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  1. While you experiment with shampoos, you might also try dry shampoo. It really helps to soak up the oil.
  2. 1) No. Although you will find that people will say 'yes,' and then give you their definition. 2) No, I haven't ever come across a term for that. 3) Not sure, but 'hell,' as defined by Christians, is unique to Christians. Other religions have different concepts of what occurs in the afterlife. I believe that includes Jews, as well, but they would need to weigh in on that for clarification. These are all good questions, but you will likely find that the answers will vary based on world views. I'm agnostic, raised Protestant, converted to Catholicism. I find religion fascinating. There are hundreds, probably thousands, of 'Christian' denominations, and likely the only thing they agree on is that their denomination is the 'right' one. Most of the other details are variable, based on personal beliefs. I would say that if you wanted to call yourself a Christian, based on your beliefs, that a UU church would be a decent fit. There are many 'Christians' that wouldn't consider you a Christian, based on what you wrote.
  3. I don't think they are selling them for a penny, I just don't think it costs $3.99 to ship a book via media mail, so the price difference is their profit.
  4. I'm sorry for your experience, but mine has been quite different. I stick to the reputable sellers, and will generally be willing to pay a little more to order from a seller I've had good experience with. The rare times that I've had an issue, it was promptly taken care of. I would contact Amazon, especially over the book that was completely different from what was described.
  5. Ugh, I have a cousin that sells Advocare. Years ago my daughter was hospitalized with severe electrolyte issues and renal failure, secondary to a congenital condition she has. I got a Facebook message from my cousin, while we were in the hospital, suggesting that her Advocare product would help my daughter. Seriously? I gave it all the consideration it deserved and deleted it.
  6. That linked Brother serger is pretty good. I've had it for about 10 years.
  7. Did you use the test to place the 4th grader? What level are you using?
  8. Someone on another message board put together an "In Sickness and in Health" basket, and filled it with cold medicine, Tylenol, Kleenex, soup, etc., plus some card games and coloring books. The basket was very well received, likely do to the fact that the couple got sick within a few weeks of the wedding, lol.
  9. You have no 'duty' to provide any care to your abuser. Your 'duty' is to protect your nuclear family (spouse+kids) from your abuser. Your mother sounds like she might be a malignant narcissist. http://www.decision-making-confidence.com/symptoms-of-narcissism.html. It's good that you are limiting contact, but it sounds as though she is still managing to abuse you through the limited channel she has available. You might want to really examine if that is healthy for you.
  10. I don't let anybody in that I don't know or have not personally arranged to be there. It would also be incredibly easy to impersonate a Mormon missionary, and I'm not interested enough to go through the steps of verifying their identities.
  11. Yep, had a couple of them show up about 2 weeks ago. Usually I don't mind too much, but one was a bit obnoxious. I doubt they will be back. I think in general, that church really needs to stop the door-to-soliciting. It's just not that safe in some places! Seriously, who is going to let two strangers into their home? And who wants to talk about religion on their porch? I don't get it.
  12. My daughter has done really well with CLE Reading, but I'm struggling with how much of the content has been Bible-related in the last few lightunits she has done. I prefer secular curriculum, but have made an exception for CLE in some subjects. Up until now, the reading curriculum has really helped her. Is there anything else comparable to their reading program? Or anything that uses a reader and has a workbook to work through?
  13. I do not believe what I was raised to believe. My beliefs did not change as a result of 'abandoning' anything. My beliefs changed because of my experiences in life. I fully expect that my child will end up with her own beliefs, and won't feel abandoned that she did so. I homeschool my child. I do not homeschool as a personal affront to my mother, who chose to send her kids to public/private schools. I homeschool because it is what works best for my family, and best fits my beliefs, based on my experiences in life. If my mother took it personally that I homeschool, I would laugh in her face at the sheer ridiculousness of it. It would also never occur to me to expect my child to homeschool her children, or to take it personally that she chooses not to. There are many reasons to choose working that aren't all financial. It is highly unlikely that anyone chooses to work to spite their mother. It might be worthwhile to consider therapy to help you adjust to being the parent of adults, and to address the issues that cause you to feel that your adult children's choices are a personal slight toward you. They aren't horrible people making terrible choices that hurt others. I can think of so many things that are far, far worse than an adult daughter holding down a job, or someone choosing to not homeschool their children :/
  14. 1. Life has a way of changing minds. I have a friend who never wanted children, and had her first at 39. 2. I have a lovely coworker (D) who was asked to be grandparents to another coworker's (S) younger, adopted children (M&J). Her and her husband are grandparents in every way. One of the older children (K) even asked them if they would be her grandparents, too, so they got a bonus bonus grandchild, lol. 3. I have only one child, and she has had numerous surgeries and a medical condition that make it likely she might not have children or be qualified to adopt. I would love to a grandparent some day, but I accept that might not be in the cards. At any rate, I hope to be an awesome great aunt to my niece and nephews' future children.
  15. I'm a nurse, and I see plenty of undesirable interaction with doctors. I'm glad your experience was different, and I wish I could agree with you, but I can't. I work closely with a couple of doctors that have been severely reprimanded for the way they treat nurses. I've seen surgeons throw tantrums in the OR during a surgery. I've seen nurses too afraid to call a doctor at night, because of the verbal abuse they knew was coming. Fortunately, most of them are perfectly capable of having a respectful working relationship. Some facilities take physician bullying seriously, but not all do, especially if the physician is in an area of high demand with a doctor shortage.
  16. Yep. Cooked potatoes freeze well, raw not so much. They sell potato dishes in the freezer section, including casseroles, if you are wanting proof ;)
  17. Yep, gonna go with the D-Mannose recommendation, also, since you are already being seen for this issue. It was the thing that got me out of a terrible recurrent uti cycle. Such a simple thing, yet very effective. Pretty sure I found out about it on this board. All hail Dr Hive.
  18. I've only had my debit card compromised one time this year, so that's a nice change 😒. My small, local credit union is really awesome about dealing with it. I just hate the the inconvenience of trying to remember all of my auto pay accounts that are linked to the card. It's embarrassing to get the phone calls that my card was declined, lol. Last year I was issued 3 new cards. I know its not my fault, but I can't help feeling like a flake when I'm updating my info YET AGAIN. Also, I used to have my acct number memorized, so it was hella convenient when shopping online. Now, I don't even bother, since I'm lucky to get 6 months out of a card, lol.
  19. You can listen with the Audible app on a phone or tablet, or on a computer. They can also be burned to a disc, I believe. I find the app to be super user friendly, so that is what we mainly use. They are in an MP3 format.
  20. I'm going to second the recommendation to check out DWIL Nation on babycenter.com. Your MIL isn't a poor woman wearing rose colored glasses, she is an enabler. Enablers can often actually be *worse* than the abuser. Stop pushing your poor husband and children to be food for your abusive narcissistic FIL to chew up and spit out. Where is your instinct to protect your children? Why do you want them hurt and damaged by their grandparents? Why do you want them to think that being in an abusive relationship and serving up your loved ones to abusers is normal and desirable? Why are you chasing the love and affection of people who hate you? Are you serving up your husband and children to these people in hopes that they will eventually love and accept you?
  21. My daughter had a harder time with MM than Singapore, but I'm not sure why. Honestly, I think it was likely the layout and lack of engaging drawings, with Singapore being more visually appealing. I preferred MM because it was easy to print and contained everything on the worksheets, whereas Singapore had the textbooks, workbooks, and home instructors guides, plus there are two different editions that can make buying a bit confusing. My opinion is that they are both great programs, but MM is more user friendly for homeschoolers. There is also direct support available from the author, and the price is fantastic when purchased from Homeschool Buyers Coop. Another bonus for MM is that it can be done on a tablet for portability. That appealed to me, but YMMV. Unfortunately, neither program was what my daughter needed, and we switched to CLE with raging success. I still have a fondness for both MM and Singapore, and actually own both. I've been slowly letting go of Singapore as she passes the levels, but it is sad for me, lol.
  22. Are you taking your own advice here, or admonishing others?
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