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  1. For those that have Mystery Science (or want to to sign up for the free trial), they posted a list of Halloweeny mysteries and autumn focused mysteries.
  2. When I was in middle school, I decided my ideal life would to be a SAHM and maybe substitute teach. In high school I was really into music (band) and throught I might do something with that. I ended up getting a BS in Psychology. Of course I was already engaged to an engineering student by that time. I'm certain DH would have supported me (emotionally) if I had decided to go to grad school, but I didn't really want to. We both wanted children in our early 20s, and both our moms were SAHMs, so that's what our goal was. Well, DS8 was born when I was 24 and I've been home ever since.
  3. How many baths and other living areas are there? How big are the bedrooms?
  4. I don't know if this would actually work but... could you glue it on? Or maybe get a small piece of wood to screw the box to, then glue the wood to the old post with wood glue. Otherwise, I vote duct tape since the postal worker said that'd be fine.
  5. Till about half way down your post, I was going to say WWE - it's straight forward, parts to whole, though you might have to adjust the dictation exercises (I do for my 8 year old). But you said you use WWE already? How is that working? Is that what you're referring to when you say "1800s narration"? FWIW, WWE is a complete writing program, it just follows a different philosophy than traditional programs. If he's doing alright with it (getting it done anyway), just do that. Hope that's helpful. If not, just ignore me. ;) Also, in level 3, FLL has a lot more writing. My 8 year o
  6. Mystie Winkler from simplyconvival.com has (now, in the past?) used Apologia in a loose fashion. If I remember correctly, she required her boys to read from one of the science texts so many times per week. But she had ALL of the books available and they could pick from any of them, though each individual book was to be read sequentially, no skipping around. That way you wouldn't have to buy anything new. Unless YOU'RE ready for something different, which is fine too. :)
  7. I worked full time every summer before/during college. Each summer's income paid for my food, clothes, and extras for the rest of the school year. (Scholarships/parents took care of tuition, books, apartment, car - old and paid for, and insurance). I spent the most money my first semester. I could get all those snacks my mom never bought. Snapple! Cashews! Poptarts! And a beta fish! Lots of fast/convinence food! Reality set in when I realized the rate of what I had spent those first two months would deplete my entire savings before the year was done. All that us to say, figure
  8. Well, this was MIL's tradition. Perhaps consider getting a sewn stocking and paying someone to embroider the name and year? That would be much cheaper than paying someone to knit. Unless that'd be super scandalous.
  9. I would wear those linked dresses. For my husband. In the bedroom. Growing up and going to college in Florida, I'm used to spaghetti straps and short shorts. I think it's the fact that these are dresses that bothers me. You want to sit you bottom on a park bench in THAT? But I sacrifice nothing in the name of fashion.
  10. Uh, yes. This is where it gets slightly more complicated. ;) This is what works for me and my kids. First, I print out the table of contents for my own reference. At the end of each chapter, there are two sections: Mixed Review and Review. So I'll tell my printer to print all the lesson pages and JUST the Review pages, using the table of contents to help determine page numbers to print. Then I'll print the chapter test. (I make a note of what page numbers the Mixed Review are and set it aside for later.) So now I have a stack of papers that includes the lessons, Review, and test for one
  11. We also use Math Mammoth. I have the whole year printed out, but I dont use lesson plans for math. 2 pages a day, 5 days a week will complete one grade level (maybe even early). It's open and go for us. Which is nice if we need to slow down a bit. I have them do 1/3-1/2 of the problems (you could just say evens or odds so you don't have to plan it). Then if they need more practice, I'll have them do the ones we omitted the next day. But usually we just move on to the next page.
  12. Do you have the FLL Audio Companion? My kids memorized everything very quickly with those songs.
  13. I voted -5, but really it's -4. She has an October Birthday, just turned 6, but I'm calling her 1st. She's keeping up with her 3rd grade brother in all things but math, which she's still doing a grade up on that. So yeah, I guess just teach the kid? :D
  14. Closed doors here. There's a season when I leave it ajar for the newest toddler-out-of-the-crib who can't open doors yet. But I'll close it when I put him to bed, and then open it again when I go to bed so he can come out if he needs to. My bedroom door stays open during the night so it's easier for the kids to get to us.
  15. I have service for 6, plus an extra set of salad/lunch plates. We have maybe 6 glass glasses and 2 days worth of those $1 plastic cups for the 3 older kids (toddler=supply cups). We also have about 6 misc. plastic cups that are grown up size. 6 nice mugs, then about 4 random ones. 7 cereal bowls and 4 large bowls that a whole can of soup fits into. Things seem to be okay for our family for now. I run the dishwasher every night. I might occasionally have to wash a bowl or something, but usually it works out. We are not strict about using the same TYPE of thing either - if we need to use a s
  16. If it isn't the XC practice kids, could he shower BEFORE practice to get the "school" smell off? Then bag those clothes and wear his fresh, sweaty ones home?
  17. Thank you all for your responses! I remember now, reading or hearing somewhere, that SWB wrote writing exercises into FLL because WWE not yet been written yet. So, if doing both, omit the writing lessons in FLL. So I'll do that and take dictation and copywork from WWE only (probably shortening the dictation a bit). I had forgotten about the possibility of doing spelling rotating lists instead of a set number of words every week - that would make doing spelling 3 times a week more successful, I think. I'm starting to get a clearer picture in my head now, thank you all. :) Any ad
  18. I don't know why I can't figure this out. If you have your child/ren do all of WWE and FLL, do you have them do any writing or narrating beyond those? Right now, I have DS8 doing FLL3 3 times a week, doing copywork and dictation as included. I was trying to do narration through other subjects, but it's Not. Getting. Done. so I was considering jumping back in mid way through WWE 2 (we did some last year). I could use the WWE rotation with his lit reading to reduce the amount of time across subjects.. but I think I really need a try open-and-go resource right now (see: 1 year old)
  19. This is me too. I would also be thankful that we wouldn't need to make any large purchases to accomidate one more. I'd also change up our homeschool to a public-school-prep school cause I can hardly make it as it is.
  20. I can't speak to sodium content, but my family loves these: https://www.fivehearthome.com/oatmeal-spice-muffins/ I just spray the muffin pans with olive oil spray and they pop out fairly clean.
  21. I would encourage the owner to charge the customer for insufficient funds. That way people can pay how they'd like and when they're able.

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    SOLD Very Good Used condition! Some shelf wear and one ex-library sticker on the spine. Smoke-free pet-free home! $15 ppd. PayPal only, thanks!



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    Like NEW, never used. THREE books: Lab Sheet Annotations, First-Grade Diary, and Notes to Teachers. Smoke-free, pet-free home. $25 ppd. PayPal only, thanks!


  24. Oral. Can't remember for the life of me what it's called. Another poster mentioned the blood work tracks liver function.
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