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  1. Medication is typically needed for OCD, though there are people who manage without it.
  2. A typical intake appointment with a psychiatrist is an hour or more. It is absolutely ok to ask the psychiatrist for specific testing if you have concerns.
  3. If the issue is depression/anxiety, low vitamin D is definitely a factor. My son's level was 13. We supplement heavily now. It's still on lower end.
  4. Anyone who has ever had a puppy knows they are terrors!
  5. I think paper is...delicious. It's a problem with our Frenchie too.
  6. I can't even fathom tying a 3 year old to chair. Let him move his body.
  7. For figure skating alone for our DD we spend $5000+ yearly.
  8. Rather than deciding to charge them money so you are benefitting from the job at a greater percentage than was originally agreed upon, I'd simply require that they put a specific % into their savings account to be used later for a car, college expenses, expensive hobbies, etc.
  9. Any update on this OP? Were you able to find a workable solution?
  10. My baby shower was a complete surprise. The girl who hosted it did everything in secret, including making a registry. She asked everyone to bring diapers in addition to a gift. I was pretty mortified...but had zero idea until after that any of it was happening.
  11. 4H is actually not all animals. There are many that focus on other activities. I would look into that.
  12. The standards of 'competency' are pretty low, and even with a form signed that they can speak to you - you don't have authority to refuse treatment. I doubt they would do ECT without a discussion though...
  13. Is there something special about the pen? I can't figure it out!
  14. Now that he's been in-patient for a few days, how is he doing?
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