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  1. Maybe you’re a nontaster? I am and I need extra herbs and spices. I don’t think that chefs would tend to be supertasters—supertasters can have trouble with things like arugula and other strong flavors that are popular in restaurants.
  2. This thread makes me think of dh's grandmother. When she was moving out of her house, she invited me to look in her spice cabinet and take anything I wanted. I eagerly said yes--spices are expensive! When I opened the cabinet was full of spices from the 1950s, in perfect matching bottles. Mostly full. I politely declined, but inside I was thinking, how did you cook for 50 years and never use up a bottle of cumin? I go through a bottle in a couple of months. lol I think that it does have to do with your taste buds, though. We did the food coloring dye-your-tastebuds and count a sample area thing and figured out that my dh who hates vegetables is a supertaster, and I am a nontaster. Makes sense, considering I think that cabbage and kale are on the sweet side. lol The only flavor where this falls apart is salt--dh always wants more salt, and I always want less.
  3. Betty Lou? She looked kind of like Prairie Dawn, but she had braids. lol
  4. It would be very difficult to make an insect ID app--a microscope is necessary to positively ID many insects even to the family level.
  5. We are taking a trip soon, and I am looking for new audio books for my kiddos. They are 5, 7, and 10. Recent favorites include the Chasing Vermeer trilogy, The Matchstick Castle, The Carpet People, The Wind in the Willows, and Alice in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass. Recent duds include The Five Little Peppers and How They Grew...well, I guess that was the only one they didn't like. If your kids liked the above stories, what are some others that they liked? Thanks.
  6. I am currently reading a book that speaks to me, but I have the sense of humor of a 12 y/o boy so it may not work for you. It's called "Unf*ck Your Habitat" by Rachel Hoffman. It recommends NOT doing a giant cleaning marathon, but starting out the way you'll be continuing--short bursts of cleaning followed by a break. There are lists of things to clean and instructions for basic cleaning tasks, and directions like "clean all the sh*t off the top of your nightstand." I like it, many may not. lol
  7. I thought it was fine, and I don't particularly enjoy complicated or convoluted language. lol.
  8. I'm in the swears like a sailor camp, but there's definitely a time and a place. And T-ball practice is not the time or the place. lol
  9. We used to drive to eighteen different stores for one thing each. The horror!
  10. A trash can, an extra Nintento wii controller so the kids can all play Just Dance! together, and a nose hair trimmer. The trimmer is for dh, I swear. lol
  11. I know that I'm supposed to hate Amazon, especially since I've worked at bookstores, including one that has since shut down, for multiple reasons but a big one being Amazon....but I still love it. Not especially for books--I tend to check my library, my local bookstores, and Better World Books before Amazon--but for all of the random stuff that one needs for life that necessitates going to a million stores for one thing each. Ordering online is orders of magnitude easier than dragging my kids into 27 stores for one thing. And we love Amazon music. Yeah, the interface stinks, but we're in the car a lot and having a variety of music keeps us sane.
  12. What are the most useful add-ons? I recently bought a used Magiscope listed "for parts" for $25. It's actually in great shape, but it needs a new lumarod. Since I have to order a replacement lumarod, what else should I consider? I'm pretty sure I'll order the 10x eyepiece and the 10x objective, since my scope only had the standard 5x eye and 4x obj. Are any of the other accessories must-haves? Thanks.
  13. In that case, I believe the guideline is "knee-high by 4th of July."
  14. We have poison oak here. And unfortunately, it doesn't always look as distinctive as the pics posted above. I try to avoid anything vaguely viney with three or more leaflets and serrate or lobed leaf margins.
  15. My 10 y/o son and I love to watch this guy's videos. He obtains military rations, some of them very old, opens them, and tries anything that he thinks is still "edible." We watched this one a few days ago. Enjoy!
  16. I'm not particularly acrophobic, but driving over the Hoffstadt bridge made me pretty nervous. Ack. We really enjoy Mt. St. Helens (as you can probably see from my avatar) but it is an awfully long ride from Seattle, especially for kids who don't do well in the car. There are visitor centers at various points along the Hwy, and all are well worth a visit, if you go. Seaquest state park is a nice place to camp, if you wanted to make a weekend of it. I can't imagine driving down, visiting all of the sights, and driving back all on the same day.
  17. I would say that it's on the adults to not take offense to kids' accidental conversational missteps. But it seems common that children are held accountable for not offending the adults in their lives. Our area is not an area where people use sir or ma'am, other than in a getting their attention sense--excuse me, sir, you dropped your hat--but I never thought of it as rude. But now I wonder if part of the reason my former neighbors who moved here from the deep south had such problems with the school system is that their kids were misread as rude when they were being polite. I had assumed that the problems they described were due to racism and bias against the mom who had trouble code-switching between AAVE and standard English. It was probably a combination of all of it. sigh. They ended up moving back down south, and a big part of the reason was the trouble with the schools.
  18. Guy doesn't have a connotation of young age or lack of experience. "The boy I interviewed" would be the male equivalent of "The girl I interviewed."
  19. It's interesting that the words used to describe females are so loaded. Woman, lady, girl, gal--all have some kind of coded meaning as to what kind of female they are. Although now that I think of it, "boy" has traditionally been used to put males in their place, especially if the male being talked about is a person of color.
  20. We have only done a BYL unit study so far, but it has been so wildly successful for our family that we're switching over to BYL next year for our history/lit/science. And in the unit study, at least, there are several activities and projects included, so it's not just a list/schedule. The BYL site has detailed lists of what is included in each level. For example, level two includes a daily and weekly schedule for 36 weeks of study reading list a set of 6 – 8 narration cards vocabulary words, discussion questions and copywork passages all tied to the literature readings poetry memorization timeline figures research projects 22 activity pages (including mapwork) science lessons and 34 science activity pages art projects (copied from BYL site) It's well worth it to me. Actually, since most of the books are available at the local library, this is going to be pretty inexpensive for us to implement. :) My biggest problem is the kids fighting over who gets to sit next to me on the couch while we do read-alouds. :D No, that's not really a problem....I'm relishing it because I know that it won't be long until they want to be anywhere but next to me!
  21. I don't think it's creepy. But I go a step further--if I meet someone locally, and they ping my radar, I look them up on the county court page to see if they've been convicted of a crime. That might be creepy. I learned it from my mother.
  22. I quit. At first I really liked it, but after about a month I started to feel soooo depressed. It occurred to me that this had happened other times in my life when I did a very low fat diet. So I stopped. I'm back to doing a lowish carb plan. I did lose about 12 lbs on WW. I'm down a few more now. When I start to feel bad about how I'm doing I remember that I'm down 30 since January of 2017. Slow and steady is best, right? lol
  23. My oldest son (asd/adhd) takes clonidine, which helps with his sleep and a bit with the overactivity. It’s a balance tho—he could use a higher dose, but any higher and his bp tanks.
  24. I've had Prairie Fires on hold at the library for months. Thanks for the heads-up that it's long--I'll have to read fast since I can't renew it!
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