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  1. We are considering homeschooling come the fall because of the Covid Pandemic. I am a healthcare worker and my husband is a SAHD and unfortunately my child could expose other kids at school. We are a catholic family and have been looking at options for her. She had been attending a catholic parish school. She is a very advanced reader (6-8th grade) and is completing 3rd grade right now. I was looking at Angelicum Academy. I cannot find very much information for them. I see a few bad reviews but that was from almost 10 years ago. I like the idea of their good books program and they offer more advanced books for her. I see a lot of catholic schools teach latin. My husband took Japanese in college and we were thinking of possibly teaching her japanese instead of latin. Does anyone have language resource programs? I looked at other programs such as Kolbe but wondered if that would be too much. My husband would have to do most of the teaching and I don't want things to be too burdensome or they wouldn't work.
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