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  1. It's probably indicative of my recent mood that I answered "yes" in my head to the question before I even read the post. lol
  2. I think that's part of Bipolar - it's definitely that way for those I know with it.
  3. I would ask him if he's using drugs, and if he says he isn't, I would try to get him to go in for a thorough physical as well as a neurological exam.
  4. We've never actually figured out triggers - has been lots of different things like hornet stings, stress, cold, illness. I randomly get full body hives, swelling, anaphylaxis and it lasts for months when it happens.
  5. I have it, though I haven't had a serious flare in a couple of years.
  6. It almost sounds like you need family therapy with him, and your husband should also be involved. If that's the case, that's totally doable, but will be set up a little differently than traditional one on one threrapy. Maybe start with it like that and see where it goes?
  7. DD10 has psychotherapy once a week. She and therapist meet and then I go in and meet with them for a few minutes all together. At every age, kids' feelings and thoughts are generally protected by the therapist (and not shared with parents) unless there are self harm issues, or the child is saying they are going to hurt someone else...or if they disclose abuse.
  8. So, did younger brother do the right work?!
  9. We've put my daughter's little tree up in her room and will get our family tree on November 29th (day after Thanksgiving every year.) The rest of the decorations will go up then too unless the mood strikes before.
  10. I think a super soft, warm blanket is the best gift ever. Seriously.
  11. DD did all the marine science classes at Athena's when she was younger and loved them!
  12. Meh not really. You learn as you go along. Finding out a child has anxiety changes the way you have to parent and how you will handle things. It has nothing to do with settling on something and sticking with it. If it's not working, you change it.
  13. It's not a bad habit to gently and lovingly give your child what they need at bedtime by staying with them. Anxiety isn't about bad habits, and it doesn't help to try to place blame on the OP. My DD10 has issues with being in her room alone at night, too, and we are currently seeking counseling for it. It's not your child's fault, and it's not your fault - every kid has different needs. Meeting those needs is what makes a good parent.
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