared lists and crossed off the ones that were no’s (veto power). I crossed off a lot more because he put things like Bono. Then we looked at the names that were on both lists. There were only three names for boys that were on both lists, if I remember correctly. We talked about those and there was a clear favorite that we both agreed on. For the other two, I thought of the names but he liked them. I would say we named them together, although technically the suggestions were initially mine. We had kind of the opposite problem
  9. We haven’t done that book but do use AOPS. We’ve done Pre-Algebra, Intro Algebra, Intro C&P and now are in Geometry. I don’t consider that I teach it at all. It seems designed to be self-taught and I think that’s why it works so well for the right kind of kid (not meaning a kid who is necessarily super smart but one who learns in a particular way). Ds does it all pretty much on his own. I check his work and then have him go back over problems he missed. If he can’t figure out why, I’ll get out the solutions guide and try and help him. If I can’t, I usually find that if I
  10. I have a blog that is fairly inactive. I used to post more photos when the kids were younger. In general on the blog I was careful about the stories I told and the photos I posted. I tried to be conscious about how the kids might feel about what I wrote or said. So something general was fine...but not specifics and I was careful not to complain about kids. I mostly wrote about books so it wasn’t a big issue. As the kids got older I posted less photos. I have Instagram now. My oldest hates having his photo taken so I am careful about not posting photos of him that show his face. I post occasi
  11. Not really a foodie book, but one I enjoyed before our trip to Paris two years ago was The Only Street in Paris by Elaine Sciolino. I didn’t love The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie when I read it. Flavia was too quirky for me or something. But then I tried again a few years later with the next books in the series and really liked them. Sometime it’s just right book, wrong time. I think the title comes from a quote..."Unless some sweetness at the bottom lie, who cares for all the crinkling of the pie.†The book says it’s by William King from "The Art of Cookeryâ€, writ
  12. Swim team is pretty much our summer. Dd will also do dive team. Our pool has a fun water-polo team which the boys did last year and loved. Ds wants to work for the first time at the pool this summer and also hope to help coach (he’s been volunteering over the winter and really likes it). Oldest will go to NAYLE which is a Boy Scout leadership thing. Other two will go to camp for a week. Daughter will do a very cheap fun ballet camp that is run by high school girls that are friends of ours. We don't do a lot of school but they will all do a little math, music practice and read a lot
  13. The things that have led to the best relationships for my kids are things where they are working on some kind of shared project together in a group. Having the project or planned activity helped give the group focus and also led to commitment in terms of getting together. It also seems to be best if it’s something that is year-long rather than seasonal. Odyssey of the Mind was fabulous for my boys. We did it for several years with the same team and it gave them a once a week meeting time. They also had free time with that so had time to just hang out. Scouts has also served the sam
  14. We just talked about it as a family. It’s stuff we talk about anyway but we made a point of doing it at a dedicated time to check off that box.
  15. It’s a bad year. We are seeing 10-12 cases a day of flu (test positive) in our office. I don’t know our exact numbers in past years but it’s definitely more than usual. We’re also seeing other respiratory viruses as well but the kids with the flu are by far sicker. It’s fairly easy for us to guess who will test positive just by looking at them when they come in. We are seeing about 75% Influenza A and 25% Influenza B. The people with B are not nearly as sick. The kids with A are miserable. We have had a handful of patients hospitalized but all have been mostly for observation and ha
  16. We are enjoying The Art of Reading and The History of the United States (for that one we have only listened to the ones concerning the twentieth century). In general, neither ds or I are auditory learners. We would both rather read a book than listen to a lecture. But we’ve enjoyed both of these for the most part. And my middle son comes and listens as well, although he’s not required to. He says he finds it interesting.
  17. Not obnoxious. I do that all the time. As long as it’s not something like a controlled substance or related to a very complicated diagnosis it’s fine. And even in those cases it’s doable, I just usually want records from the other doc to be able to document what we are doing and why. Allergy eye drops would be no problem.
  18. We have a lot of color and get a lot of compliments. I think a lot of people are used to neutral and so are surprised by the color. We also have a fairly uncluttered house with lots of light. Our furniture is mostly white or black with lots of clean lines. I think that helps the color not feel like too much. Our living area is mostly a blue, fairly light. We have one super bright yellow wall that extends into the foyer and main living area. (We have a split foyer house and a large open area as the main upstairs.) Our bedroom is a pale green. Boys’ room is mostly blue with one red w
  19. Ds will be a 10th grader. To all of you planning 9th grade for the first time...it will be ok! I was stressed last year and feeling that it was so overwhelming. It’s definitely been a harder year as far as workload but also a really good year and in many ways a lot of fun. For 10th grade... AOPS Intermediate Algebra- he does it himself, not the class. Latin III- Most likely with Lukieon. He really likes Lukieon and Latin but needs to decide if he wants to continue to devote as much time to Latin as it requires. Beyond that, I’m not sure. I’m hoping our co-op will offer Ad
  20. I will have a 7th grader next year. He’s my least schoolish kid. He’s super creative and fun but hates school. So I’m never exactly sure what we are doing. Mostly I try and encourage him to learn but not kill his spirit. I joke that he’s like a skittish wild animal when it comes to school...I cautiously approach but if he gets the idea that something is “learning†he runs away. Math- Not sure. He’ll finish Singapore sometime in the next year. His brother uses AOPS but I don’t think it’s a good fit for this kid. He doesn’t like Math so even though I think he could do it
  21. Two of my kids have done dissections with me at that age and thought it was cool. I think if she is interested it’s fine and not age inappropriate. At that age it’s kind of the same as being interested in dead bugs you find outside. I wouldn’t force a 7 yr old but I wouldn’t stop a kid who wants to do it simply due to age.
  22. This is the best quote ever. I just did ours. Waiting to file while dh checks one thing with his employer. We’re getting a very nice fat refund so I wanted to do it early. I was waiting for two forms and just got them today so was able to finish it all up.
  23. My oldest is a 9th grader. Homeschooling high school is hard. Fun and rewarding, but hard. I wouldn’t try to do it with a kid who didn’t want to homeschool. It sounds like he has good reasons for wanting to try public school.
  24. The kissing on the lips doesn’t bother me. The “coercion†thing is really hard to know. We would joke around about something like that in my house but the kids would know it’s not really obligatory. There aren’t any repercussions if they don’t do it. Like,I might joke that they can have dessert if they give me a hug. But they know that it just means I like hugs from them. If they choose not to hug me, it’s fine. My oldest has never been very physically affectionate so I don’t joke with him in the same way (and didn’t when he was younger). On the other hand, my own mother
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