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  1. As requested, here’s some photos. I didn’t do a “before” one of the entire space…….still have to put on the crown molding across the top and the hardware but this gives you an idea.
  2. I recently sanded my oak cabinets. They are made from red oak and we’re stained a cherry color. After I sanded them, I used Zinsser wood bleach which took the pink color out of them then I sealed them with a matte, water based poly acrylic by Minwax. I love the finished product!
  3. I make my cold brew in a French press. No mess at all!!!
  4. Every year we get the biggest tree we can find. Decorations are what my kids have made through the years and then each year they each select a new ornament from the store.
  5. I had mine transferred at Costco, it’s been a number of years though so not sure if they still do it.
  6. I discovered Newton running shoes about 5 years ago and I LOVE them!
  7. I'm a nurse working 12 hour shifts at the hospital and I LOVE my Dansko professional clogs.
  8. Our trip to D.C. is $900 this year; price varies every year depending on hotel, tour company, meals.....so many different thing affect the cost.
  9. I bought my Danskos for nursing school off ebay. I tried them on in the store first then looked online for a great deal. Super comfortable and a great price. I plan on buying a new (not white) pair for work, and their so comfortable I'm even willing to pay full price.
  10. I started with various dumbbells, and a long step with 5 risers for each side to use as a bench for chest work. I later added a barbell and exercise ball. I also have exercise bands in various tensions, tubing in different tensions, a weighted vest and gloves. I use exercise videos by cathe friedrich.
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