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  1. We watched the first half last night, and I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. I hadn't listened to the music before, but we watched with subtitles and that helped with processing the lyrics. My 12 year old who has just finished studying U.S. history enjoyed seeing what he had learned in a different form. I'm happy to see that Amazon music has the clean version of the soundtrack, so I think we'll be listening to that in the car in the future. 🙂
  2. Here is a clip of Benjamin Bagby performing part of Beowulf. It's pretty fun.
  3. I feel the same way. Usually I am happily and busily planning for the next year by the end of June, and this year I'm just blah. We're finishing up our current school year this week and I'm hoping that my motivation picks up again by mid-July. I blame covid too. Everything has just felt like it's been on hold for months now and there's no sign of it letting up.
  4. I'm too chicken to hike by myself. I don't even like to go with just myself and my kids. People worry me more than animals. My kids are loud enough that we will never take a bear or cougar by surprise. lol. The possibility of injury is the major factor. There's no cell service in many of the places we hike and stuck in the woods with a hurt mom is not a situation I'd like my kids to experience.
  5. All-in-one (-math): Build Your Library (K-12 plus unit studies), Blossom and Root (prek-3rd or 4th as of now), Torchlight (K-3rd or 4th as of now), Wee Folk Art (K-early elementary) LA: Brave Writer Science: ACS Middle School Chemistry
  6. Wee Folk Art has a variety of country studies called Cultural Connections. They are really meant for early elementary, but the recipes, crafts, and picture books are engaging for older kids too, and it's high on the "fun" side. My 12 y/o still looks at some of the books that we used for those units, especially the Lonely Planet Travel Book. WFA also has a US state study. Have you ever looked at the Beautiful Feet geography guide that goes with the Holling C. Holling books? I'm planning on using it this year and my kids are excited about it. The maps are really nice and my kiddos can't wait to attack them with their Prismacolors. lol
  7. Our church governing body recently sent out a letter suggesting that congregations prepare for being closed to in-person large gatherings through the end of the year at least, and possibly well into 2021. I'm sad about the situation, but understand where they're coming from. We had been changing some of our practices starting in February--no more joining hands to sing--but this is tough.
  8. I am interested! Most of the homeschool groups on fb seem to center around specific curricula or philosophies, so I think that your anticipated page would fill an open niche.
  9. Have you ever watched the comedian Mike Birbiglia’s standup routines? He has a condition called Rem sleep behavior disorder and he talks about it a lot during his comedy shows. Some of what you describe sounds similar to his descriptions, but it’s an actual medical diagnosis and not a phenomenon like sleep paralysis that can be self-diagnosed.
  10. How long have your seedling been outside? I find that it takes a bit of time for seedlings to get over their transplant shock, especially if they were started in a warm house and are now outside where it's colder. I'm zone 8a, but in the PNW where it never gets very cold, but also seldom gets very warm.
  11. It seems to almost be homeschool lore that any hs math program is so advanced that it should be used a year behind. I just don't see it most of the time. BA covers the topics usually covered in third grade, but breezes past some and goes deep in others. We love BA here, but I see levels 2 and 3, at least, as being firmly on grade level. When we need extra practice or review with a particular topic, I usually pull a few pages from MEP to fill in.
  12. We had to stalk Craigslist and Facebook marketplace to get bikes. Bikes were selling within minutes of being listed. The local bike repair guys are busy too.
  13. I like Love It or List It. “I need the renovation to add three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a mudroom, two home offices, reconfigure the kitchen, and lift up the entire house to add a basement. You don’t know it now, but you’re going to come across a leak that has caused mold to grow throughout the crawl space, the electrical will have to be completely replaced because it’s knob and tube and you’re adding half of a house’s worth of service, and there will be a tornado during the reno that will cause you to have to start over halfway through. We’re having a baby in six weeks so we need it done before then. And you have $35,000 to do it all!”
  14. Not necessarily a high outbreak area, but an early outbreak area--Seattle area.
  15. It is hard to know what to do now. We are so ready to be social again, but one of my high school friends is a pulmonologist at a local hospital and what she is seeing is just scary. Our church recently indicated that we might not meet in person for a year. I feel fortunate that our main homeschool circles are taking this seriously, but unfortunate that many of our usual activities seem to be especially high risk (choir, band, etc). We are trying to do more family activities that are on the safer side--mostly outdoor recreation--but my 12 y/o needs more social time with his friends.
  16. It's a back-saver--I can pull a whole yard of dandelion and hairy cat's ear without bending over once!
  17. This works well for me. It's a bit of work though. lol
  18. It's hard to think of mystery books that are a step up from kiddie mysteries, but where no harm comes to anyone. My kids liked the Chasing Vermeer series by Blue Balliett, and I would usually have no problem recommending it for a 12-year old, but there is a sense that some harm might come to kids who meddle too much, and a child is kidnapped in the last book. Has he read From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler by E.L. Konigsburg? That was one of my favorites as a child, and I don't remember any violence. We liked The Matchstick Castle by Keir Graff--it has missing people but nobody is killed or seriously injured. The Mysterious Benedict society is a favorite here too, and the protagonists have a strict moral code of not being like the bad guys and injuring or killing their opponants, but the bad guys are really bad and cause a lot of injuries and near-fatal close calls. The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin is a modern classic, and starts as a murder mystery but spoilers spoilers spoilers the murder victim isn't actually dead but living under an alias.
  19. I think that sometimes hs publishers get rights or license or whatever to print certain books with some changes. A few years ago I accidentally ordered two copies of an animal book used by MP and the two copies differed significantly in content--one was printed by one of the young earth hs companies, and in all places where the original book talked about evolution, the HS company-printed book talked about God's design.
  20. Not Katie, but her description sounds a lot like some flashcards we have used from a company called I See, I Spell, I Learn. I have never used AAS, but my dyslexic ds has found some success with Apples and Pears. It doesn't require a lot of memorizing rules, but has lots and lots of practice with word patterns. If you go to the Foundations in Sound website, the entire book is available to view, so there's no buying it and it being entirely different than what you expected. lol
  21. My favorite place in non-quarantine times is Tuesday Morning, but that's really hit or miss. Lots of people like Knitpicks, and Webs has a lot of variety. (I think that Webs usually has a spring sale-that might be going on now.) Knitpicks is all their own brand, and Webs has all the brands. Many people knit with big box store yarn their whole lives and are perfectly happy with it. Of the yarn brands that are available at Joann or Michaels, I like Patons or Lion. For a step up I like Cascade brand. I'd say that for a worsted weight wool yarn, you can't go wrong with Cascade 220.
  22. My firefighter brother is still waiting in line. He tried it once, but the amount of stink-eye he received while walking past all of the people waiting in line has convinced him that it's not worth it.
  23. I was expecting some more interesting meat sources in the recipe. 🐎
  24. Ick! We had that happen once. A quart of heavy whipping cream spilled in the fridge. I briefly wondered why I wasn't wiping up much cream, but figured there was less in the bottle than I had thought. Nope! It was congealing and putrefying in the evaporation pan. By far the grossest cleaning job I've ever done!
  25. My kids liked Where the Mountain Meets the Moon by Grace Lin. We read it a while ago and my memory isn’t perfect, but I don’t remember any animal deaths as a major story line.
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