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  1. Congratulations! Korea! I'd start planning a vacation there.
  2. Lit: Lightning Literature 8 Grammar: AG Season 3 Writing: combo of BBR, IEW and Bravewriter (really I use techniques and we use the LL writing prompts) Math: MUS Pre A Science: Apologia Physical Science Trail Guide to World Geography Art of Argument The Story of the Constitution ASL 1
  3. I'm not crazy about our house but it checked a lot of boxes (even if I don't like how it checked the boxes) when we bought it. Fortunately, we bought when foreclosures were happening and now we have a lot of equity. We are in the process of refinancing to remodel. I think after that we will enjoy our house a lot more even if it isn't our dream home. In 6 years or so we hope to sell and find our next home and I hope that will be our dream home.
  4. FISH Bell Shoals Baptist Church (Brandon/Valrico area) May 14 8-11
  5. FISH SouthShore May 21 9-12 408 Apollo Beach Boulevard, Apollo Beach
  6. That's terrific. My kiddos have numerous bio siblings and this is something I've thought about before. Btw, I'm in the area and A stormy front just came through. Hopefully, you'll have good weather now.
  7. Allergies can easily turn to sinus infections/bronchitis. I'm dealing with that right now. Never hurts to just check it out. I don't run off to the doctor for any ol thing either.
  8. http://www.fcseducation.org/housing--interior-design.html These are geared towards high school but I used them to teach 6/7 graders. If you google you will find the supporting PowerPoint presentations and worksheets. I used them as my spine but modified the output to be more creative. We did lots of hands on projects, games, etc. YouTube was great for videos to reinforce the subject or help bring it alive. I did not purchase the text book that is mentioned. You can find many activities on Pinterest that correlate to the lessons.
  9. http://www.fcseducation.org/housing--interior-design.html We used the lesson plans found above last year. We modified a bit to do more projects. Any power points or worksheets mentioned I found online. I believe at UEN.org http://www.uen.org/core/displayLessonPlans.do?courseNumber=200110&standardId=5840&objectiveId=5841 Search around that link for more lessons.
  10. We are heading down the same path. I think we've gotten past the sad goodbye aspect and our more concerned with preparing the pup to become an actual guide dog.
  11. That happened to my sister in law. She thought all was ok but discovered her wallet missing when she went to the grocery store.
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