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  1. They rescheduled that EEG to 9/5 and the seizures are getting worse. Super stressful.
  2. Yes. For private coaches, if a coach is representing more than one student, the cost is split among the students. If just going for one, that student pays the whole thing. For teams, the team funds pay for the coach lodging, food, etc.
  3. We've gotten rid of probably 5/6 of our possessions in the last 6 months. We donated a ton of stuff to our church's rummage sale, rented two GIANT dumpsters in our yard, and donated boxes and boxes of stuff to Goodwill. We also put stuff out in front of our house and it has been taken within a few hours. I am over clutter. I really am. So done with it!
  4. I feel for you - I'm super anxious about medical things and keep having to go back for mammograms and ultrasounds. It's so stressful. Ugh.
  5. I had a somewhat elevated prolactin level at one point and did some research. It is likely a tumor but they are almost always benign and easily treated (possibly with surgery). I hope you get answers quickly!
  6. I love kids and I'm generally very good with them, but I remember when I started my Girl Scout troop that I walked into a room of 12 girls, all who looked similar (several sets of sisters) and I felt so lost and like I would never feel connected to them. Within a few weeks I knew them well and it was awesome. Hang in there!
  7. We had similar experience with Allegiant. They dumped us at an airport 2.5 hours away from our intended one (and where we were supposed to pick up our rental car!) They never sent a bus or any transportation for the whole flight so we had to UBER 2.5 hours at 3 am. Ridiculous.
  8. Maybe it actually hurt HER feelings and she didn't want to say that? Sometimes people are weird. My mother gets offended by things like that and I don't understand it. So it's entirely possible she was deflecting her own feelings onto your DH. I hope that whatever is going on medically for your family gets better soon. I'm sorry you're so stressed.
  9. I think it sounds like you accomplished a ton. Plus - it was your day off from work. It's kind of the point to have a break. Did you even take one?! If not, next time you need to set aside a little time for YOU so that you feel as though you actually got a day off! ETA: I see you swam for an hour. Good!
  10. The pairs would last twice as long if you alternated them, so in the long run it wouldn't be more expensive!
  11. We're trying this today! Thanks for the recipe!
  12. Yes, it would be grounds for losing your license.
  13. It was a huge breach of ethics and foster parent confidentiality for that foster dad to be saying anything. I'm shocked and disgusted by this.
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