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  1. I have ordered from 1-800 Contacts before and it was fine...they were the same lenses I always use and quality was the same. I do think they were actually more money than getting them directly from my optometrist though.
  2. I agree. I just feel like she jumps on every thread to try to insist that her old school ways and definitions don't get to change over time with the people who are actually still doing the home schooling. Her insistence on her specific definiton of "school in a box" has derailed many threads for people who wanted actual help.
  3. I will never understand why you feel the need to define things in precisely your way in every thread. It's so odd.
  4. Thanks for the correction. I agree it's not a failure to raise an atheist.
  5. I'm asking this gently, and if I'm wrong then I apologize. But if your child was misgendered and is now correcting it - perhaps an offer at some point in the future of attending a UCC church might be a place to re-find faith. If religion has told you your whole life that you are not "enough" or not loved by God as you are - maybe it's time to find a safer space. There is room in God's family for everyone IF you find the right place.
  6. They are still young. But...our children are not ours. They become their own people with their own feelings, opinions, faith (or not). And it can be painful. My son says he has no faith, but he has had great conversations with our minister (who sadly just retired) and I think his relationship with her will color his faith in the future, when he gets to a place where he's ready to think about it more. Maybe it won't.
  7. A friend's daughter had a similar injury and ended up with a fracture on the growth plate that required extensive casting. She wasn't in a lot of pain...I'd get it checked out.
  8. Etiquette aside, why would it be a problem for you?
  9. Oh funny! My niece asked for a Kindi Kid for her birthday and I had no idea what it was! ETA: No, I was wrong. She wants 2 Kinby Baby dolls. Glad I figured it out!
  10. Oh wait...they start at Men's sizes. I thought that's what we were talking about.
  11. Stores like Abercombie & Fitch and Hollister are made smaller and slimmer, but there are no junior men's clothes.
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