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  1. Since it worked, retention wise, I suggest you go back to FLL. I've done the whole series with my 4th grader, and we're currently finishing up level 4. Level 4 reviews plenty of subjects from level 3, so I don't think it'll be hard to get back into it after doing something else. But I suppose that would be for next school year. And don't worry about doing level 4 in 5th grade. It's a level progession, not a graded book. FWIW, I'm going to start Grammar for the WTM with my son for 5th grade. We won't be doing it in the weeks and days the lessons assigned but at the pace that works for him.
  2. I've used FreeTaxUSA for the past 10 years. Our taxes aren't complicated - one income, savings accounts, retirement, basic charitable donations.... but the program is super easy, and I have no reason to try anything else!
  3. Would using some choices from the 2nd grade list make more sense for your son? You can certainly buddy read together. Or break it down into smaller chunks for a slower pace. Thr "right way" is the way that facilitates learning.
  4. Since she is calling you, after a few dead ends, you might ask "Is there anything specific you wanted to tell me about?" If the answer is no, feel free to bring the conversation to an end or else now you know you'll be doing most of the talking the rest of the time. ETA: I sometimes get stumped by the open ended question of "what's new with you?" Um nothing, not really. But I forget an outing we took or that we were sick for 2 weeks.... So ask a specific question. How's your son? How's 'sport' going? How's your mom? What's new at 'group she attends'?
  5. Have you TRIED to print it yet? Just like, sending it to your own printer, just a page a two because sometimes PDFs can be locked from printing.
  6. Thank you, I knew there were posts on this topic already, but I couldn't find them. Guess I'd have to ignore the "week"s and "day"s written into the program anyway! That helps wrap my mind around it, thanks.
  7. DS9 is working through FLL4 this year. We've used the series since 1st grade with level 1, and it is a GREAT fit for him. I looked through the 6 week sample of Grammer for the Well-Trained Mind, and am questioning how I should use it next year. It's definitely a similar (if not the same) format as FLL 3 and 4, so it should be easy to impliment, but the weekly and daily workload is a good deal more. We'll also be studying Latin, so I don't want to overwork him. We're on a roll with grammar, so I want to continue it. My question is if I should do GFTWTM, perhaps at a slower pace (2 le
  8. I don't know about the prescription issue... but when I ordered my kids' glasses online, it took 3 weeks to process and ship.
  9. This is the root of my problem. I don't mind them sitting their glasses on the counter or on the arm of the couch while they reazd or write... but my 2 year old DOES "mind". So I told them that the glasses need to be on their face or on their dressers... but that doesn't facilitate not using them for close work. And to clarify to other posters... I believe the term near-sighted means you CAN see near well, but not well far away. My kids can read books and play piano while reading the music on the stand with no vision issues. But while at the dinner table, they noticed my individual, frizz
  10. I do have other family members who near-sighted, and they were suprised at the recommendation also. Seems like this should be straight forward!
  11. His specific guidelines were to not use the glasses while reading or using the computer and that natural light was better than artificial light.
  12. No, by people in Kansas or at least in Wichita. I thought it was a bit self/state-centered. 😉
  13. DS9 and DD7 got their first eyeglasses in the mail yesterday - I ordered them from Zenni Optical based on the reviews here, so thanks! My question is about WHEN they should wear them. They're both near-sighted, and the doctor said they should not wear them for reading or computer work. I got my glasses when I was 8 years old... but I wore them all day (at school and home) and now I need them for reading too (not reading glasses, just my near-sighted glasses). I don't want my kids to do what I did, but I have no idea what sort of balance to strike between wearing or not wearing a
  14. I lived in Wichita, KS for a short time... the Little Arkansas and Big Arkansas rivers come together there to make the more well known Arkansas River. But it's not called the Arkansas River there. It's the "are-Kansas" River. And the state of Arkansas is pronounced "are-Kansas" also.
  15. My mom has to take her lab to the dog park so he can run first, then he'll poo. He won't poo on the leash at all. (She only does this some of the time. She has two houses - only one has a fenced yard where the dog can roam on his own.)
  16. Our public schools are off Dec 20 and start again on Jan 7, so over 2 weeks. They also have all this week off for Thanksgiving. But they also start on Aug 1st.
  17. Not understanding a 2 yo (and the frustration that comes with it) is very normal. I agree with waiting until 3 years old to make a decision on therapy. I doubt it will be a whole year until you (and maybe just you) can understand him enough. Unless there's some other known disability that might complicate things.
  18. I got my period consistently for the first time in 9 years. Such a bummer. I also have more weight that won't fade. I don't know if that's just having 4 kids back to back, no longer breastfeeding, or whatever. I'm sure there's a lot that CAN happen... remember how much hormones can affect everything.
  19. We just did this last year. Our housing market is HOT, so there's no one buying/selling that wants to deal with contingent contracts. So, we sold our house after a single showing. Closed 30 days later and moved into an apartment and rented a storage unit. THEN we started looking for houses. All the ones we were interested in when we put our house on the market were GONE. It was stressful from a moving-2-times-in-4-months stand point, but from a financial perspective, there was no way we could have held two mortgages. And it was nice to not be pressured into buying whatever happened t
  20. For birthdays in my family, religious items are not expected but welcomed. My 9 year old specifically asked for a St. Patrick icon (amongst pokemon and minecraft) so my mom got him that. I'd "expect" gifts given for baptism, first communion, and confirmation to be religious in nature. That said, I always get my goddaughter a religious something for her birthday too. If you'd like to get something religious for a birthday, I'm sure they'd welcome it! ? Tinysaints.com has a cute board book, https://www.tinysaints.com/products/board-book I also like the toddler books at http:/
  21. This my DD. She'll also be 7 in October, but works at a 2nd grade level in most subjects. I think the key here is looking about academic maturity and social maturity. If BOTH are above age/grade level, then I say call her 2nd grade. I have done that for my daughter, and with the more social groups we're in, she fits in perfectly with the 2nd graders. I also have two SILs who are public school teachers. They've affirmed my "official" bump of DD to "2nd grade". Though, that affirmation was purely for my own confidence and certainly not a requirement. It's just nice to know I wasn't bei
  22. Is he already taking the Zyrtec and still having problems, or not taking anything yet? If the latter... my DH is allergic to dogs. We visited his brother who has 2 dogs who are allowed all over the house and DH forgot to take Zyrtec the morning we left. We were there about an hour and DH had terrible symptoms. He took a Zyrtec and in a few hours was fine. All of this to say, if your son isn't taking a anything yet, definitely get some Zyrtec, then evaluate flare ups if they come up.
  23. Since it's different ushers asking, I would tell them, "No thanks, we've already done it several times recently." If it were the same person making the decision, I would think you wouldn't be asked so much... so I would not feel bad declining in this way.
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