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  1. What a precocious little girl you’ve got! That’s such a good stage, the in-between knowing letter formation and learning what words will inspire them to write more! Since we’re all offering our favorite handwriting practice books, I’ll throw mine into the mix. We used Zaner-Bloser for a lot of the curriculum, and the handwriting program was especially excellent, http://www.zaner-bloser.com/handwriting/zaner-bloser-handwriting. If you check out the website you can view all the workbooks by grade. I don’t think you need to be worried about sticking to a matching grade level, but more what they offer and which match your daughter’s abilities. If you click the ‘Samples’ tab you can see what the content of the workbooks look like. Best of luck!
  2. Is the regular Thesaurus.com app not going to cut it? http://thesaurus.com/apps I did a little search and found this list: http://appfinder.lisisoft.com/ipad-iphone-apps/kids-thesaurus.html, some are free!
  3. Slowing down seems like a good starting point. Maybe if you try to put the neat handwriting achievement on par with the total achievement of the other activities/assignments/etc. Like even if the spelling is correct, it's not 100% unless it's written neatly as well. Emphasize how important the handwriting is no matter what subject! Try copywork that he would be interested in as well. Have him write short sentences about what he likes to do outside, or pictures of things he likes and have him practice neatly printing the word associated with the image.
  4. It really depends for me too. Would you ever consider maybe having the interested child talk to the other child about why they want to go? Maybe they can intrigue the disinterested sibling into wanting to go!
  5. What beautiful handwriting! It's great to know that others have had the same great experience using Zaner-Bloser as I have!
  6. I have not used the teacher's guide either & that seems to be the consensus here!
  7. My first choice for handwriting practice was Zaner-Bloser so I can’t say firsthand how it compares to any other, but I can surely say that we (my son and I) love it. It’s *odd* I guess to see a little boy with such nice handwriting, but it’s all thanks to ZB. Since you already have the Zaner-Bloser, why not test it a little bit? See how he responds to it at first. If he doesn’t totally hate it then see if he’d be willing to transition. I don’t think it would be very confusing. Especially if he finds he likes the ZB font better. Good luck!
  8. I agree, a great starting point is definitely Pinterest. You can find so many ideas. I really love the visual aspect of it too, I see it, I like it, I click it, I follow it to the original site where it tells me how to do it!
  9. I think I need these audio downloads just as much as your daughter. Sounds just like me before bed!
  10. I actually really liked that. I can see how it's broad, but I'm thinking back to things I learned in Social Studies and I can see it all fitting together this way.
  11. I've never even heard of this, I just Googled and am just going to read through the site.
  12. You know, I've wanted to do this for awhile now. My niece is an Environmental Science major at a nearby community college and she's just a fanatic about it all now haha, so she was talking about doing this a few months ago. I forgot about it until just now seeing this. I definitely think I'm going to participate. Thanks!
  13. I'm not sure how common it is to be allowed to view all 3 schedules on the screen at once, I could totally be wrong about that though. I found this one (it is presented for college students, but I think it is adaptable for your needs) I don't mean to state the obvious, but have you searched in the app marketplace and just searched school schedule, daily organizer, schedule organizer, etc. ?
  14. There is actually a big style difference between ARFH & ZB.. one that is important to consider when choosing between the two. Another member of TWTM forum has a blog & had a great Zaner-Bloser guest post that answers the question ‘What is the difference between continuous-stroke and ball-and-stick manuscript handwriting?’ Haven’t we all asked ourselves that before?!
  15. I have an excellent teacher's supply store downtown, but if I ever need something else (not school related) I turn to Amazon! I did a quick search and came up with this: http://www.amazon.com/Trend-T-85029-Alphabet-Bolder-Borders/dp/B000F8QVR8 Okay also I found this one which I think looks exactly what you want.. but I think the site is European.. maybe they would ship to the US (not sure about pricing) http://www.classroomcapers.co.uk/alphabet-borders.html Oh wait! I think this site is even better! http://www.teachertoolsinc.com/awesome-alphabet-bolder-borders.html (Sorry I'm posting as I'm searching Google :laugh: )
  16. I love the Zaner-Bloser worksheet templates too! It's a great complement to their handwriting program http://www.zaner-bloser.com/handwriting/zaner-bloser-handwriting For anyone who would be interested in the Premium ZB Fonts Online Plus version here's a handy discount code to get it for $14.99: ZBFOP, it expires 12/31/13
  17. I make a schedule, if I pen in that I need to do something as far as planning for homeschool, I'll treat it as if it's a regular chore such a grocery shopping which I know I do on Tuesday nights. If you schedule it in along with the rest of your housework, it just makes it feel more pertinent. I live off of lists and my desk top calendar!
  18. To answer you.. Yes, Spelling Connections focuses completely on spelling patterns, which are like the "rules" of English. The word lists are organized by pattern. I have found that internalizing these patterns translates into better spelling in my DD's writing and probably is helping her in reading, too. Spelling Connections does explicitly state the rules you and I grew up learning, like pluralizing a word that ends in "f" by replacing the "f" with "ves." Regarding your search for a less teacher intensive resource, I do think it fits the bill. There is a student textbook and a teacher guide, but if your daughter is already a pretty good speller, I think she could make her way through the book without a lot of your involvement. The student textbook is written in a kid-friendly way and is easy to follow. Personally, I use the teacher guide for giving spelling tests and for some fun word sort ideas and resources.
  19. My DH used to give lessons when we were in college, I'd suggest finding a nice older student to give lessons to your children. Much cheaper, lots of young adults are great teachers, plus they're motivated to make those extra few bucks for gas!
  20. Hands down Zaner-Bloser’s spelling program. My daughter loved it, and I did too. The workbooks were excellent, and the internet aspect of the program was really fun, a nice change up to regular “school work."
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