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  1. I use Pinterest for knitting patterns, little different than crocheting but there are endless tips on Pinterest here are some crochet tips- http://www.pinterest.com/search/pins/?q=learn%20to%20crochet&rs=ac&len=10
  2. We use the Zaner Bloser handwriting instruction program as well as the FontsOnline. We had a slow start but we are starting to write short stories now using the template from the FontsOnline. Some kids take a little longer than others, it’s nothing to worry about your kids will start picking up the writing habits soon! Side note- has anyone tried the Zaner Bloser iOS apps for their kids writing? I was thinking of trying it out, something my LO can do on car rides, or when my DH and I are out to dinner they can practice with. Just a though! :)
  3. I was just looking online at the program we use for spelling practice http://www.zaner-bloser.com/spelling-connections and I think those suffixes are found in the later levels. I really like the word grouping that this program has so far so I’m okay with doing them later even though it seems like they’re taught later than mentioned here. I like the Zaner-Bloser program because it’s a strong spelling program, but it connects (it is called Spelling Connections for a reason!) everything together like context/recognition, phonics, vocabulary, reading, and writing in 5-day lesson activities http://www.zaner-bloser.com/zaner-bloser-spelling-connections-5-day-plan-spelling-success I would stick with what you’re doing until you’ve mastered it before introducing anything new, especially if you already consider them to be “strange.†Because I think reading is a really important skill that goes along with spelling. I am glad to hear your DD is making lovely process though :) it’s always nice to see their skills improve after some struggle.
  4. I dont buy organic, we buy mostly frozen veggies because they are cheaper and last longer (still get same nutrients), and we buy in bulk to save on cost for detergent, toilet paper, paper towels. Soups I get no name brand as long as its antibaterical. Shampoos we use the suave or if i find organic shampoo at TJ Maxx/Amazon i will buy it from there.
  5. My favorite customizable worksheet creator is ZB FontsOnline. I have the Plus version, but at the bottom of that page you can see a link to the free version; which is still everything you'd need from this kind of a tool. I love how you can switch between manuscript and cursive. Then there's even options for the style of page you want: fully blank with no guidelines, blank with guidelines, spelling lists, vocabulary words with spaces for little pictures. This was the perfect worksheet creator to go along with Zaner-Bloser's handwriting practice that we use.
  6. Great unit study! I was thinking of starting this maybe later in the year for the transition from winter to spring. Thanks for the links :thumbup:
  7. I've never done this before! I didn't realize how popular it was. I've always thought that textbooks or workbooks should be spiral bound, I'm sure there's a good reason most of them are not, but it seems to be a really convenient functionality. duckens brings up a great point about keeping them loose for easy copying. Do you think a good alternative would be to get those round metal clasps like the ones inside of binders so that you could always open them up to take out sheets (I wouldn't want a binder though because I like to be able to flip the pages around)
  8. I have 3 shelves which are all pretty packed (sorry no pictures handy!) I like to keep my shelves very organized! And if the kids or I don't have time to tidy them up, we have a medium sized basket we keep next to the shelves that are "to be put away as soon as we can." (I never let this fill up and spill over) Organized: Starting with reading level Then type (fiction, non-fiction, picture books, biographies, etc) Then alphabetical by author
  9. I agree with other posters. It's mostly personality that dictates what kind of work ethic a child has and therefor there self accountability. I think by the Middle School years children should be fairly proficient in knowing what they need to do, and learning how to time manage effectively, and learning that they are accountable for their work. (Completeness, no sloppy work, and no tardiness on assignments) I'd imagine this kind of behavior could be found in younger children (late Elementary School years), but they should be allowed some leeway as far as reminders and a little bit of assistance on keeping on top of things.
  10. Since you mentioned it, I figured I’d add that I really love using the regular spelling practice books from Zaner-Bloser. I understand if you can’t purchase them at this time, but I would suggest using those practice pages just because I’m such a fan of the curriculum I bought. There’s also other things that Zaner offers to complement their programs, I’m not sure which grade you’re looking for but if you go to the “Buy Now†page you can see the add-ons, like the Game Mats could be fun. You may just need to kind of get started it in to see if you would need more supplemental practice. IMO I think you may need to beef it up those free practice books just a little, but I’m sure there’s tons of ideas out there and other free stuff to help you out (and great community members with help!) Adding in your own exercises may end up being fun! [i’m sorry to hear about the struggle with your husband and finding a job. I wish you the best of luck with that so you can keep your kids home for schooling! ]
  11. Do you think hanging bags would be better than maybe getting some kind of a smaller shelf to keep them stacked in? You could even put labels above each shelf so that it's easy to recognize which bag is for which subject? In my mind I picture something like this: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B000WEMI7M/boingboing But maybe not as wide so that it takes up the least amount of space as possible. I love the command hooks, but they're testy with the material of the wall/door you're sticking them to. Plus depending on the weight of the bags she's going to have that might be more hassle than expected.
  12. Personal opinion: I would keep them separate. It's excellent he's so mathy :) but I think he should do Algebra first, then focus on Geometry separately next year. Geometry is *usually* considered easier than Algebra so it might be nice for him to have that next year after he's worked hard with Algebra (not that he won't work hard on Geom!). Would he be taking any sciences? He should fully understand Algebra before digging into Chem or Physics. I just came across this article and I think it gives a really nice overview of how teaching math could/should go. Conclusion for you: Geometry after Algebra (even though the article situation in question is whether to do Algebra 2 after 1 or doing Geom).
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