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  1. Evanthe... I have a 12 yr old DD and we are looking to de-structure things here as well. I would love to hear more specifically how you plan to unschool with productivity. I am new here and am looking to define how we could take a very similar sounding approach...I know what it should feel like but I am not quite clear on what it looks like, if that makes any sense!
  2. Perhaps use nature and science to launch into art and even music? Gathering natural materials to create art sounds like it would be right up your alley, quite lovely, and the options are endless. If you are trying to stay away from something contrived why not look on pintrest for some seasonal art projects using natural materials? Art is an expression and some people gravitate towards pencils, some toward paint but there are many media uses that could be just as expressive but also free flowing and fit well with your family. I just saw on FB how to transform autumn leaves into roses, they were beautiful. You could even start looking at raw materials with the question of "does it make noise" ....then create some musical instruments. Some cultures use shells as horns, or one could craft a simple string interment our of a hollow gourd Best of luck!
  3. What kind of dance does your child do? Is he or she in a pre-pro-type program, competitive or a recreational one? With what goals? DD 12, primarily does ballet and is at a small rec/pre pro ballet school. Goal is to become a classical ballerina. Any kids starting a new schedule? New classes or styles? No new styles this year other than one pre pointe/pointe class. She is not yet on pointe, so this is a good indication that she is on her way. Our school is very slow to put them up en pointe, most girls are between 12-13...some as late as 14 is necessary. DD will jump up a few hours per week to 10 (5 technique classes, jazz and pilates) that does not include rehearsals. Anyone--either parents or dancers--especially excited about any aspect of the new year? It is great to see the girls mature and rise thru the levels. We have 7 and DD is in mid 4. Anything cool on the horizon in terms of scheduled performances or master classes or other experiences? Our school does two productions per year, including Nutcracker. I always love both :-) DD is also auditioning for the studio's youth company this year. She is a hair on the young side so we are looking at it as a good experience but the truth is we are probably both secretly praying that she makes it in. If so, we will pull DD out of public school to be homeschooled. Her hours would be too much to manage the homework load at school. That is actually what brought me to this site :-)
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