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  1. My son's current school uses Abeka and it is quite challenging. The teacher uses it the same as listed for Rod and Staff. I'm not a fan of workbooks but it's definitely a good program.He actually wants to get 6th grade but I'd like to spend time elsewhere.
  2. My son will be in 6th grade next year. I was wondering for those that have good spellers, do you use a curriculum for 6th or just stop? Thanks
  3. For now I'm leaning to keeping him in his school. There is a lot of structure there and he likes that. He is also playing the violin and is in plays. He just told me something cute today...His teacher is going to be out for 3 days next week and he said nearly everyone is excited about this and I don't understand why. He loves the very strict teacher so much but can't figure out why everyone else doesn't.
  4. The chore idea wasn't a sad thing really, it was a group decision with him being the final decider. He loves to do work for people. When we homeschooled every Thursday we would volunteer to clean or help at church. He loved taking down decorations, cleaning closets. He gets a lot of self confidence that way so that was why we chose that solution. He has some friends at school but mainly in class, once free time comes is the problem. Kids cheating at 4 square, his best friend plays football at recess so basically he said all that's left is the swing. The principal so noticed him walking
  5. I don't know how thorough the report was. He is very high functioning they said,so the main issues they mentioned were some anxiety and social issues. His school helped with the social issues by allowing him to clean tables in the cafeteria for the 25 minute recess instead of wandering around without friends. He still has two 15 minute recesses but he doesn't complain about the short ones. He does not get lost. He's quite good with directions. Just bumps into door knobs, trips easily, doesnt pay attention to objects that may hit him etc. The OT office called to set up an appt with him f
  6. Thank you for the replies. After seeing the doctor for another fall today to make sure his arm wasn't broken we received a referral for an OT. We have until April to make the homeschool decision so I'll keep pondering the positives and negatives. As for curriculum, they will not give way on that either. He is able to complete everything, but consistently has notes on his papers to write neater. It's a bit overload with worksheets but he's able to get them done, just not as nice as they would like. Thank you.
  7. I homeschooled our son until 4th grade and then put him into a private school. He was just diagnosed this last summer with HFA and it has helped us understand his issues. He likes his teacher a lot but really dislikes PE and recess. I have the opportunity to homeschool him for the next at least 2 years. I am just wanting anyone's experience if they have tried both brick school and homeschool with an aspergers child and how it went if you switched back to homeschooling. A small side note: he has had three concussions at school and just got hit again today due to his clumsiness. It
  8. I did 100% copywork / dictation from 1st-3rd. When he wrote letters or any original work he used grammar correctly. He is 9 and in fourth grade now. We both chose a different curriculum this year, Bob Jones. He requested a workbook style curriculum. By the end of 3rd grade he was copying a page every day, in his handwriting, not a page of a book. I think this worked really well for us and gave him a good foundation, but it was just time to do something different for us. We also started Latin last year which had way more than enough grammar in it. We used Getting Started With Latin
  9. We are making our children do music. We have not been able to afford it until now, when our son is 9. I am not going to say that we will force him to do it for the rest of his school life but how will he know if he likes it or is good at it unless he tries it? We are also offering to let him switch the instrument if after the year he does not like violin. I just consider it a part of education to learn an instrument. All the public schools around us start the recorder at age 9.
  10. Do any other moms take your kids to do a job , like babysitting, not in your own home and homeschool there? What ways have you found to make it easier on yourself to pile up your stuff? I was thinking of a scrapbook tote but if someone has a more ingenious way I'd like to know.
  11. We bought a nice rock collection from Amazon that came with a guide. They were not glued down like some sets are. He could pick them up, feel and weigh.
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    I gathered these books from the list of medieval curriculum from My Father's World, Well Trained Mind and Ambleside. It would be a great set of books for someone wanting to do this time period. $35 ppd Story of the World Volume 1 , nearly new Robin Hood - Puffin Classics , new Tales From Shakespeare -Charles and Mary Lamb, new Monks and Mystics, new Usborne World History Medieval World , shelf wear but pages are in very good shape Joan of Arc- Diane Stanley, new Castle -David Macaulay, hardback library copy w/dust jacket. Some pages have pencil underline, other wise in great shape.


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