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  1. http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00CCPNDWI?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_search_detailpage These are easy to carry around, ds uses them Stephanie
  2. How many "mothers" were in the room and how many "Scarletts"? Gosh what's a boy to do, sounds as if it is a no brainer and your friend got the wrong end of the stick. I'd be mad too. Stephanie
  3. Here in the UK anyone travelling to Greece is taking cash Stephanie
  4. I live in London and travel regularly into the city by tube. You can drive but you have to pay congestion charge daily plus it is difficult and expensive to park. That is with a car, you cannot drive in London around the sites in an RV, just cannot. You won't be able to park near the tourist sites so there would be no point. There are plenty of accommodation options and if you can't travel by public transport then take a taxi. You could hire a mini cab for the day to take you between sites. You won't have your own toilet but we do have public toilets in London, also in restaurants and at the tourist sites and in shops which are perfectly acceptable. Even if you kept on roads large enough to accommodate an RV you would spend so much time walking between where you parked it and the site you were visiting there would be no advantage. Also you can't just park up an RV and sleep in it, you would be in danger of being asked to move on. I'm afraid you will have to rethink either the RV or London! Happy to answer any other query Stephanie
  5. PS London is FULL of tourists 365 days a year, the increase in visitors is staggering, in fact there seem to be fewer Londoners around than ever before unless you visit the business district Stephanie
  6. Yes it is dated! You won't stick out wearing sneakers, even brightly coloured ones! Wear shoes comfortable enough that you can walk for 8 hrs plus for several days. Stephanie
  7. The guy is beyond stupid. He is setting himself up for a big fall. He may not have any inappropriate intentions but somewhere down the line something could be misinterpreted. My son's tutor insists that all emails are copied to me plus another teacher and no texts via son's phone to her only on my phone. That way she protects herself. Her career is on the line. Doesn't your church have any child protection procedures at all? Stephanie
  8. I always do it even if it means I don't see ds perform. He is still young and I would prefer to be the one helping him with any potential disasters. It is also a really good way of getting in the school's good books, knowing what is really going on and learning about the other children. There will be plenty of time when ds no longer needs or wants me back stage so I am enjoying it whilst I can! Stephanie
  9. What is the cost to insure, that determined my ds's first car Stephanie
  10. I have 3 boys, 2 who have always been to school and the youngest who was home educated until last September when he started school aged 11yrs. I had been quite hands off with my older 2 whilst at school. I went to parent meetings and listened to what they had to say and gave extra support where needed. However once I started to home educate my youngest I took a different view as I finally understood what they taught at school and where the gaps could be. I still took a hands off approach but when I learnt about certain teaching aids used in the home ed community I started to use them with my older boys. For example Quiz let. No one at school had heard about this but I realised that it would suit ds1's style of learning very well. He ended up making several hundred cards for himself and his peers used them too. In fact the cards he made 2 yrs ago are still being used by other children at the school today. He effectively introduced the school to this type of learning. I learn't about Course Ra (sorry Can't switch auto correct off!) here which both of my elder boys have used extensively. Likewise IEW which ds2 has done on his own. Many books which were discussed here I bought for my older boys to supplement their learning. They dipped in and out of them as they wished and largely on their own but their education has been so much richer than had I not known about them. Typing courses, particular apps, all sorts of aids I found about here and bought them for my older boys-even WinterPromise's forensic science course! Both boys did that by themselves as I thought they would enjoy it. In fact ds2 has developed a passion for classical civilisations because I was reading the books to my youngest and he took them for himself. That would never have happened if I hadn't have read TWTM. That has been life changing for ds2 as he is studying for the GCSE (taken at 16yrs in the UK) on his own as the school can't timetable it. He hopes to go on and study it at university. He is also the son who studies IEW courses on his own in the hope of becoming a better writer. So all in all, I haven't interfered with the school at all but just seen the gaps (in my opinion and wrt my boys) and filled them not so much by teaching them but giving them the opportunity to teach themselves. For ds3 who has recently started school I'm not sure where that will lead as I am letting him do things by himself at the moment. Stephanie
  11. As someone has mentioned August is not a good time to go as most of the French go away then. A lot of restaurants (especially small ones) will be closed as their owners have left the city for the coast. Just something to bear in mind! Stephanie
  12. I make sure that they are not too tight at the waist then there isn't any muffin top. At the end of the day it is trial and error, jean shopping is only marginally better than swimsuit shopping! Stephanie
  13. My last two pairs of jeans, one "boyfriend" style and one straight style with a bit of stretch were bought from hush (UK clothing brand). Both jeans fit under the belly. Their website does have detailed measurements so you can compare to what you have. They are offering free delivery and returns at the moment. I was really surprised how much I love them as jeans are very hard to buy for me. They also do skinny jeans. They fit so well that dh even noticed-very unusual for him lol! Stephanie
  14. One thing to bear in mind is that some projectors don't work too well in daylight, the image is too faint. Ours doesn't so we only watch when it is dark. Stephanie
  15. Thank you everyone you have given me a lot to think about before his appointment and I will get the book you recomend Stephanie
  16. So ds 11 has just started school for the first time. Everything is going well. He mentioned that he didn't think he could hear very well so I took him to the Dr who checked out his ears and they are clear. He also did a very crude hearing test, whispering behind his hand which ds could hear fine. I then explained that when I questioned ds further about what he thought the problem is, he said that when he is in a group, he can't make out what people are saying, it is all a blur, blah blah blah is how he phrased it. The Dr referred ds to have his hearing checked properly. They wire them up with headphones and ds presses a buzzer when he hears the sound. Would this type of test be able to find out what's wrong bearing in mind what ds is telling me about the problem? Has anyone else got a child with a similar problem? Stephanie
  17. Not sure whether this happens in the US but in the UK I have 3 children and me with the same provider and so we can call each other without using up our minutes. Since my children usually only call me they only need a low number of minutes to cover their other calls. Stephanie
  18. I also used ours around town as they are "clean" ie no oily chains and therefore no one complained if I brought it into a clothes shop or cafe. Stephanie
  19. What about a "like a bike" do you have them in the US? A bike with no pedals, just 2 wheels. A lot of fun for a small child. Mine went from one of those to a normal bike with no training wheels because they had mastered how to balance. You can buy them made out of metal now and they are fairly in expensive Stephanie
  20. Me too, Bathmat goes on the floor and did in the 1980s too! Stephanie
  21. In the UK every child who can walk seems to be on a micro scooter. They make them for all ages, even adults use them. Www.micro-scooters.co.uk Stephanie
  22. I see sam are brilliant, that and Dr Seuss-what's not to understand! The bright pictures of Dr Seuss and constant repetition make them great for early readers. Read them over and over and laugh with him, stop the struggle and have fun for a while. Stephanie
  23. My ds is in the same position as your dd but I think that sun is one of his triggers so I make sure he wears polarised sun glasses and a hat when out. I hope that your dd finds some relief and grows out of it which is what has happened to children in our extended family. My ds is finding success using anatriptyline at a low dosage, it is early days yet but he does have some pain free times. Lifestyle is very important too. We are in the UK so not sure if the approach is different here or not. Stephanie
  24. There is a very short follow up to Wonder available on kindle, another chapter from another character's perspective which my ds is enjoying, only short though! Stephanie
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