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  1. After a second attempt, and knowing this person's history, I would stop sending messages.
  2. We will probably get DD's put on before the end of the year. We are in a low numbers state for COVID and most people are wearing masks and socially distancing in public. Her braces are only for mild cosmetic reasons, but we will still do them.
  3. I think Writing and Rhetoric might be a good one to look at.
  4. There's pretty much never an "everyone." There are people who don't even begin puberty until age 16. Oh wait - you're talking all growth. Yeah, that's true. But the puberty growth spurt may not begin until closer to age 16, or even after.
  5. We never eat food at things like this, so I would just allow my DD to play and we'd head out when she got hungry. No biggie.
  6. We've tried that, and he's ready to be done. It's been a problem for a long time unfortunately.
  7. I did not circumcise my son as an infant for a variety of reasons, but he is now almost 18 years old and would like to do so (for medical reasons.) Does anyone have experience with this? We meet with a urologist next Friday and I'm sure we'll get some info then, but I'm curious about recovery time, pain, etc. Thanks in advance!
  8. Yikes. That is just plain incorrect. Is there another endocrinologist you could see?
  9. It's so funny to me that adults would follow this rule!
  10. I think it would be ok to wait until tomorrow, but not past that. Sometimes there is nerve damage or other things that can complicate it, and you don't want to wait too long.
  11. I'd have no issue with this. I expect young adults to need some help.
  12. DD desperately wanted to get DH a 3D printer so that's what we did.
  13. Yesterday. The ice skating rink finally opened up and my daughter got to skate!
  14. I expect the charges will change soon. Right now they are pretty light.
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