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  1. I don't remember. I've blocked it out. Lol. Seattle to San Francisco, SF to Seoul, Seoul to Beijing. We got to our hostel and napped. When our host came to wake us for dinner, I couldn't rouse my traveling companion. Host was very concerned that she was ill and wanted to call a doctor. I convinced him that she was just tired, and we left her while we ate. She missed the pickled pigs ears and little packages of pigeon meat. I claimed to be vegetarian because I'm a wimp. Lol.
  2. Well, thanks a lot. Guess what I'll be singing for the rest of the day?
  3. I am using one of the unit studies right now (Prehistory) and it is a hit with my kids. We'll be using lots of BYL next year. Serene, the BYL site has book lists and descriptions for each level/unit study. There is lots of reading--some meant for the kids, some meant for read-alouds. My kids love sitting on the couch and reading as a family, so this curric. is perfect for them.
  4. I have found that increasing the amount of cream a bit made coffee without sweetener more palatable. My favorite way is a good glug of heavy whipping cream stirred in, but that's a bit much for most mornings, so I compromise with half and half. lol Edited to add: I tried the monkfruit/erythritol sweetener, and it was okay, I guess, but I think monkfruit doesn't read "sweet" to my tastebuds. And erythritol makes me feel like I'm drinking cough drop coffee, with the tongue cooling effect.
  5. If the club assignments were evidence of data mining, I have to say that the algorithms really stink. None of the clubs I was assigned to were of any interest to me. And it’s not like I’m super secretive on the interwebs. Hmmm...she frequents Ravelry, Amazon, and Gardenweb...she must be into celebrity gossip, extreme sports, and chess!
  6. Ugh. I’m sorry. People can be so obnoxious. I think I’d be inclined to say “Mind your own $#£{*~ business” but I know that isn’t appropriate for teachers. Or MIL.
  7. Soon, after the robots have taken over all of the jobs, government assistance will be the norm. How will we set educational standards then?
  8. I taught in China. It was not a good experience, but it was a long time ago and not through a legit organization.
  9. You must have a different demographic who frequent yard sales in your area. Garage salers here are happy to argue that a trek mountain bike has a 5c label, or to bargain down an item from a buck to fifty cents, then try to pay with a counterfeit hundred dollar bill. It’s just not worth it to me anymore.
  10. I usually price everything. I have a friend who doesn't price anything, but waits for people to ask her how much she wants for every.single.item. If I showed up at a garage sale with nothing priced, I'd turn around and leave. lol
  11. I went to Costco. We now have lots of food, and a bit less money. Also picked up sandals for the kids and my allergy meds for the entire summer. $270. :(
  12. I currently have one. I've been putting off buying anything until the mess with our rental house was ironed out, and now I'm just stalling because my size has changed and I need to drive to the next town over to go to a "nice" store to try on bras and then try to find something similar on Amazon so I don't spend $80. That's a lot of work for a bra.
  13. They're sneaky around here. In the nearby city, there is a police vehicle that is a small, beat up honda, similar to the ones that drag race down a main road, that often watches the speed trap. Out where we live now in the sticks, there is a sheriff's vehicle that is a beat up old pickup.
  14. I need to do this. We've been bleeding money like crazy for the last several months--tenants had to be evicted from our rental house, and repairs to the rental house that took wwwaaaayyyyy longer than expected. I've also been putting off non-house expenses and at this point need to buy some things--shoes, for example. Underwear. (uh, hon, is that supposed to be a string bikini? or is your underwear just strings now? lol) Ugh. I'll take stock and see what I can do.
  15. I like these mechanical pencils. They are fun colors and they erase cleanly.
  16. No difficult birthdays so far. Maybe 21, but for different reasons. lol Middle age suits me, and I suspect that old age will too, so I don't foresee any issues, but you never know.
  17. Yikes! That's scary. Do you have any ideas what it could be? One of my kids gets hives from eggplant. I have a friend who is allergic to cilantro. It can be hard to nail down unusual food allergies.
  18. It looks great! Did you knock out the pony wall? I have the same problem--I can't "see" a picture of changes in my mind's eye. It makes remodeling interesting. lol
  19. There is a place in your account settings to choose notifications--have you tried that? I've never received notifications from this site, so I'm not sure how to fix it. lol
  20. Since the blackout started, I've been leaving shopping carts around parking lots willy-nilly, I've gotten food poisoning seven times because I couldn't determine if things were safe to eat, and somehow we're now using eighteen math curriculums concurrently. Help!
  21. Support page was in the email sent before the blackout. Hopefully this works...I'm not very tech savvy.
  22. Avatars are large enough to see details now. I always thought that your avatar was an anime character, colorado, whose avatar I recognize, but to whom I cannot attach a username.
  23. Me too! I feel slightly less anonymous. :)
  24. The spring bulbs that I planted last fall are waking up--lots of crocus, some squill, glory-of-the-snow, narcissus, tulips, hyacinths, grape hyacinth. I've been "winter sowing" and have lots of tiny plants. Most excited about clematis and hollyhocks. I've planted out some larkspur, baby blue eyes, and double daisies. Next will be some columbine, pansies, nigella, snapdragons. Planted some peas, sweet peas, kale, and broccoli directly. Need to plant nightshades inside under lights. Did some bare-root fruit trees--multi-graft pear in the front yard, columnar apples in pots on the back deck. Planted some euphorbias that I got cheap at a clearance sale at the local hardware store, and they're about to start blooming. The kids will be excited about those--we call them eyeball plants. :)
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