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  1. Check out Educationunboxed.com for using c-rods or other base ten blocks.
  2. With only 2 inches left, I'd go for a booster.
  3. Pic of the fork clip things. I'm not good with names...
  4. For our full size bikes, DH put fork bracket things onto a 2x4, which he secured to the front railing of the trailer (next to the spare tire) with an adjustable plumbers ring thing. He let's out some air from the back tire so it can grip more securely, then he ties them down to the trailer with tie-downs. For the kids bikes, he stands them up, releases some air from the tires, then ties them down. Also, we have wood planks for our flooring, so DH screwed some extra hook things into the floor for the tie-downs to hook onto. Sounds odd, but we've done it for years. This is also ho
  5. We've been tent camping for 7 years. We started at Disney with plenty of family support (camping with young children!). But last year we took our first extended trip by ourselves. We went for two weeks to North Georgia, Pisgah National Forest, and Smokey Mountain National Park. And now we're planning one for this fall to include Niagara Falls and Acadia National Park. Our extended family (DH camped with his family growing up) keeps wondering when we're going to get a camper... but we have to haul too many people and too much equipment as it is! Maybe my tune will change as I get older, b
  6. This is what we've done for years - Live of lasts month's pay.
  7. Ecclesiastical here. We're Catholic, so my kids will be hearing and speaking Latin at church (sporadically, we don't have Latin Mass here). I'd like for them (and me) to only worry about one type of pronunciation for the time being. I don't imagine it will be difficult to adjust to classical if/when the time comes.
  8. It looks like you're looking for Pre-Alegbra? Math Mammoth 7 is basically Pre-A, though I haven't used it myself (yet). It's in one self-contained workbook/textbook, so the teaching "boxes" are interspersed with the exercises.
  9. I used cuisinaire rods in conjunction with MM1. Any base 10 block would help.
  10. Our metal framed Kelty carrier says 5 years old, but I'm sure that would depend on the weight of the kid. It also says as young as 1 yo, but IMO it's WAY to big for a 1 yo. For my mei tei, I haven't used it since my new 3 yo was a new 2 yo. It would probably be okay for a 3 yo if you got the balance right and everyone stays COMFORTABLE the whole time.
  11. There has been discussion recently on the MP boards about the 9th grade placement of PS. There are several homeschoolers who agree that PS is firmly a middle school course, not high school.
  12. My dad would sometimes get on my mom about needing to workout. She would retort that she lifts weights every time she digs around the pots and pans cabinet to make dinner. 😉
  13. Yes, my first thought when I read the OP was that I would be a nun. But, I'd have to have memories of my current life to understand why I'd do that as opposed to being a wife and mother.
  14. My doc said 600-800mg of ibuprofen every 6-8 hours. Definitely up the dose. He even gave me a script for something stronger, though I didn't need it.
  15. When we (thought) we had foundation issues, I googled "structural engineer" and found a firm to call. He did the assessment for a flat fee (maybe $200? Like a home inspection, but he's a PE). He told us our issues weren't really a problem, but he described what would happen if things changed... he and his team would write up the plans and another contracting company (that he recommended) would do the actual work. He said for what we MIGHT need, it'd be around $10K. But we sold that house a year and a half ago. 😛
  16. If fluency is an issue, here's a thing I came across... have him write the alphabet in one lower case string everyday, no model. He can write each letter individual without having to consider a whole word.
  17. I just got this from the library - it's also on Memoria Press's book list for maybe 2nd grade? which is where I first saw it listed. Seems to be a good book on the Saint, but has no ties to how we celebrate Valentine's Day as a cultural holiday. I prefer books that tie in both.... but it was a good book to read and my kids enjoyed it.
  18. I keep a detailed planning list for each kid, which is what I use when purchasing for the school year. At the END of the school year, I go back and edit what we ACTUALLY did/used. On our weekly checklists, I have space for the kids to write in what they've read "for school". I have to write this in for those who cant. Then at the end of the school year, I go back record those books on the same document I have the curriculum on. THEN I go back and look at our family pictures and extract those that show something school related. I put those in the document and try to match a date and a
  19. This will be my 3rd student in K! I use a strange combo of The Writing Road to Reading (4th ed. Spalding Method) and Phonics Pathways to teach phonograms, reading, and handwriting. Math Mammoth 1 BFSU for science Evan Moor's Beginning Geography Virtues in Practice year 3 for PreK-K A smattering of read alouds from Memoria Press's K list As a family: Bible reading, art study, composer study, poetry, and other stuff I'm sure... during Morning Time
  20. My daughter will start 3rd grade this August. I already have my plan in place, mostly because I know what works for her, but also because Memoria Press has free shipping in February. 😉 Latin : latter 2/3 of Latina Christiana Grammar : FLL 3 Compression : IEW's All Things Fun and Facinating (because it's on MP's 3rd grade list) Spelling : Spelling Workout D Cursive : Pentime 4, mostly because she loves it Math : Math Mammoth 4 Geography : Daily Geography 3 (and 4?), reviewing US States and Capitals MP for Literature, History (Greek Myths), and Science
  21. My oldest will start 5th grade in August! We're gonna stick with Memoria Press for most things - it'll be our second year with this curriculum. Latin : latter 2/3 of Latina Christiana Grammar : Grammar for WTM at a slow pace, maybe 2 lessons a week Composition : MP Classical Composition Narrative Spelling : Spelling Workout D Math : Math Mammoth books 5b and 6a MP for Literature, History (Famous Men of Rome), Geography I, and Science (Book of Insects) Religion: MP's Christian Studies II, Faith and Life book 5, Virtues in Practice year 3 - Love Fine Ar
  22. I haven't done TAN myself, but my friend does and she loves it. I believe it's the Story of Civilization that she's using.
  23. For the book itself, about once a week. In the grade-level curriculum guide, there's a few extras like a poem and a few Bible verses that are listed for study on separate days. You're also supposed to memorize the 15 brightest stars and the constellations of the Zodiac, so in order to do that I have to review those with my son more frequently. Also, once he takes a unit test, I make copies of the main constellation map for that season and have him complete it again about once a week to kept the information fresh.
  24. The teachers guide is basically the same book with the answers written in and tests and their answer keys at the end. I like not having to take the time to double check each answer (DS9 does this independently) with the text. I can just compare the answers to the teacher guide.
  25. If you don't care for retelling then you won't like my writing choices. I also used WWE for a tune, but both of my older two puttered out on WWE 2 for different reasons. My 4th grader is doing Memoria Press's Classical Composition Fable this year. It's all about taking a story apart and putting it back together, like it appears your daughter is doing. Personally, I align myself with the philosophy that it's better for kids to learn how to write without also composing content. So yeah, I have no creative writing recommendations for you. 😉
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